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“Thinking that tariffs are the magical tool that is bringing the entire supply chain, the entire ecosystem, to the United States is a task that’s larger than even Apple could accomplish,” Wiens told VICE News.
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James Clark
James Clark - Dia atrás
@Mijemu mijemu then move to California and tell me how long you survive in a socialist economy have you seen the homelessness rate shut your yapping and go to work like every American
James Clark
James Clark - Dia atrás
@Pepins Spot you're correct it is apocalyptic to their own company because they're shooting themselves in the foot by not reporting the whole story. They showed you one side but not the other. They only showed you a few supporters in a small business rather than the whole picture of why all these businesses are closing yet we are still at the lowest unemployment in history.old businesses will close with every tariff impacts but from each of those comes more businesses to spread their opportunities to gather more people into their industry. Let the old industry close in the new one begin so that we may move into the future and surpass all of our allies and enemies alike.
James Clark
James Clark - Dia atrás
@Zoltan Ercei you my friend are truly an ignorance being.
James Clark
James Clark - Dia atrás
The homeless issue is caused by the liberals that control that state. Trump has nothing to do with what goes on there. That state ignore every policy that that man has put in place, leaving the responsibility to the politicians within their own state.
Tiny mod
Tiny mod - 8 dias atrás
@Zoltan Ercei dear European wanker.... Europe is not a unified entity... So drop the we... US British love him
daichai - 46 minutos atrás
americans worship money. someone nuke them
daichai - 50 minutos atrás
death to capitalism. it is feudalism. All of you are peasants distracted over meaningless feuds. left vs right etc.
daichai - 53 minutos atrás
the european union and america are controlled by banker satanists. death to the devils dominion
Johnny TwotimesYa
Johnny TwotimesYa - 7 horas atrás
TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸
K Mac
K Mac - Dia atrás
China has been sticking it to the American Worker for 30 years in TARIFFS. Read a book maybe instead of always going full commie.
James Clark
James Clark - Dia atrás
The ripple effect:
Businesses are closing and people are losing jobs.

The Reality:
New businesses, industries, and jobs are being created faster than people are getting fired or losing jobs.
So let's be realistic and call this Fakeumentary what it is, leftist propaganda or I can play nice and we can call it "old business closes and new business rises."
Report both sides of the story the next time you guys attempt to cause pity in the heartland of America without showing the benefit.
Kris Wingert
Kris Wingert - Dia atrás
Corporate America is what hurts us the most. They want to make more and more every year, and sell us the same product while doing it with nothing different about it and not paying their fair share in taxes. This is the true inflation, caused by the 1%. Amazon not paying taxes on billions in profits is the best example. Trump put forth policy to make corporate America Great Again, not individuals like us who break our backs everyday to just make it paycheck to paycheck. All these big corps making huge profits and the employees being told no raises.. yet again. I worked for the biggest tool company in this country for almost 20 years and only got $.15 to $.25 raises. Corporate America will not share with the workers when they get increased profits from any source.
badbob85037 - Dia atrás
I didn't watch your video because I wouldn't trust anything you say. Liberals suck but don't take my word for it. Just look at anything you have put your hands on
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones - Dia atrás
Vice has went to shit. Straight Propaganda
Cig Guard
Cig Guard - Dia atrás
A. Clark
A. Clark - Dia atrás
College students now being attacked by Leftist if they join a Conservative group, among numerous other issues/like Vice and their bias for example. Tis past time to hit the re-set button! We need a 1st American Revolutionary Civil War!
Maria Dowler
Maria Dowler - 2 dias atrás
Says the man who throws trillions of American taxpayers hard earned money at Israeli warmongers.
John King
John King - 2 dias atrás
Farmers are getting fuc d and Americans are paying tariffs
John King
John King - 2 dias atrás
Trump is evil to the American people
Darko Fius
Darko Fius - 2 dias atrás
...Washington failed grand battle...Mr. Navarro and his "economists" have "thought out" winning the global economic battle by employing coercion, sanctions, pressure and fines trough banking and financial channels, per example: cost of sanctions against Russia: 17 billion US, 240 billion EU, 27 billion Japan...while Russia lost initially about 50 billion, it strengthened its agriculture to the level of being and now competitive exporter, other critical sector gained absolute advantages, say agricultural machinery is now considered better than those from West Europe or US, the same goes for heavy equipment in oil and gas sector. For EU the Washington battle is catastrophism, all member states are asking Brussels by now, are we really so stupid to fall prey into Washington's spider net and pay dearly the predators experiments on global economy warfare arena.
