Evolution of eSports + Owning a Business Ft. Nadeshot - Poki Podcast

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- thebigOM
- thebigOM - Mês atrás
Looking back at this Nadeshot really blew Champs yikes
BVMBII - 2 meses atrás
Allen - 3 meses atrás
Y'all remember when this was a thing?
Siren - 5 meses atrás
"I love my cat" ;)
ChillLetsPlays - 6 meses atrás
she is so hawt, lovw them perky tits
DBow - 6 meses atrás
I agree with Nadeshot 100%. Life is never easy and you got to hustle to get far in life. Congrats man, you earned your success 😎👍 Also, thank you Pokimane for this amazing Podcast! 👍
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown - 7 meses atrás
Matt is so sharp and I think really is a help to the online community. I’m a new fan of Poki but these two are amazing together.
ChillLetsPlays - 7 meses atrás
Poki is so giddy I fell in love
Aspex - 9 meses atrás
GR3G147 - 10 meses atrás
really enjoyed this podcast!!
Seth Barnett
Seth Barnett - 10 meses atrás
Honestly I idolize Nadeshot.
The Gibsterr
The Gibsterr - 11 meses atrás
23:38 I’m 5’5” nade, cmon you ain’t helping :*(
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas - 11 meses atrás
who remembers the Arma Days of battle royal, that was the original shit!
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia - 11 meses atrás
Man I wanna know the swat story
afterbangz1 - 10 meses atrás
Lookup 6050 podcast and you will hear the swat story, it is towards the end of the video
Harris Zubair Gaming
Harris Zubair Gaming - 11 meses atrás
Is poki Muslim
Ms. Chanandler Bong
Ms. Chanandler Bong - 11 meses atrás
The chemistry is pretty dope please do more collaborations!
G0inInDrY - 11 meses atrás
We heard that SWAT story #eavesdrop #6050
TONYS - 11 meses atrás
podcast is literally the cringiest thing in 2018.. just fuck off its boring.
食政摘要 - Anos atrás
Interview shroud C:
Ved Ghosh
Ved Ghosh - Anos atrás
i got to 3000 trophies within 24 hours that count?
Dylan Porter
Dylan Porter - Anos atrás
Nadeshot NEEDS a podcast! He is so well spoken
Dylan Porter
Dylan Porter - Anos atrás
Shooters gotta shoot lol
Brad Cherry
Brad Cherry - Anos atrás
Nadeshot tells the swatting story on the 6050 Russell Drive OpTic Podcast if anyone is interested.
iLLeag7e - Anos atrás
Jenna who?
Axifax - Anos atrás
Fcking loganpauls idee
The Splatz
The Splatz - Anos atrás
The problem wasn't the money, it was handling the money.
Suman Humagain
Suman Humagain - Anos atrás
Make babies
Sir Babz
Sir Babz - Anos atrás
"e-athletes" .... let's just stick with calling them gamers because anybody who sits down to play a game is not an athlete lol
KeeWeeXVI - Anos atrás
this was almost like a Dr. Poki sesh with nade lolol!!!
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha - Anos atrás
pokislut lol i herd they fucked after this no cap
DigitalMicks - Anos atrás
These two should date. For real that way Poki would play Halo and Nade some MMOs
im haus
im haus - Anos atrás
Scump and Nade were the old duo. this is the new Duo!
Chubs - Anos atrás
100T Poki???
KREAOS - Anos atrás
I relate to both of them so much, I really want to start streaming but I’m afraid I might fail and I don’t know if I can drop out of college
KREAOS - Anos atrás
Both such nice people
Tony Forsythe
Tony Forsythe - Anos atrás
Who else has seen this guy on Escape the Night? RIP
Hamza Elkhatib
Hamza Elkhatib - Anos atrás
I love how they talked about calculus for a bit
Jack Rhea
Jack Rhea - Anos atrás
Y2AJ __
Y2AJ __ - Anos atrás
Matt would smash
VGwas - Anos atrás
Ali a stop it
biLAWL - Anos atrás
yo she cut something around 1hr 45, what was it
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