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Delia - 6 horas atrás
The way mariah looked at heath omfg i want this kind of love
Lagy Haze
Lagy Haze - 9 horas atrás
Song at the end?
kitty3kitty - 14 horas atrás
The fact that David exists just gives me hope for humanity
Richard Vo
Richard Vo - 14 horas atrás
2:410 me when my mom tells me it’s bed time
Jayla Lee
Jayla Lee - 14 horas atrás
When are you going to gabby's new house?
Complex_ Flower
Complex_ Flower - 15 horas atrás
Oh no... I cried.
The Phi Code
The Phi Code - 16 horas atrás
Love you David, and I didn't say that to get a lamberghini lol
Amber Chakli
Amber Chakli - 16 horas atrás
This was a try not to cry Challenge
Basically_Nothing - 16 horas atrás
2:58 bro I fucking cried this shit was so fucking sad. David what happened to making people suffer in you’re vlogs. This episode was the best so far keep it up david
Emily Talley
Emily Talley - 17 horas atrás
Bro I cried the whole time !!
kat - 17 horas atrás
okay but the way mariah looks at heath when he starts crying omg my heart
Triggered Mitch
Triggered Mitch - 18 horas atrás
David Dobrik, the type of person to buy all his friends cars, just to avoid chipping in for gas money
Hannah Vest
Hannah Vest - 20 horas atrás
This is my favorite vlog ever! I've probably watched this like 30 times 😂
Jaden Parker
Jaden Parker - 20 horas atrás
It was about time! This made me cry omg
Alexis Perez
Alexis Perez - 22 horas atrás
I’m not crying your crying🥺
kaine bolts
kaine bolts - 22 horas atrás
When half you’re vlog is you’re friend crying over a car.
IKSH - 23 horas atrás
this is nice
thank you david
Morgan Pearce
Morgan Pearce - Dia atrás
Heath is so fucking precious, man
Olive Dauer
Olive Dauer - Dia atrás
David cried more in this than the break up video😂
RAYEN xd - Dia atrás
U killed him😂
Mikidell Phone
Mikidell Phone - Dia atrás
Hi David from Franklin WI
Prince Virginia
Prince Virginia - Dia atrás
Thats that dlc money
O - Dini
O - Dini - Dia atrás
Ive watched this 5 times and ive cried every time
Deanna Vold
Deanna Vold - Dia atrás
I love heaths reaction mostly because his hair makes him looks like a little boy 😂
Daniela Valencia
Daniela Valencia - Dia atrás
@daviddobrik I’m poor as hell and I love bmws but there too expensive for my parents and I want to do that chikis thing idk how to spell it oh whatever anyway how do I get a cheap car ? 😂😭
Kayla Lopez
Kayla Lopez - Dia atrás
David is a pussy. But I still love him. Point. Blank. Periodttt.
Sofia León
Sofia León - Dia atrás
I love this freaking vid. This is one of my favorites , I love Heat reaction 💛💛💛
Katelyn Rat
Katelyn Rat - Dia atrás
omf im actually crying
Aidan Stewart
Aidan Stewart - Dia atrás
Years of seeing David buy cars for other people and I’m so glad he got one for heath. And his reaction
666nataS - Dia atrás
his dad got BMW but friend got Lambo lmao
Thomas Capellini
Thomas Capellini - Dia atrás
He’s dead ass my favorite in the squad
Ainsley Kinney
Ainsley Kinney - Dia atrás
omg heath's reaction was so sweet. i cried too ngl
Obsidian 1
Obsidian 1 - Dia atrás
Thats all you have to do and seatgeek will pay you. Omg i quit my job i work for seatgeek Now. Hey guys Seatgeek is a amazing app that helps you get tickets eneywhere around the world for the best prices well seatgeek how much i get for that lol
Obsidian 1
Obsidian 1 - Dia atrás
Victoria Addis
Victoria Addis - Dia atrás
Remember when the trend on YouTube use to be pranking each other and doing stupid crap over and over?.... yea I like this better too❤️
olsem1995 - Dia atrás
song at the end?
Pedro Anjos
Pedro Anjos - Dia atrás
heaths dream car is the gtr
Quinn Olson
Quinn Olson - Dia atrás
Well david every tell them that he didnt buy it🤣🤣
terrorux - 2 dias atrás
BRO 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ricardo rosales
Ricardo rosales - 2 dias atrás
jeffs reaction is the best. lmao
Olivia Olson
Olivia Olson - 2 dias atrás
I love hey they all deny it yet he’s bought so many people cars lmao
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma - 2 dias atrás
Keep fulfilling dreams of others GOD BLESS DAVID
bunga salsabila
bunga salsabila - 2 dias atrás
CrAzY fOr MySeLf
CrAzY fOr MySeLf - 2 dias atrás
“can i sit in it” “no” Heath’s reaction is precious
Jasmine - 2 dias atrás
David made heath ugly cry
blahblah - 2 dias atrás
Yo btw i would cry way harder than heath if u got me a lambo😘
Blake Ba
Blake Ba - 2 dias atrás
David, I bet you won’t see this comment but I just have to say thank you for creating such good content to watch. I have been watching your vids for at least a year or two and they have helped me through so much emotional things. THANKS
Sooji Choi
Sooji Choi - 2 dias atrás
Dillon is such a cute addition to the squad 💗
TheHillDiaries - 2 dias atrás
Heath has always been one of/ my favorite vlog squad member. He's so down to earth and genuine and his reaction showed that. Good on you David for being a good friend and decent rich guy lol. And congrats to Heath for a fucking awesome car🤘💙
Sewutt - 2 dias atrás
I’m fighting back tears
angel cabrera
angel cabrera - 2 dias atrás
Damn its been 3 weeks and this is my 40th time watching it and i still cry knowing whats to come 😭😂
Charles Osborn
Charles Osborn - 2 dias atrás
me when my mom forgets the chicken nuggets...4:14
Aarrek Romero
Aarrek Romero - 2 dias atrás
Radhika Raja
Radhika Raja - 2 dias atrás
This is by far the best one. Can you super like a video?
Jannah Bacus
Jannah Bacus - 2 dias atrás
This make me laugh at the same time, cry for heath 😂
Jakob Hinton
Jakob Hinton - 2 dias atrás
You guys ever come down to Houston Texas hit me up I'll show you how to have a real good time! LMAO I'll bring y'all out on the ranch see which one of y'all brave fellas dare to get on the back of a bull! That shit would be fun as hell!
Jakob Hinton
Jakob Hinton - 2 dias atrás
David it's almost like a humanitarian for his friends I give him person of the year award every year
Jaydee Lynn
Jaydee Lynn - 2 dias atrás
I started crying when he started crying. Omg ❤️
Myriam Martinez
Myriam Martinez - 2 dias atrás
Pam Smith
Pam Smith - 3 dias atrás
2 weeks and no answer to what title to this song at 1:12
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Well it’s staged
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