The Realities Of Trump's Trade War | VICE on HBO

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VICE News - 2 meses atrás
Internment camps. Orwellian surveillance. Silence. Isobel Yeung goes undercover in a special report that reveals how China is oppressing the Muslim minority Uighur people in horrific conditions. Watch it here -
Shaun - 4 dias atrás
As usual, not a bad piece at all on international politics ^ But that's what your side, and your typical Vice journalist want back home - you want views opposed to your own silenced, for people who offend you to lose their jobs, for tech companies to censor speech you personally deem offensive and fear monger and dehumanize using false accusations and cards like 'nazi', 'white supremacist', 'homophobes' and 'sexist' . Your side has no place to criticize China when your end goals seem to so closely match those of an oppressive dictatorial group :P
Bobby - 6 dias atrás
VICE News 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Monaco!!) 👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇲🇨 • “human rights” 👀🔥🔥🇲🇨🇲🇨🇵🇱💯💯💯
Bobby - 8 dias atrás
VICE News 2019 “Respect and dignity.”
new kid in town
new kid in town - 10 dias atrás
john b how many terrorist attacks in usa since trump took office
Banned B!!!!
Banned B!!!! - 11 dias atrás
@Geba who put a gun to your head and said, " sign this college loan?"
Joseph Magaurn
Joseph Magaurn - 8 horas atrás
The nail company is mad that they have to buy metal for their nails from an American company? If your getting materials shipped across the Pacific Ocean and their still cheaper, you have an issue
phillip krikorian
phillip krikorian - 16 horas atrás
injunn fuz
injunn fuz - Dia atrás
Huawei security threat to.usa .bullshit wen they can use use statellite
MegaZeroSeven - Dia atrás
I love the vice bias. Adding emotion and feigned shock over soya beans. Uh, ya know, that farmer can grow a myriad of other crops, and China can go to hell, right? Don’tcha?
Why do all you leftist pander to the communist Chinese?
SCUBA Steve - Dia atrás
"with no china thered be no Walmart and without Walmart thered be no middle class" what a complete load of bs im 32 and still remember when there was no walmarts we got along just fine, there was actually more small businesses in my city back then everything from coffee shops to stamp stores lmao
james butler
james butler - Dia atrás
So there are winners and losers in this trade war. What I would like to know is, does Trump, and his corporations, benefit financially from the industries that are winners in this war? Maybe this is why he doesn't want anyone to see his taxes, financial reports,or his bank statements etc...
Ale O.
Ale O. - Dia atrás
These HBO producers don’t tell us how the “made in china” products are made. Total hypocrisy, the chinese workers are slaves in a communist regime. They work 12 hours a day and 6 days a week for 1 $us a day, they don’t have social benefits, even children work there, THEY ARE NO FREE. If you talk about human rights and keep buying made in china stuff, you should be ashamed. Those cheap goods are artificially cheap because of the slave working force and the artificially low exchange rates that china imposes.
YORAK HUNT - Dia atrás
TRUMP 2020
Ale O.
Ale O. - Dia atrás
Thanks to obama americans are farmers and chineses are engineers selling high value products to americans. Sad but true. Just look at San Francisco, a bunch of drug addicts pooping in the streets. Thats what democrats want for americans. People pooping in the streets while being totally high.
Ale O.
Ale O. - Dia atrás
These HBO producers don’t tell us how the “made in china” products are made. Total hypocrisy, the chinese workers are slaves in a communist regime. They work 12 hours a day and 6 days a week, they don’t have social benefits, even children work there, THEY ARE NO FREE. If you talk about human rights and keep buying made in china stuff, you should be ashamed. Those cheap goods are artificially cheap because of the slave working force and the artificially low exchange rates that china imposes.
jtbonde - Dia atrás
Looks like the company they chose to represent all those negatively affected by the trade war are actually in great shape. Just added 30% more employees. Keep America Great!
Redwht&blu American
Redwht&blu American - Dia atrás
wow Amazing lies, and clearly meant to do so. The power of those behind the curtain is in risk, so they lie, Rothchilds own all MSM news and here we go again. Afraid their corruption will come out. Fake news
Mathy Ciller
Mathy Ciller - Dia atrás
God Blessed the USA with President Trump!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤
Legend 28
Legend 28 - Dia atrás
Idc who u are or what u are, but 100% ANY and every major "news" media outlet has an agenda and needs ratings. With that said , why even watch !? Being a business owner and seeing how ignorant the public is, it's sad to see they will, without self thought, will immediately believe the narrative of the evening's chosen narrative. No wonder weve fallen to the elite few.
bones007able - Dia atrás
Automation coming...Gee isn't that what Yang is warning about? unfortunately I think a recession or depression will be the only way for people to see that fact...