ABC M - 2 dias atrás
We discussed a bit about technology in class, it is kind of a dilemma . like what the Madam in the movie said, to see how many machine labors replaced human labors, eg. Walmart, my husband prefers to go line up and check out by human cashier instead of quickly checking out by machine sometimes
michaelayo100 - 2 dias atrás
Greed and Ballooning Profits are the actual culprits that are driving all this but no on body is addressing these two villains.
L Buono
L Buono - 2 dias atrás
The Reality is China was making out while US was taking it hard furious. President Trump put an end to the lopsided disadvantage, and his haters are posing hypothetical voodoo scare tactics as they have done all along. Keep winning Pres Trump we all win, except those who want our great nation to dissolve into a Communist/Democratic Socialist country. God bless President Trump, and the USA
Crushing Daily
Crushing Daily - 2 dias atrás
3:40 the dude is having an orgasm just talking about TRUMP! I'm Done.
Peter Newman
Peter Newman - 2 dias atrás
Economics is a conservative profession. Those economists interviewed have very good jobs. They're fine with aluminium worker lay-offs, Its not their jobs on the line. America needs to smarten up. Donald Trump is leading the way.
Rait Laats
Rait Laats - 3 dias atrás
Lay back on nukes trumpheads.. makes your country great again.
Brian M
Brian M - 3 dias atrás
Trump loves socialism only when it benefits him Bailouts and multi million $$ insurance has to wonder why a 10 x billionaire needs socialized property/car insurance...but I'm not aloud socialized health insurance
American Freedom World Peace
UPDATE: Trump issues $16 billion dollars in taxpayer funded bailout to temporarily fix the problem he created. The deficit continues to increase. There's nothing "conservative" about this, if you are a REAL conservative, you'd be smart enough to realize he's not doing anything to help you, just look at the deficit before he came into office and then after.. it's insane. Not only that, everyone got 17% less in tax returns this year due to the Republican tax plan.. again, NOT actually conservative and you're losing more tax money and getting nothing out of it.
Simeon Deming
Simeon Deming - 4 dias atrás
Wow! So many white people that are poor. No big gains in their retirement funds. No summer vacation homes. Most of them live pay check to pay check. Most of them can't even afford the pick-up trucks that they "finance." Moreover, most of them not only voted for a billionaire-they voted for someone that doesn't even represent their social-economic class. Making things worse, most of them are against policy that helps them. Making America Great Again for a a few, absolutely! Making America Great Again for poor white people that don't have a pot to piss in? Hmm?!?!
Dodo Woods
Dodo Woods - 4 dias atrás
all the BS, there is only one thing is China 2025 that is a big issue. Trump is very clear about that but it is very hard to reverse it now but it can be slow it down.
Jason Young
Jason Young - 4 dias atrás
So you interview some hillbillys that have nothing else to offer aside from factory work. While I understand how drop outs and back woods people can get a job. All these regulations Trump is taking away just messes our world up. If some hillbillys can't get a job because of their stupidity, they don't need a job. Go back to school at a community college, learn a skill that matters. Help make our world better, if you're to stupid to learn go ahead and die.
Black Alende
Black Alende - 4 dias atrás
america gon learn today.They should stick to selling guns,they are good at that hands down
Jared Paulsen
Jared Paulsen - 4 dias atrás
"we can fend for ourselves without depending on other countries"
welp, at least he isnt the president. gosh. you sir are ignorant to how things actually work in the world...
simply put. no. no we 110% cannot. we import a RIDICULOUS amount of everything except maybe corn. lol
Jared Paulsen
Jared Paulsen - 4 dias atrás
"its above our pay grade to worry about whether or not it affects other industries." i see what your trying to say. *not my problem* and that may be true, but what your actually saying is *im not rich enough, this policy helps me be richer, but im not rich enough to care about other peoples livelihoods* eh. take your cheap suit back before the rental runs over. ya too wealthy to give a f looking snob
Beverly Houston
Beverly Houston - 4 dias atrás
I think while everyone is focused on Iran now see how many years already China has been building in Africa getting them further in dept with them last i heard Africa is about or already given China land there which puts them closer to the US great spot to put a missile at that could reach the US mainly Washington dc.
