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Yosselin Gonzalez
Yosselin Gonzalez - 2 dias atrás
Is no one going to talk about how Kristen 1:40 said “drop off Scott”😭jealously
Sluggyboy 123
Sluggyboy 123 - 2 dias atrás
When a David dobrick vlog is not 4:21
axi - 2 dias atrás
I cant believe how beautiful Natalie is omg
crazy_prison12 - 3 dias atrás
Natalie is pretty thick tho
Zachary Kisner
Zachary Kisner - 4 dias atrás
Why is this vlog better than most of the vlogs
Gilad Rahmanan
Gilad Rahmanan - 5 dias atrás
Davis U can’t say Jesus bum Jewish and respect my god
Imane Elmaddahi
Imane Elmaddahi - 7 dias atrás
Am I the only one who saw that david was pushing jeff away while he said “why do you think I pulled over?” Hahahhaha
Luis Munoz
Luis Munoz - 7 dias atrás
Jason looks like the penguin from happy feat .... But I still love all of them
alfred demdam
alfred demdam - 7 dias atrás
Video 4:21 ?
Ms Madness
Ms Madness - 8 dias atrás
Can we just talk about how beautiful Natalie is in the thumbnail
Renato Hršak SW
Renato Hršak SW - 9 dias atrás
Ok we got to talk how Doms dad is black on the picture? 2:34
Camdyn Kirby
Camdyn Kirby - 12 dias atrás
Did the fries from portillo's look like fries from McDonald's 🧐
IGNORAANT B - 12 dias atrás
You giving people money is the only reason I keep watching all your videos ..
Fady Ishak
Fady Ishak - 13 dias atrás
The best videos are the ones Nat is in.
TheLivingBear - 14 dias atrás
3:23 All those fortnite skins he's gonna get 😂
Taylor Graham
Taylor Graham - 14 dias atrás
Natalie looks so good in that purple outfit like damn
Hailie Saldivar
Hailie Saldivar - 14 dias atrás
is no one gonna talk about scotty hitting on corina even though he is in a relationship with someone else
angelina napolitano
angelina napolitano - 14 dias atrás
that guy who dated you sister 🥵🥵
Kenzie Mcknight
Kenzie Mcknight - 15 dias atrás
anyone notice david is ending his vids at 4:20
Vincent Han
Vincent Han - 15 dias atrás
payton babb
payton babb - 17 dias atrás
my commencements on may 27
payton babb
payton babb - 17 dias atrás
please come to indiana. we have nothing here besides corn.
chocolate frosted flakes
chocolate frosted flakes - 17 dias atrás
does anyone wonder what the f happened to that girls car
Nattawut Bank
Nattawut Bank - 17 dias atrás
To be honest .. jeff looks like klay thompson’s cousin
Ryan Fesler
Ryan Fesler - 18 dias atrás
I promise not to let yall down... I need 929 more subscribers to be able to make vlogs and get paid so that I can have a meal everyday.
Natalie Hanka
Natalie Hanka - 18 dias atrás
Imagine going home and telling your mom that you won $1000
London Rice
London Rice - 18 dias atrás
who is the creepy old man with blonde hair in EVERY VIDEO FML
muckrak3r - 18 dias atrás
Natalie and Corinna are both smokeshow hotties. I don't understand. Like I could just stare at their faces and bodies all day. Making love to them would be forever life changing. I'd walk around the rest of my life with confidence like I went to Mars and back, solo.
Jordan Fowler
Jordan Fowler - 19 dias atrás
I’ve always wondered and now I’m asking... why does David always make his vids 4:20 long??
Sandstorm NS
Sandstorm NS - 19 dias atrás
Hi David my name is Adam it’s my birthday tomorrow and I would really like it if you heart my comment it will make my day
Naga Symbol
Naga Symbol - 20 dias atrás
i like how out of context the kid goes “he dated your sister”
Verse Joseph
Verse Joseph - 21 dia atrás
Doms dad said youtube channel YouTube channel
DreamsNeverDie - 21 dia atrás
i just imagine david going home to his sister and being like “oh yeah, have your ex boyfriend $1,000
Sophia Valdez
Sophia Valdez - 23 dias atrás
Ok I see a lot of comments saying “he dated your sister” or “ Natalie is gorgeous” but is no one gonna talk about the kids that dated his sister are low-key cute as hell or is it just me that thinks that 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🥰
BEEPBOPBOOPSAM - 23 dias atrás
this is why jeff went to jail
PizzaCat Warrior
PizzaCat Warrior - 23 dias atrás
Points at name tag: this is Alexis
Best Movies Tv
Best Movies Tv - 23 dias atrás
I was watching all your videos all day idol dobrick 😅 I came from philippines
Unknown - 24 dias atrás
2:40 don says “dam look at that ass “
*i look over* dam it’s true
melissa farley
melissa farley - 24 dias atrás
''im not Jason i galosh''
Himself, the Devil
Himself, the Devil - 24 dias atrás
My lawd, Natalie in that red dress.. stunning..
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