John Calveley
John Calveley - Dia atrás
Why should we believe Trump, on trade wars, when he only tells us half truths. He brags about jobs gained, but he never
talks about the jobs lost, or about to be lost. Call him a haif-way man, never one or the
other. When he tells us he's winning, most times we're not.
He's do better as a tic-tac man at a race- course. How many
times was he bankrupt, because he thought he knew
best. He thinks he knows best
today, at this very moment.
J, Calveley.
altareggo - 7 horas atrás
Trump tells HALF truths???? Wow: could have sworn he makes up about 80% of his own private "alternate facts" on an almost daily basis...
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr - 2 dias atrás
Mid Continent Nail Corporation in southeast Missouri’s Poplar Bluff has been granted federal exclusions that will allow the company to ramp up its production levels. The exemptions allow the company to not be tax an additional 25% for getting foreign steel from its own parent company in Mexico. According to spokesperson Elizabeth Heaton, the exclusions cover nearly 9/10 of the volume of imported steel that Mid Continent uses to make nails. (Guess since they make steel in Mexico and are owned by a Mexican company the idea of buying US steel was off the table. What if the nail steel originated in the USA instead of Mexico? ) Always dig deeper for the truth. The nail company is a logical customer for a mexican steel company to own. All the profits go South.
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr - 2 dias atrás
Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 130,000 in August, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent, near a 50-year low. And the labor force participation rate rose to 63.2 percent, from 63 percentthe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.Sep 6, 2019
Evo Gaming
Evo Gaming - 2 dias atrás
The question is will these folks who lost jobs as a result of Trump tarrifs vote against him or race still trump every other consideration.
Evo Gaming
Evo Gaming - 2 dias atrás
Communism is good and easy to impose.
Shawn E
Shawn E - 2 dias atrás
The new .. old American cash crop
Shawn E
Shawn E - 2 dias atrás
Tell them soy bean farmers to start growing hemp...
Shawn E
Shawn E - 19 horas atrás
And as of 3 days ago China lifted their tariffs so the farmers are gonna be ok
Shawn E
Shawn E - 19 horas atrás
Or just sell the fields and build a subdivision lol
Shawn E
Shawn E - 19 horas atrás
Well I see all these commercials saying cannabis industry is billion dollar industry... they are now using agriculture permits for hemp... as well... but yeah corn rye barley hops... I'm sure there's more crops that will grow there
james butler
james butler - Dia atrás
@Onmydt Gaming lots of crops beside hemp or soybeans. Corn, hay, etc...
james butler
james butler - Dia atrás
Onmydt... I said to grow something else. I didn't say grow hemp.
Alex - 2 dias atrás
who gets the money from these tariffs?
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 21 hora atrás
Alex the government keeps it.
SuperKaos777 - 2 dias atrás
TRUMP 2020
Zel Zwrd
Zel Zwrd - 2 dias atrás
look at all these trumptards who barely graduated from high school thinking they are much more smarter than the knowledge and experience of thousands of economist combined.

stupidity at its finest
Johnson Moje
Johnson Moje - 2 dias atrás
Lucien Morningstar
Lucien Morningstar - 2 dias atrás
Trump 2020
Johnson Moje
Johnson Moje - 2 dias atrás
I love this. Watch how Trump drives America into a very very deep hole. Ignition to implosion.
New Wave
New Wave - 2 horas atrás
ethan smith China wasn’t ripping anyone off. It was a net win for both countries mutually. Now a trade war will be a net loss.
ethan smith
ethan smith - Dia atrás
you are stupid man... he isn't just gonna sit back and let china rip america off, but sometimes positive outcomes take difficult solutions.