Facts Matter
Facts Matter - 4 dias atrás
Yeah right, Trump says he's going to make Apple manufacture iPhones and computers in America not China. In the meantime he manufactures Trump products are made in China and Ivanka Trump is personally awarded Chinese trademarks by China's President for life Xi Jinping. Got everything else about Trump pure corruption and insanity!
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh - 4 dias atrás
Creating jobs is easy, really easy. Don't you see they all want to earn money by stumping their own citizens.
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh - 4 dias atrás
Awesome, thx for a great documentary, I hope Vice news channel to start up on the edge of every other news channel.
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd - 5 dias atrás
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Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd - 5 dias atrás
Poutin took DOWN that dream and I new that 500000 stoin goin to hit ruchssa in a week this,nuvkler is going be destroyed if I lay hea diy r because you can t whelp the lower classes people and the uk in is blocking miney people from workings at all we can't the work primers to work like the hippos and the chearekey and miney OUTHERS and me not aloud to by a timing yhus,deschiomantion and Tucker Carson nead to stop sl thus carp and foox and you uoim
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd - 5 dias atrás
YOU price garnishing the poor people and the young dot light most people work for the can t get a prmet to work and thin ta tax you to much money thin the govners Mack wars for the fun of it and the people suffer in al nation's
Helder Lopes
Helder Lopes - 5 dias atrás
Serves you right you thick Americans 😂🖕🏻😘
james black
james black - 5 dias atrás
aliminum industry closed in australia 10 years ago
james black
james black - 5 dias atrás
i try to watch the australian national broadcaster ....its a book launch about girls in business i am so tired of the feminist agenda of our abc .time for reform
anthony ramos
anthony ramos - 5 dias atrás
Asians are intelligent, blacks are athletic, Latinos are woriors in the work force, what do white people do?...they are right to tip the system to their advantage otherwise their stupidity would make them go extinct
Master Mind
Master Mind - 5 dias atrás
4 years is enough for this incompetent president
Bryan Keith
Bryan Keith - 6 dias atrás
The senator acting like hes having a argument in Congress was in a empty room, arguing with no one. What a joke. This video is loaded with miss leading nonsense
yo whatsup
yo whatsup - 6 dias atrás
they have jobs but they paid more for living, u still poor, idk which is better
Ms.WhiteFolks ?
Ms.WhiteFolks ? - 6 dias atrás
This is making my head spin. I do not know what the answer is.
YAHVISION Rowles - 6 dias atrás
Jobs falling by the wayside.
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
Lights off in the Brains.. of Management !!! Dummies run this company.. !
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
LADY IN PINK .. NOT SURE.. of anything except taking bribes from Big Busiiness ... that squashes Competition !!!!
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
Yeah... really worked out for the selfish liar Corker.. got his just deserves.. Reality is Real !!!! Government at federal level.. does nothing .. but take BRIBES !!!!
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
Interviewer .. is a " TRUST FUND BABY " selfish COMMUNIST !!!! yeah.. he wishes all Americans work for HIM !!!!
Stelian Botogan
Stelian Botogan - 7 dias atrás
Brainwash material for communist party in china!!!!
Stelian Botogan
Stelian Botogan - 7 dias atrás
Brainwash material for communist party in china!!!!
Fuck Off
Fuck Off - 7 dias atrás
Well that wasn’t bias at all.
Danny Alanis
Danny Alanis - 7 dias atrás
These people are so damn delusional. This is a temporary solution. They will be without a job within a year. 45 is the perfect person for the idiots in this country like these people.
Trucker88 - 7 dias atrás
Only vice could take historical improvements in our country and put a negative twist on it. Vice hashtags gone to shit.
Antonio Anguiano
Antonio Anguiano - 7 dias atrás
This report spoke too soon. So far, I have not seeing what they predicted.
Julian Rivera
Julian Rivera - 7 dias atrás
Bad thing happen so slow, that we rarely notice it before it's too late. Just look at how the first world war started.
Paul Vance
Paul Vance - 7 dias atrás
Jesus Christ, this isn't fucking journalism. This is propaganda MASQUERADING as journalism. There goes Vice, creating overtly anti-conservative content and trying to convince us they did research again.
mikeleke0 - 7 dias atrás
I love Trump. The truth is, sometimes the cure hurts more than the cancer. In the end this could potentially bring back manufacturing to the USA.
Julian Rivera
Julian Rivera - 7 dias atrás
Fucking prove WITH CLAIM EVIDENCE REASONING. How this trade war could possibly benefit our economy in the long term and how it wont sour relations with our allies.
