This Tech Scammer Got A Perfect Score

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Renee Campbell
Renee Campbell - 3 dias atrás
OMG that test was classic - love the question -how do you please guilty or not guilty of being scum? bwhahha
Kenny Jaramillo
Kenny Jaramillo - 4 dias atrás
I believe the saying is I plead the 5th. Which means that you are invoking your 5th amendment right to avoid self incrimination. I think that the 5th also protects against double jeopardy as well which means that if found innocent for a specific crime you can't be ever retried for it again.
The Effect
The Effect - 6 dias atrás
After listening to alot of the calls the scammer sounds the same, i mean like in every way. I feel these calls are staged. LOL not that it would matter, but it seems that way.
Kia044 - 8 dias atrás
Hi Invokes his Right to shit his pants like a Chicken and run away in Shame and Disgrace.
Dirtyd23 - 12 dias atrás
Lmao. They all seem to have that magic 10 years of experience
Oozz Kansas
Oozz Kansas - 12 dias atrás
"Windows is a platform" geeze and its 10 years every time xD
American Enigma _
American Enigma _ - 12 dias atrás
I laughed so hard when u suddenly started Writing SCAM SCORE TO HIM reading scam steps from Wikipedia 😂😂😂😂😂
Man U are too creative
And u gave him fair trial in the end , so do u plead guilty or not 🤪
1234Daan4321 - 16 dias atrás
I guess he pled guilty
Gabriel Altemann
Gabriel Altemann - 18 dias atrás
favorite tab in Chrome: 20 uses for urine LMAOOOOOOO
Hitchens Thinksnot
Hitchens Thinksnot - 18 dias atrás
:52 run; The only running I do is, late.
Andrewik - 18 dias atrás
All the whyruses. All the whyruses show up after the tree command.
Jrod Jrod
Jrod Jrod - 18 dias atrás
Da Vindooz
Katelyn Hill
Katelyn Hill - 18 dias atrás
I honestly don’t understand. He is willing to cheat, steel, and swindle, but lying about the technicalities of his employment is against his personal moral limit?
Pratik Narola
Pratik Narola - 19 dias atrás
After watching these videos, I have started to train my mom to be safe from such scammers.
You are just amazing...
pinkninja107 - 19 dias atrás
Lmao, I can't believe he sat through all that
Farside SC
Farside SC - 19 dias atrás
I love that the image they use to visualize what a firewall does is from 2003. They couldn't be bothered to find something from this decade.
MrJengaa - 21 dia atrás
15:41 check the internet tabs at the top left, 20 uses for urine xd
Adam Willis
Adam Willis - 21 dia atrás
Ma'am right now you are calling to the online technical support for the Windows.
Satsui Nohado
Satsui Nohado - 23 dias atrás
Guilty as charged 🤣
The Zone
The Zone - 23 dias atrás
AncapFTW - 23 dias atrás
How dare you close granny's Runescapes! Granny needs her Runescapes!
Talia T
Talia T - 23 dias atrás
He is pleading no contest to the charges 😂😂
Joey Numbers
Joey Numbers - 24 dias atrás
nailed it
Positive Buoyancy
Positive Buoyancy - 24 dias atrás
scammer: "what kind of question is this"
Sunny Lalwani
Sunny Lalwani - 24 dias atrás
Just have one bank account next time
Joshua Cain
Joshua Cain - 25 dias atrás
Filthy cold catsup lovers.
plasticbudgie - 25 dias atrás
How to really piss these Indians off is say, Wonder if you great grandma enjoyed eating your grandad back in the famine. The rage can be rather enjoyable.
Douglas Patterson
Douglas Patterson - 26 dias atrás
Every time.
L R Jenkins financial group.
Thumbs up, let’s do this!
That is so funny man!
kerry hart
kerry hart - 29 dias atrás
Because of you I had fun wasting a scammers time.
lazyorbit86 - Mês atrás
to The Microsoft
*to The Windows*
to The Dell
to The HP
*to the wall, to the sweat drop down my balls*
Randy Hall
Randy Hall - Mês atrás
"Ohhh you missed one of em." They gotta keep you coming back. Lol
Azure Taihaku
Azure Taihaku - Mês atrás
Kit is my hero!!!!!!!
Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes - Mês atrás
Goggle add you being racist because you sead me a thing out i had street view map i don't have street view map i did but i didn't like it
Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes - Mês atrás
Haha that funny bro how come facebook not protecting my account as well i got a thing of gaggle play thay have to protect my account and my apps on my phone thay not doing there job properly
Anrijs Sirmais
Anrijs Sirmais - Mês atrás
Uhmmm... sorry, maybe I missed it, but... what is in common with refund and viruses... i didn’t get it...😄
theguywithone - Mês atrás
Scammer giving legit advice to avoid being scammed by any other scams but continues with his scam. Wuddaguy
N Khalid
N Khalid - Mês atrás
You’re amazing! I don’t know how I strolled onto your channel, but I’m so thankful! I have listened to so many of them and they’re all awesome
Keep up the amazing work!
N Khalid
N Khalid - Mês atrás
You’re hilarious
Joshua Hatfield
Joshua Hatfield - Mês atrás
You cut off all your beautiful curly grey hair.
moda78z - Mês atrás
Don’t take this the wrong way but since I found your channel about a week ago, I’ve been falling asleep to the sound of Ednas voice 😃
sthiry1994 - Mês atrás
I love your videos! I love you wasting their time and how they never get any money! For some reason you slightly remind me lasercorn from smosh
Taylor Woolverton
Taylor Woolverton - Mês atrás
“Very interesting....”
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