Jeremy Kieler
Jeremy Kieler - 2 dias atrás
It's a matter of National Security to loose steel and aluminium industry would hurt America. If we lost the industry we would lose the skillsets to be independent.
nonono whoa
nonono whoa - 2 dias atrás
China is succeeding because of no labor laws and no unions. They overwork their people just for greed. Trump is right about Apple though and get rid of Cook too
ordinary average guy
ordinary average guy - 2 dias atrás
idiot morons.
doug st.laurent
doug st.laurent - 2 dias atrás
Soooo.. You think we shouldnt put teriffs on a country that slaves out their own people at 2 dollars a week and steals 300 billion a year in intellectual property and sells us plasticy junk allowingbillion dollar company owners to undercut the American worker. Not to mention we are loosing an aditional 500 billion a year to that same country on trade. But dems love comunst china. Made in china plastic junk that breaks in 3 months, democrats love it we send our companies there they build it with slave labor and under cut the american worker building shit cheap products. yup no terriffs for the commies although dems are commies too. Morons. This show is all ifs and it could happen. Speculation and brainwashing
Eleven X
Eleven X - 2 dias atrás
i dunno. personally, im investing all the money i can every month cuz i think he'll put it off in the end and make ME a ton of money cuz i bet against all of YOU! 🤑😂
txratslayer6mm - 2 dias atrás
This is Fake News. All of the hand wringing is based on short term pain. How has everyone forgotten the pain of all of the unemployment caused by government regulations and taxes that sent tens of thousands and millions of jobs overseas in the past decades. Give this idea time to work. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If you keep on doing what you've always done you'll keep on getting what you always got. Let the new ideas work. Opinion pieces disguised as news are just that and creating unnecessary fear and do not help America. America first.
LGZEE - 2 dias atrás
Democrats and tossers that don't understand economics have put the U.S. in this situation in the first place. Interviewing an advisor to Clinton? That's laughable.
Ben Mooney
Ben Mooney - 2 dias atrás
A Bill Maher production. Says it all right there...
forrest chump
forrest chump - 2 dias atrás
Unfortunate. Since China stopped importing Soy Beans, America is gonna have to deal with a lot more Vegans and SoyBoys! Damn that's a nasty stench!
Kane Florentino
Kane Florentino - 3 dias atrás
Clinton’s economist lmao. Yeah keep borrowing from China.
Ratan Kumar
Ratan Kumar - 3 dias atrás
Baised news not covering china real threats.
Boricua Full
Boricua Full - 3 dias atrás
I wonder what would they say now, after 2 yrs of absolute disaster and shame...
ordinary average guy
ordinary average guy - 2 dias atrás
Boricua Full Whatever they think you want to hear. That is what they would say.
David James
David James - 3 dias atrás
Stop fighting progress.
P J - 3 dias atrás
Please let trump carry out his economic policies for the next ten years, and then you can criticize him for another next ten years. What the hell do we have to lose since we are losing now anyway?
Mike Joseph
Mike Joseph - 3 dias atrás
I doubt these people know that the aluminum company is owned by the russians
Non Ya
Non Ya - 3 dias atrás
Ya, cry about how tariffs are hurting Americans and the Democrat/Socialist turn around and tell us how they are going to raise taxes (tariffs) on corporations...really???
Non Ya
Non Ya - 2 dias atrás
@C P I support taxes also and those" tax breaks" are actually tax exemptions...sure some companies take more than their fair share of exemptions but so do most people. If ya don't like your wages ya shouldn't have taken the job or ya should have invested in your future and gotten a better education. Now that you didn't invest enough your future you expect companies to reimburse you for your mistake. A company only owes you a safe workplace and a paycheck everything more than that is just gravy. And when I say YOU I don't mean you personally.
C P - 2 dias atrás
@Non Ya I didn't say pay more taxes, I said actually pay taxes. Companies do not pay their workers fair wages to keep up with inflation. There is a known widening income gap. Corporations take the money from tax breaks and reinvest in their own stocks. Taxes support the country's roads, schools, defense, etc. I support taxes...
Non Ya
Non Ya - 2 dias atrás
@C P Why should they pay more? How many jobs do you create? Without business and corporation most people don't work. Corporations produce payroll taxes, income taxes, and retirements and then we punish them by making them pay more taxes than anyone else. So if you're against tariffs you should be against taxes.
C P - 2 dias atrás
There's an expectation that billionaires and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Why would someone disagree with that? Don't you think corporations should pay taxes?
ExtremeRecluse - 4 dias atrás
Did I hear him right? Without Walmart there would be no middle class. Incredible.
