Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (A Star Is Born)

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VOKI POI - 30 minutos atrás
100 million!
Isabel Klawa
Isabel Klawa - Hora atrás
Shit this is REALLY good, I'm in love with this woman help me
Li Vieira
Li Vieira - 2 horas atrás
The most perfect singer and songwriter for now.
el-senaicinio 10
el-senaicinio 10 - 12 horas atrás
Vika Castilho
Vika Castilho - 14 horas atrás
WalterDamian Paz
WalterDamian Paz - Dia atrás
Q voz
Shaina Mae Medecielo
Shaina Mae Medecielo - Dia atrás
In all her photos that I saw this is the best face of lady that I saw it's simple it's more prettier than a face that cover up of full make-ups😊
Lou Kolderman
Lou Kolderman - 2 dias atrás
Lady Gaga is pretty without makeup. I also thought the reddish hair was the best color for her .
Callum Fitz-Patrick
Callum Fitz-Patrick - 2 dias atrás
My favourite song atm so uplifting🥰
Flávio Santos
Flávio Santos - 2 dias atrás
rea joanne
rea joanne - 2 dias atrás
1:48 the way bradley looks at her legs and shakes his head,OMG AHAHAHA CUTE💖💫😂
Lis Raine
Lis Raine - 2 dias atrás
I am so proud of her!
Mscaldera 8980
Mscaldera 8980 - 3 dias atrás
Love you❤❤❤
Vitor Castro
Vitor Castro - 3 dias atrás
I love the piano instrumental ❤️
Gabriela Elisa
Gabriela Elisa - 3 dias atrás
I love your musics
I am brasilian
Marco Vlog Oficial
Marco Vlog Oficial - 3 dias atrás
*Cadê os Br que curtem esse tipo de música💙*
Anik L.
Anik L. - 3 dias atrás
Amei ,amei ,amei
Yollie Wells
Yollie Wells - 4 dias atrás
I found a Star and het name is Lady Gaga...❤
Anik L.
Anik L. - 4 dias atrás
Muito massa !!!!!!
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
X factor into
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Joking about myself
Jessica Love
Jessica Love - 4 dias atrás
Keeegan kindness windless
M W - 4 dias atrás
to jest kurwa zajebiste
Monster Nation, PAWS UP
Monster Nation, PAWS UP - 4 dias atrás
This song deserves to be a hit, I don’t know why everyone buy and streams Shallow, I’ll Never Love Again And Always Remember Us This Way and not this one so much, it’s an amazing song like all from the soundtrack
Andrey Emanuel
Andrey Emanuel - 4 dias atrás
Quem acha que esse hino tem que bater 50 milhões curti!! Bora bater até o final do mês??❤️😍👏
Masked Renegade
Masked Renegade - 4 dias atrás
This shit smacks
Mohit Rai
Mohit Rai - 5 dias atrás
fresh beauty Lady Gaga without mkup...
Jean-yves juet
Jean-yves juet - 5 dias atrás
Ferrer Zorola
Ferrer Zorola - 5 dias atrás
Keep streaming this until it has over 100M views like Shallow, I'll never love again and Always remember us this way!
HAUS OF GAGA - 5 dias atrás
Lady Gaga - Look What I Found [A Star Is Born]
100M 🔒
200M 🔒
300M 🔒
400M 🔒
500M 🔒
Imna Jam
Imna Jam - 5 dias atrás
She s just wow!!
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Thank you
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
I have my own house
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
I can live on $500 a week. Thats all i want and a roof over my head
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
All i want to do is free my son
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
All proceeds could go to making Myers great again. Thank you xoxo I dont want any money
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Thank you xoxo
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
My family were kicked out of the family. Would you do clothing for your little monsters and give them a shirt singed by us with owl new Album
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Charity please help my dream come true for Cancer. I would like to be A Myer again
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Thank you or at least be apart of my band? Please lets go to outer space.
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
I want to stay clean, you are like me? I want to be able to peform without drugs. Please be Barbie in my movie?
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
I want you and Pink please for police. I need to pay them. Thank you xoxo A gig at my grandmothers and make a studio for kids to have a no drug and rebilitate
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
With Complete can i please use Poker face for charity?
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
It wasn't complete
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
I need to finish your song with you
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Dr Conner
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Please actually lets start a country practice
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
Oliva newton john
Azshalia - 5 dias atrás
And epalepysy
Mary Etuk
Mary Etuk - 5 dias atrás
I. Cannot. Stop. Listening to this...😍😍😍....
Gabriela Atayde
Gabriela Atayde - 6 dias atrás
Não consigo parar de ouvir essa trilha sonora ❤
Anik L.
Anik L. - 3 dias atrás
Eu tb !!!!!! Affffff , amei
Tiffany Fletcher
Tiffany Fletcher - 6 dias atrás
Best song on the soundtrack IMO.
salima semo
salima semo - 6 dias atrás
Lady u know u r beautiful as naturel ?? dont put much make up! u so beautiful as the way u r ♥
animaux &co
animaux &co - 6 dias atrás
Amazing 😍❤️
Sarai Budge
Sarai Budge - 6 dias atrás
Got to love her
Monica Kollmann
Monica Kollmann - 6 dias atrás
los amo
Kekez Tina
Kekez Tina - 6 dias atrás
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️chapeau lady 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rockston - 6 dias atrás
amo muito essa música.
