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McKenzie Byrne
McKenzie Byrne - Dia atrás
All of there skin is UNREAL
Megan O connor
Megan O connor - 3 dias atrás
Her face is slightly fatter then hers😂
Kal Love
Kal Love - 3 dias atrás
They lowley look like they could be triplets
Annie - 4 dias atrás
if you close your eyes, it sounds like Tati is talking to herself
Maria Julie
Maria Julie - 4 dias atrás
pingui089 - 4 dias atrás
OMG 😮🤭 wow I had no idea they were twins!!
Sarah N
Sarah N - 6 dias atrás
Thumbs up if you recognized her sisters from that x-files episode, and Tati from that forensic files episode 👍🏼
Sarah N
Sarah N - 6 dias atrás
My bad I meant unsolved mysteries, I’ve been watching them interchangeably
s r
s r - 6 dias atrás
Love the twins, they have an amazing personality
Floral Preom
Floral Preom - 6 dias atrás
its so cute seeing all of the family together
Izzy B
Izzy B - 7 dias atrás
i thought it was some weird edited thing like liv and maddie
Adinda Rizky
Adinda Rizky - 8 dias atrás
Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker - 9 dias atrás
earrings did it for me. :)
Drageadroth - 10 dias atrás
I absolutely love the X-Files reference!!! Tati, I love your videos and your all-over-the-place likes and personality. Watching these waiting to get your make-up. 😍😬
xsingsthesorrow - 10 dias atrás
Tati looks like Anna Friel here
Nate 21
Nate 21 - 11 dias atrás
Erica's eyes are more apart so she is definitely prettier
Evonna 559
Evonna 559 - 11 dias atrás
U guys look like triplets 🥰
Feel Happiness
Feel Happiness - 11 dias atrás
Here is a game for u guess who looks more expensive before watching the video 14:41
Flo Cali
Flo Cali - 12 dias atrás
You guys look like TRIPLETS! You are all so ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL!!! Love this video!!!!
cox cox
cox cox - 12 dias atrás
More like triplets
jayco palmes
jayco palmes - 15 dias atrás
wait Erika has a twin?? I'm shook goowrl! I thought Tati edited the thumbnail haha
Sahar Farooqi
Sahar Farooqi - 15 dias atrás
Joey Yatra
Joey Yatra - 15 dias atrás
It's crazy I can differentiate between The Twins!!!!
Fitness Lass
Fitness Lass - 15 dias atrás
you guys are sooooo gorgeous
Kainaat Iqbal
Kainaat Iqbal - 16 dias atrás
Love this! We need to see u all together a lot more!!!!!! Love ur sisters they’re so sweet x
monica matos
monica matos - 17 dias atrás
This was super-fun!
Delikaadann - 17 dias atrás
And I thought there are three of Tati 😂
Envy Rswie
Envy Rswie - 18 dias atrás
At 15:10 they literally blinked and nodded at the same time
Updates SM3
Updates SM3 - 18 dias atrás
Their check bones and jawline said🔪
Ainhoa Gallo
Ainhoa Gallo - 18 dias atrás
Imagine Tati opening the video saying "HI SISTERS"😂
Ainhoa Gallo
Ainhoa Gallo - 18 dias atrás
I thoight they were fans who where identical to her😂
Ainhoa Gallo
Ainhoa Gallo - 18 dias atrás
Can u follow me people?
katy k
katy k - 19 dias atrás
That thumbnail. Was confusing af
my-amazing-journey - 20 dias atrás
Tati dancing in the background! I can’t! Omg!
MandaZeBunny - 21 dia atrás
Hey, I was able to tell them apart! The one on the right is the one that has been spending a lot of time with Tati
Elisa F
Elisa F - 21 dia atrás
Am I here too much if I can immediatly tell them apart hahah
Elisa F
Elisa F - 21 dia atrás
But they're so similar tho I mean the way they speak and tell stories is just like Tati!
Carolanne - 23 dias atrás
Vous êtes superbe les filles !
Tati tu es ma youtubeuse préférée j’adore les makeup que tu es fais et tu es très inspirante comme femme ❤️
Ps j’ai toujours pensée que vous étiez des triplés hihihi 🙊
jamba jackson
jamba jackson - 23 dias atrás
Do u girls ever do a sleek ponytail or bun. Or. Down. Tucked perfectly behind both ears. I think that would those styles would look good on both of. U. With. Hoop earrings. I. Love. Having my hair tucked behind both ears. I do that a lot.
Chelsea Brookes
Chelsea Brookes - 23 dias atrás
Is it weird i can tell them apart?
Mariah Holguin
Mariah Holguin - 25 dias atrás
Why is this video just now happening 😂😂this should have been done again and again great video idea lol
LA LA Nation
LA LA Nation - 26 dias atrás
I love your makeup idea
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