Joseph Magaurn
Joseph Magaurn - 8 horas atrás
Makes sense he’s the economic advisor to the president
Travis Tran
Travis Tran - 16 horas atrás
i think he is the most stupid person I heard
ethan smith
ethan smith - Dia atrás
you take it too literally lol
Mr Smith
Mr Smith - 4 dias atrás
Walmart brings middle class and lower class prosperity? Are you nuts? Quite the contrary 😂😂😂 Walmart replaced small business all over America.
Michael Gilmore
Michael Gilmore - 4 dias atrás
Wow a black guy works there
Ben 0709
Ben 0709 - 4 dias atrás
I wonder how the Americans vote this moron as the president?
Whisperingpine1 - 4 dias atrás
Chuck Woolery
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! July Results Show 130,000 More New Jobs -- Half a Million Enter Labor Market - Unemployment 50 Year Low 3.7%... Trump Bests Obama by 9 Million Jobs in First 2.5 Yrs as President
Cobb ETL PROGRAMMER - 4 dias atrás
Note: Trump can remove the onerous Trade lawshe can find... But it has to be "WE as a people" Re-Learning how to be the Number 1 Trading and Manufacturing country that we used to be, all over again.
Cobb ETL PROGRAMMER - 4 dias atrás
NOTE: Taking back the Power of TRADE. IS a GOOD Thing! That's what really did make America the Great country everyone looked up to. NAFTA and all this Outsourcing our labor force and manufacturing only made some companies richer, while most Americans lost their jobs or were terribly downsized. Remember the old American Dream expression: a house in the suburbs..with a front yard, garage and white picket fence. Well for most Americans that ALL GONE Folks. Because our Politicians Outsource our wealth -by Trading our goods- for cheap Junk Made in China. Makes you want to Cry.
Dr Soul
Dr Soul - 4 dias atrás
It cost 1.67 cents to make a penny thats 13 billion a year in lose and enough proof to tell Trumps a NITWIT
Ben Mooney
Ben Mooney - 2 dias atrás
Pennys existed before Trump....
Brad Elliott
Brad Elliott - 4 dias atrás
Trump should fire the robots !
Brad Elliott
Brad Elliott - 4 dias atrás
How did such a stupid man become president ? thank god its almost over ,,,,,
Giovanni Nieto
Giovanni Nieto - 4 dias atrás
that black guy looks like em white folk beat em and made him do the interview at the start. I heard "make america great again", and I folded. lol
Giovanni Nieto
Giovanni Nieto - 3 dias atrás
@The,ode Tho,masa tru that
The,ode Tho,masa
The,ode Tho,masa - 3 dias atrás
He had to make a choice. Tell it like they want it told or become jobless.
trifleodd - 4 dias atrás
Chinese dumping is a very real issue not addressed by pro-China economists. Chinese dumping has been killing jobs the world over.
Jj - 4 dias atrás
US steel was one of the first hit by cheap Chinese steel.
David Stutz
David Stutz - 4 dias atrás
Is this a hate Trump distortion of the facts?
Big T Walker
Big T Walker - 4 dias atrás
I lost my Die Setter Job because of this trade war back in april. The company original investers pulled out because of the cost of the steel wire we used to make brackets to hold up mufflers, and rings to guide lawnmower wire when you start them. The company had several potential new investers from diffrent countries and here in the U.S but they all backed out saying the cost wasn't worth it. All said its because of Trump.
james fiaco
james fiaco - 4 dias atrás
These pampered babies don't care that trump is a traitor to America.  They don't care that thanks to their dirty low-paying jobs America has the lowest standards of quality in the world at the same time the highest violent crime rate drug alcohol dependency problem on the planet.  They don't care that those dirty low-paying jobs have diminished quality of life from coast-to-coast globally. With the potential of causing environmental financial global collapse. The only care about the here and now so if a trader can give them money they will take Russian money. What is that say to all the American soldiers who lived fought in the Cold War became partially or completely paralyzed dying on the battlefield for America to dictate and govern its own laws without the interference of hostile countries such as Russia.    Here's the deal you cannot make America great to the lowest standards of quality. The bottom line is you cannot promote life by doing business with material resources substances that have been scientifically classified religiously verified as petrified death known as the coal oil gas  chemical industry week brittle steel.  There is many mega lifted ancient structures in this world that have been standing for thousands of years with out any rusty rebar in them.   There is not one structure made with steel that has lasted more than 20 years without needing major repairs. The good news similar to life not being free their souls and spirits are paying out picking up the tab on the end results of dirty low-paying job which has resulted in a diminished quality of life case closed may their souls and spirits never rest in peace.
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