Dawid Kowol
Dawid Kowol - 6 dias atrás
Bojana Marković
Bojana Marković - 6 dias atrás
Real doubt
youtuber 952
youtuber 952 - 7 dias atrás
Delineated Throe
Delineated Throe - 7 dias atrás
One of the best singer in today's generation
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams - 7 dias atrás
Another great song from lady Gaga. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
young K
young K - 7 dias atrás
I started listing to her music when I was 2 years
Barbara Kotowska
Barbara Kotowska - 7 dias atrás
OK dzięki
Courtney HFK
Courtney HFK - 7 dias atrás
This song reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse I love it
salima semo
salima semo - 6 dias atrás
keepleft - 8 dias atrás
Look what I found...99 people who don't believe in you, but there's that 1 person....oh nevermind
Gp Mapagu
Gp Mapagu - 8 dias atrás
I love her with no make she really pretty
Jermaine Jennings
Jermaine Jennings - 9 dias atrás
OBSESSED! Please listen to this woman, what a voice! How does she do it?! I thought she was just another "pop star"? Gaga, please forgive me. She is one of a kind, we are not worthy.
Deeq Adan
Deeq Adan - 9 dias atrás
favorite part of the movie was Dave Chappelle 🙏🙏🙏💯
Lali Rodríguez Rengifo
Lali Rodríguez Rengifo - 10 dias atrás
De las mejores del disco
Selma Gama
Selma Gama - 10 dias atrás
Little monsters vamos colocar esse hino em 50MI até o final da próxima semana??
Ángel Robles
Ángel Robles - 6 dias atrás
Concuerdo contigo!!!
Gean Christopher Almeida Portela
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira - 10 dias atrás
we have 40.9M now. We need hit 100M for this song. It deserves so fucking. it sounds so fresh and catchy. let's go people
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira - 10 dias atrás
Cerys Martin
Cerys Martin - 10 dias atrás
I'm alone in my house
I'm out on the town
I'm at the bottom of the bottle
I've been knockin' them down
I can't get back up on my feet
See the lights all on the streetlight stars
But look what I found
Look what I found
Another piece of my heart
Just layin' on the ground
Another foggy day
I'm looking for a light
And my only prayer
Is working tonight
I can't get myself out of bed
Hear these voices in my head like a song
But look what I found
Somebody who loves me
Look what I found
Somebody who carry
'Round a piece of my heart
Just layin' on the ground
When I met you I was blown to pieces
Heart all over the floor
Ever since you put me back together
I can't believe it, can't believe it, uh!
Look what you found, yeah, baby
Look what I found
Someone who carry 'round a piece of my heart
Look what I found, woo, c'mon
Look what I found
Somebody who loves me
Look what we found
Someone who carry 'round a piece of my heart, heart
Just layin' on the ground
Iwona Kasper
Iwona Kasper - 10 dias atrás
Początkowe nuty fortepianu zerżnęła z naszego Lemona. Nuta w nutę :) czyżby ich fanka? 😜
Señorito Gaga
Señorito Gaga - 8 dias atrás
+Iwona Kasper 😘💗
Iwona Kasper
Iwona Kasper - 10 dias atrás
"Scarlet" jakby kto pytał 😉
Samara Unicórnio
Samara Unicórnio - 10 dias atrás
O love you Lady Gaga
Hilal Vlogs
Hilal Vlogs - 10 dias atrás
Woww it's been 10 years that am a little monster from Morocco nobody knew about here then they started hating here for her looks , and now everyone respecting her
Ashleigh Scott
Ashleigh Scott - 11 dias atrás
I love this movie and song
-live you
TinaYang 95
TinaYang 95 - 11 dias atrás
I wasn't gaga's fan 'till i saw her movie "a star is born" and i realize that she is really talented...
Calvin - 11 dias atrás
This song should deserve more recognitions
Everett Trujillo
Everett Trujillo - 11 dias atrás
I was never a big lady gaga fan, but absolutely loved her in this movie! Forget the blond hair, you look gorgeous as a brunette.
Mirana piso Ravalo
Mirana piso Ravalo - 12 dias atrás
I've discovered gaga and Brad!! A good ost... Can not stop listening it... ♥️👍
marsyemac - 12 dias atrás
Ugh her mind.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez - 12 dias atrás
Xhesika Hada
Xhesika Hada - 12 dias atrás
Pedro Motta
Pedro Motta - 12 dias atrás
Go for 100,000,000 let's go
Daemon - 12 dias atrás
This song is so underrated! This should definitely have more views!
Kart W
Kart W - 7 dias atrás
Daemon Agree. But I’m happy that it even has a Music Video
Gustavo Sales
Gustavo Sales - 13 dias atrás
I love u Mother Monster ❤️
Narah Melissa
Narah Melissa - 13 dias atrás
acabei de ver o filme e chorei igual uma mocinha
AC DC - 8 dias atrás
eu tambem😥
Gyovanna Gama
Gyovanna Gama - 13 dias atrás
Meu coração❤
Pipio Beltran
Pipio Beltran - 13 dias atrás
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