D's Auto Repairs Dinges
D's Auto Repairs Dinges - 7 dias atrás
This guy pushing so hard to make Trump look bad.
Me YE - 7 dias atrás
You keep telling us tariff is bad. OK, so what's your solution to the current unfair trade relationship with China?
Dustin Panian
Dustin Panian - 5 dias atrás
It's not unfair, in fact the entire reason there is a trade deficit is because China gives us the BEST deal that is available, and we don't give them as good of deals.
Neal Wang
Neal Wang - 7 dias atrás
again, as said in the video, it's not "unfair", the trades are mutual beneficial, and China gets more money out of it doesn't mean it's unfair. You can trade a diamond for a meal when you're starving, and you do need the meal much more than the diamond, at least you can't eat a rock. Will you call it unfair? No, because you got what you really need, otherwise you will be starving to death. This is similar to the problems between China and US, and to solve this problem, the better thing for US to do is to make its own meals so US dont have to use diamond to exchange. After all, a trade war is useless unless US put more attention in developing technologies.
Me YE - 7 dias atrás
BS. So just surrender to China, let them continue to rip off the US? Let unfair trade continue?
Jaana Kari
Jaana Kari - 7 dias atrás
rohani kristen
rohani kristen - 8 dias atrás
World's needed China's to stability economy country..
Trump kicked China...
Yes..yes ..
Stupid leader Trump,,,
Tumisho Mashabela
Tumisho Mashabela - 8 dias atrás
Trump is on to something
Bob V
Bob V - 8 dias atrás
No pain, no gain. There can't be an improvement in our situation without some pain. Vice seems intent on convincing us that its not worth the short term pain to confront China. I disagree.
S Smart
S Smart - 7 dias atrás
The most scared part is once you lost the market share in China, you will never get them back, because other countries would have taken them already.
S Smart
S Smart - 7 dias atrás
It's been two years, so how many years is the short term you referred to?
grumpy old fart
grumpy old fart - 8 dias atrás
Nobel laureates are what got us into this mess. We don't need to export or import anything. We can grow, mine, or make anything we want right here in good old "MURICA".
grumpy old fart
grumpy old fart - 7 dias atrás
@Julian Rivera Student huh? That explains it. Ok the only mineral we don't have is Rare Earth in abundance. It's mostly used in Cell phones. We can recycle the ones we throw away and have plenty. Of course, I'd like to see all the damn cell phones gone.You're so young you don't even remember when we had quality products "MADE IN THE USA". We had a refrigerator, and washing machine that lasted 28 years when was a kid. Our cars never had catastrophic $5,000 failures, and we got free TV signal. i still have a pure wool jacket I wore in High school, and our lawn mower ran for 40 years.
Julian Rivera
Julian Rivera - 7 dias atrás
You do realize most of tech industries in the us (one of our largest industries) rely on foreign imports of rare minerals which we simply DO NOT HAVE HERE IN THE US. We have one lone rare mineral mine in Nevada which even with max out out dose not meet the demands of the industry. The tariffs are KILLING these imports and rasing the prices of American made tech. This forces consumers to buy less which, causes reduced profits, which causes layoffs, which means less poeple have money to buy goods made in America. It's a positive feedback loop which is what lead to the Great Depression. I'm an Economics student and a Republican and I can find now way that these tariff benefit out economic growth in the long term. You sir just pulled some American Exceptionalism saying we could just produce our own product. We can't. We do not have rare minerals in abundance in this country too do so. And this industry is not the only industry that relies on foreign resources inaccessible from in the USA.
David Green
David Green - 8 dias atrás
MAGA will work, but the USA CEOs have to get their thumbs out their arse and help (the people.)
wonder themba
wonder themba - 7 dias atrás
Those CEO's would rather impeach Trump that help him MAGA because they are the ones who globalised the American economy to begin with.
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith - 8 dias atrás
Trump is bringing back Industries like steel because we needed to rebuild our country, I'm certain that this Vice documentary is extremely narrow-minded and short-sighted
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith - 8 dias atrás
@Ron F we have let career politicians Khan us with knee-jerk reactions. Wise up man, it's problem then they introduce their new and improved solution which is much worse. Why does China dominate everything? Because very powerful people have made resources available, but in order to coordinate only China is able to provide its businesses interest-free loans and 0% tax. It takes a lot of economic Ingenuity, Until China rolls back 30% tariffs in many areas, we need to match them Tara for tariff, An intelligent person would hope for reciprocity, that we can match each other instead of big international business is hollowing out American companies and sending them to China. While China's too expensive now and so now they're being shipped to Southeast Asia and Africa. And after that there will be full automation everywhere. So we either learn to make things again. Or like the movie Wall-E on Disney, we might as well all get super fat and be carted around like lard asses. It's really sad when you see every single trade and skill being done on the streets and in the factories in China. And we have a whole generation of people that have given up because there are no more jobs, and it's obvious that free labor is more important to the government than its citizens. Whether you call it left or right democrat or republican it is definitely fascist in nature. It is the corporate Global scheme they has no allegiance to the country but works with the country's leaders.
