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Richard Bamon
Richard Bamon - 11 horas atrás
Really wat to talk too u very much how can I contact u sir plz. I'll b very happy if possible..
OakTooth - Dia atrás
He's so full of shit, you can smell it thru the videos
Gsharks - 2 dias atrás
Your gullible ass hell, it's a damn car. Bugatti will make an electric car in 2025
Gsharks - 2 dias atrás
Supercars are not the a few years convinience is supercars. Electric cars will take over and a 3 million electric car buys you amazing tech
Keithy22 - 2 dias atrás
Id still take any 2016+ model koenigsegg over it any day.
Dam Son
Dam Son - 2 dias atrás
Fuck you and your clickbait ass videos solo. Your content used to be good now it’s gone to shit. You had a good run
Arunabha Mitra
Arunabha Mitra - 5 dias atrás
How many car do you have
Lovewith Koenigsegg
Lovewith Koenigsegg - 6 dias atrás
1st round Agera r vs bugatti ss Bugatti lose
2nd round Agera rs vs bugatti chiron bugatti lose again
3rd round Koenigsegg jesko vs Nothing (Bugatti left the arena)
Steven Loor Sanchez
Steven Loor Sanchez - 4 dias atrás
The Agera are more fast!!
Nick Duel
Nick Duel - 7 dias atrás
Maybe it's just me but a 3 year warranty sounds like absolute shit when you spend a few million dollars on a car.
H P - 9 dias atrás
If i had a buck for every time he said evian or a/c id by a chiron myself
Dre Digital
Dre Digital - 9 dias atrás
I’m too much of a car connoisseur to not drive exotic vehicles like this. I cant allow myself to NOT reach the top tier in my life time.
Thembelani Moyo
Thembelani Moyo - 9 dias atrás
I like that he swears because then no ads :D
Khairul Anwar
Khairul Anwar - 9 dias atrás
I thought you dont like bugatti chiron 🤔
Life of Blue
Life of Blue - 10 dias atrás
Did Alejandro upload a video where he went to a garage that had 2 lifts, a Ferrari collection and Porsche collection etc?
Spichard Rencer
Spichard Rencer - 10 dias atrás
ALEJANDRO please let us know what is simple about the interior?
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 10 dias atrás
Vinwiki rules rabbit for president 2020
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 10 dias atrás
Do you have butt implants?
Quintin Thomas
Quintin Thomas - 11 dias atrás
Can't wait for the "bugatti chiron roadster" if that becomes a thing
Fluterra - 12 dias atrás
So PS is not boost pressure, it’s horsepower. And it does look like the seats are vented...
Damien CALLAGHAN - 12 dias atrás
I am not going to insult this Guy but if you want a GOOD REVIEW of ANY CAR...

Rich R
Rich R - 10 dias atrás
Shmee is a limey fag
Jay Hearsey
Jay Hearsey - 13 dias atrás
9:53 "your wallet or something tiny"
If you're buying a Chiron I don't there will be anything tiny about your wallet
Doctor Ramas
Doctor Ramas - 13 dias atrás
It’s such an easy car to drive

But it is not the easy car to get
Dmitrii Kharlamov
Dmitrii Kharlamov - 13 dias atrás
air vents look like a pussy with a clitoris, love it
Mountain Nik
Mountain Nik - 13 dias atrás
evian water, its so shitty, ehhhh, why would you buy this?
Yohannes Bayray
Yohannes Bayray - 14 dias atrás
Please please please get it
Bao Ngo
Bao Ngo - 14 dias atrás
You should review 2020 Toyota Supra
Rosa Ynes Rojas alva
Rosa Ynes Rojas alva - 14 dias atrás
Derek Shrewsbury
Derek Shrewsbury - 14 dias atrás
This spec is awful
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams - 15 dias atrás
I dont even care about that bugatti that much🤣🤣. That 720s sounds soooooo good😍 14:45
J Rashkan
J Rashkan - 15 dias atrás
This kissing your fingers are fucking annoying...
Laziz mojo Cool
Laziz mojo Cool - 16 dias atrás
Bro buy a chiron
GibsonOnTheWall - 16 dias atrás
PRNDS = Park Neutral Drive Start :D
Elfainfainfain verigudverigudverigud
William Phillips
William Phillips - 16 dias atrás
False title. Another one of those “buying” videos. I don’t think he can spell driving. Or he must get those two confused.
arai Supercars
arai Supercars - 16 dias atrás
Defenstrator - 17 dias atrás
I really like the overall design of the car, but I don't like the flat back against the gloss white, or the really loud red interior.
Michael W
Michael W - 17 dias atrás
CHIRON like making da pizzzzza
Billy Hess
Billy Hess - 17 dias atrás
Maybe it's just me, but I don't see 3.5 million dollars of car there. For that much it better have every option (including full power seats and mirrors), like the ability to order an on command blow job.
Sarah Saif
Sarah Saif - 17 dias atrás
aljendro; buying a chiron
manny khoshbin: hold my cigar
Joel Mario
Joel Mario - 17 dias atrás
Que loqueishon ver un videishon del salomundo
Duck Man
Duck Man - 17 dias atrás
Have you seen Shmee150 new Chiron?
bigjay3055 - 17 dias atrás
Gati on Biscayne in North miami 🤯
Samer Yahya
Samer Yahya - 18 dias atrás
Nahh Pyrus way better
ADONAI ECHAD - 18 dias atrás
stop wasting your time. it's clickbait. that's why this channel is trash!
SAN JAY - 18 dias atrás
720s faster than the Bugatti? I'll get the 720s
eichler721 - 15 dias atrás
Ya its not faster. It may win in the 1/4 if you don't know how to launch the Chiron but after that it's not close. The modded 720S is faster but still slower then the Chiron after 100mph
Luis da Ponte
Luis da Ponte - 18 dias atrás
Alejandro, PS means HP...DUDE!
Ywzaaa 1986
Ywzaaa 1986 - 18 dias atrás
You ain't buying shiet.
Adam J
Adam J - 18 dias atrás
Bad would be maintaining cost
PAIZ HOME - 18 dias atrás
Hey Those Floor Mats Are Aftermarket
below me
below me - 18 dias atrás
Bugatti Chiron Unboxing, Delivery, Revs, Wheel Change and Performance Testing!
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