THE FIRST Galaxy Fold

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J Stefan
J Stefan - 58 minutos atrás
Try playing fortnite on it please
MM Aviation
MM Aviation - 6 horas atrás
3:15 that’s illegal !
Boomer Boomer
Boomer Boomer - 10 horas atrás
U r a legend sir 2:34 this prooves
Laurenloolasticeye OwO
Laurenloolasticeye OwO - 15 horas atrás
My parents got me one off thoughts for my birthday 😁I was so happy. And I'm not spoiled I work hard for my stuff and most of my Gucci stuff I buy myself because I work as a baby sitter I get an allowance and I am an artist so i sell my art on e bay and other apps
FIREPHANTOM 115 - Dia atrás
yes Casey, when something is folded in half, its width doubles
Luke Palmer
Luke Palmer - 2 dias atrás
Apple: releases normal phone
People: impossible

Samsung: literally release a phone with a folding screen
the whelk
the whelk - 3 dias atrás
Track 2:14?
Shadow of my life
Shadow of my life - 3 dias atrás
4:26 What is this place?
Cs V
Cs V - 4 dias atrás

Nokia : am I a joke to you?
Fortnite Master 360
Fortnite Master 360 - 3 dias atrás
Foldable screen thats not just a super thin screen
Angela Li
Angela Li - 5 dias atrás
What’s the use with a folding phone? I don’ t understand that.
Sanjeev Arya Vlogs
Sanjeev Arya Vlogs - 7 dias atrás
Sahi h ladke impressive
Astrobot 3000
Astrobot 3000 - 8 dias atrás
1:23 Wow, I didn't know that Casey Neistat was THAT smart
Emo_Cowboy - 8 dias atrás
1:23 NANI??!
EpyonRoyal - 10 dias atrás
dope affff
M R - 11 dias atrás
And the fold went onto dominate the—- nah jk kkkkkkkkkk
Kristen Crane
Kristen Crane - 12 dias atrás
Im so jelly, I want a fold! I think its cool cause you are less likely to break the screen when its folded...that is worth it to me
Meikle - 14 dias atrás
1:24 when you have 500 IQ and need a way to flex it
NotAidonLauffer YT
NotAidonLauffer YT - 19 dias atrás
The only bummer I see about the fold is that when you use the camera in tablet mode and take a picture horizontally, as you can see 4:37, it looks like the picture would fit only perfectly on one of those cheap Dell Monitors or a CRT Monitor. I dont know if this is a problem when your using it folded, but its especially a problem if youre watching a video made by the galaxy fold, and you are using a super widescreen monitor or if you like to watch youtube in theater mode.
Frank Gomez
Frank Gomez - 21 dia atrás
Song at 2:08 is gorge chaplain conspiracy - meeting place
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing - 22 dias atrás
Cool but way to small
lilnatejr - 23 dias atrás
How are you going to use a phone case?
Levi Harr
Levi Harr - 24 dias atrás
3:34 that scene was in the emerates first class video
Aviation8811 - 25 dias atrás
Notice how every time Casey shows Pulp Fiction on the channel he shows the same seen. The new Emirates first class suite video showed that seen.
NotAidonLauffer YT
NotAidonLauffer YT - 25 dias atrás
If you look at 4:50 at 0.25 speed, you will see a Tesla model 3/Y
C 'n' A
C 'n' A - 28 dias atrás
1:23 Thx, i would never have known.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - 29 dias atrás
0:03 What about flip phones... Those fold.
Imam Hosain
Imam Hosain - Mês atrás
03:34...Is that the same video from the Emirates Frist class suite review video?
Super DuperVideos
Super DuperVideos - Mês atrás
1:24, 4000 IQ
Guardian Gaming & Random Videos
Iphone X: everyone hyped but it is trash
All samsung phones: Better than all apple devices
Sydney Rea
Sydney Rea - Mês atrás
My lord I was think about getting this phone like it can’t be more than like 300 or 350 right. HELL NAH IT IS ALMOST 2 THOUSAND. I think I will keep my iPhone 6
bang rido tv
bang rido tv - Mês atrás
Berapa harganya banggg????
Bryan Jang
Bryan Jang - Mês atrás
2:15 What the jackson
KeMs - Brawl Stars
KeMs - Brawl Stars - Mês atrás
This Phone is not cool
Shahzadmirza Mirza
Shahzadmirza Mirza - Mês atrás
Imagine a hot dog case! 🤔
Mijali Barbagallo
Mijali Barbagallo - Mês atrás
Why would you want to fold a phone? Bulky 👎
Hui Yan
Hui Yan - Mês atrás
huawei is the best
Bloom HD
Bloom HD - Mês atrás
10000 IQ
Dominic Perrett
Dominic Perrett - Mês atrás
1:23 is the iconic moment for those wondering
Ben hall
Ben hall - Mês atrás
Your last
JJ Beast247
JJ Beast247 - Mês atrás
What if you accidentally fold it the wrong way
Vasilis Antoniou
Vasilis Antoniou - Mês atrás
easy to fold hard to afford
Christian Wetz
Christian Wetz - Mês atrás
High tech flip phone
Beast Dr
Beast Dr - Mês atrás
It’s a waste of money better off buying a phone and tablet desperate or just a phone
Bryan chan
Bryan chan - Mês atrás
What everybody came for 1:23
JacobLZP - Mês atrás
Guess you could call it a, phold.
JacobLZP - Mês atrás
I wish their was one that was one phone that folds in half.
Sjalala800 - Mês atrás
I need a smaller phone but they just keep getting bigger. Sony, hurry up and give me a decent xperia compact. The XZ2 Compact sucks.
R J - Mês atrás
When it's closed it's closed to the thickness of two phones... with a small gap in between.
Ozees 28 grams
Ozees 28 grams - Mês atrás
I feel like they are just milking the “cell phone” game for as long as possible. I still remember a few years back a company called yomi or something like that introduced a foldable phone and a scroll like phone but i didn’t see anything more than a commercial. All I know is in a few years everyone will have a paper thin foldable screen for a phone and a watch to go with it mark my words
Mudkip Legend
Mudkip Legend - Mês atrás
0:07 my attempt at making the foldable iPhone 😂
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