Ron F
Ron F - 8 dias atrás
More expensive steel means more expensive cars and machinery. So basically Americas competitors who manufacture with cheaper Chinese steel will be more competitive and take sales away from US exporters. Cant fix the huge trade deficit if other coutries dont buy American manufactured products
dbmxerinca - 8 dias atrás
One thing I got from this (and Frontlines report) is that American Business doesn't care for the greater good. It's all about making money and they are our worse enemy. Most ALL companies could move to other countries like Vietnam and they should. I personally avoid buying from China at all costs.
The Best The World Has To Offer Channel
China started the trade war decades ago, we are only now starting to fight back.
Tony Le
Tony Le - 9 dias atrás
As an Asian American, I'm fully supporting President Donald Trump. It's time we need to take care of our people and stop China from bullying us for the last few decades. Time to stand up for the Americans.
Samuel Tantala
Samuel Tantala - 9 dias atrás
Tariffs are good to protect struggling businesses. They are not entirely wrong if they are applied wisely. I wish Vice news could do an episode on how the Implementation of tariffs by the Trump administration has given an advantage to struggling American businesses. I feel this episode only focused on the negative aspects of US tariffs on foreign goods.
Bob V
Bob V - 8 dias atrás
Exactly. Vice is liberal so they have an initial bias against Trump. All they can see is the negatives of the trade war.
petro petrocelly
petro petrocelly - 9 dias atrás
so why business are build to source all components from overseas ? are we not capable to make most of the things our self ? especially companies that moved manufacturing into other countries to exploit cheaper labor, but they dont mind the cost and hassle of shipping and logistics ?
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
Cost of shipping a logistics.. is cheaper than the lack of educated and smart industry mogals.. in the U.S. eBay and Amazon ,,, is America's way of PROFIT AND INDUSTRY .. for American Economy and Markets !!! yes ! Isolationism mean the Rich in America.. stay Rich.. and not OK cause most American Rich or super selfish and NEW WORLD ORDER proponants as they are the Masters and they want Americans as SLAVES .. !!! yEAH.. keep sucking up Media Propagana.. see how that fantasy works out your you and an your family .. eh ?
Texas Ray
Texas Ray - 9 dias atrás
The US thinks it's economy has improved just because unemployment is down.
But the deficit and debt are still climbing.
Any recovery funded by debt is doomed to failure.
The real crash is still to come.
frick poo
frick poo - 7 dias atrás
hopefully the upcoming war will thin out our welfare trash. That's going to fix so much
David Hayden
David Hayden - 9 dias atrás
Mike Ehrcke
Mike Ehrcke - 9 dias atrás
And that’s what these guys don’t understand AUTOMATION it’s like a foreign word to them cause they thinks it’s the foreigners 😭
David Hayden
David Hayden - 9 dias atrás
wake up farmer grow pot. they need soybeans.stay with the plan.
Voice of Dissent
Voice of Dissent - 7 dias atrás
Google, China record-increased its Soyabeans production this year,
Sufri H
Sufri H - 9 dias atrás
farmers are gonna get subsidies anyway. america can print lots of money ^^
justin Indian
justin Indian - 9 dias atrás
Latest Chapter- Trade war with India
Sheldon Earthstein
Sheldon Earthstein - 9 dias atrás
"realities" This should be rich. lol
John Poczatek
John Poczatek - 9 dias atrás
China has been raping America with tariffs for decades and this video doesn't even touch on the fact.
wonder themba
wonder themba - 9 dias atrás
Left unchecked the kind of determinism that drives rethorics like "Make America Great Again" can cause war👀
wonder themba
wonder themba - 7 dias atrás
@D's Auto Repairs Dinges To be honest with you I really don't know hey. I mean its good that you want to rebuild your companies and industries so that ordinary Americans can live better lives, I see the damage that globalisation has done to America. I guess what I was trying to say in that comment is a line must be drawn between using conventional means of revitalizing American industries compared to using other covert or non-conventional means in making America great again. Consider the Iran situation and the latest developments including the bombed Chines vessel, is that process part of making American great again? Don't forget the Venezuelan situation biginning of this year, was that also part of the nationalised consented effort to make America great again? These processes come with hidden agendas that can really cause damages. But they are powered through individual consent because the people doing the damage are doing it in your (American) name.
D's Auto Repairs Dinges
D's Auto Repairs Dinges - 7 dias atrás
What would you offer to change in "making America great again "? If we do t stop the bleeding, we stay stuck paying the lions share.
johnmcc51 - 9 dias atrás
Best president we've ever had.
BANDO belt Pimp
BANDO belt Pimp - 9 dias atrás
US &Trump is the maker of chaos in the world, the most arrogant and swaggerer in the world, and no one in the world likes your Trump, only you like it.
Evelyn Sinnett
Evelyn Sinnett - 9 dias atrás
Yes President Trump is doing what he said he is the man for sure He Knows What he is doing quit worrying so much he has to go up on on tariffs what the He'll are you guys help him why are you sitting on your ass help him
A Twinspark
A Twinspark - 10 dias atrás
Economists never get it right because they have never worked for their pay. I switched off when a Clinton moron was given air time - very biased program.
Joseph Munoz
Joseph Munoz - 10 dias atrás
I smell a layoff in their future.
porscheoscar - 10 dias atrás
the China trade deficit is actually a myth. And Trump knows it but he's too dug in to admit. Why a myth? USA foreign affiliate sales. This is the component of trade that allows USA branded goods to be sold in China. Think Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Levis. These American companies now sell more AMERICAN products to Chinese citizens than they sell back at home to Americans. USA foreign affiliate sales in China now exceed the deficit of trade by nearly $200 billion. Yes we sell $200 billion MORE to them of American goods than we buy of Chinese made goods. With a stupid trade war like this China could easily close its doors (or tax them just enough to kill sales) to American brands selling in China and that entire $200 billion surplus goes to zero and then we actually do have a trade deficit. Trump doesnt want people to understand that Trade is a give and take. The LIE by Trump that China only take and they give nothing is just one of his many lies. Regardless it has been proven time and time again that tariffs hurt a lot more people than it helps. Trade does not respond to retalliation and punishment it reponds to INCENTIVES. Foreign companies that want to come here to manufacture need accesss to capital at low rates, low tax liability and equal footing to domestics. America please vote this time, we can't afford a six times bankrupt Trump to bankrupt America. Unlike him Russian billionaires will not bail out the working man.
Melissa Hudson
Melissa Hudson - 10 dias atrás
I will never forget being referred to as a security threat. FU GOP
Kevin Skyrider
Kevin Skyrider - 10 dias atrás
He did The Best Bullshit President Campaign
Tech-Nitwit -
Tech-Nitwit - - 10 dias atrás
Wow you found the dems in the pack
Tim Gard
Tim Gard - 10 dias atrás
We knew things were bad. And we knew there were going to be changes. We also knew there were going to be nay sayers. But President candidate Trump said there would be pain. If these people lose jobs, the nation will support POTUS in a solution to their problems. The opposite politicians will continue to do what they have always done to us. Lie like their elections depended on it.
ruben svensson
ruben svensson - 10 dias atrás
armericas are to stupid to make everything in america, thas why they have so many foreners
Syd Clark
Syd Clark - 10 dias atrás
The guy who splits the phone didn't mention why apple chooses to manufacture/licence products in these countries. Offsetting. By having these items built all over the world they avoid tax to almost zero. Every single thing could be built or licenced in the USA, but Apple wouldn't be able to avoid profits and thus tax ;)
ruben svensson
ruben svensson - 10 dias atrás
dont sell gasoline ot armerica then
Solengarugar Subarbengabu
Solengarugar Subarbengabu - 10 dias atrás
Donald Trump is a genius of the highest order!!! Even Issac Newton and Albert Einstein cannot compete with his brilliance!!! DONALD TRUMP IS WORTHY OF BEING THE LEADER OF ALL HUMANITY!!!!!!!
Jamey Craig
Jamey Craig - 9 dias atrás
Solengarugar Subarbengabu Sad. You are truly dellusional..
6666 - 10 dias atrás
Trump supporters remain incredibly dumb.
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 10 dias atrás
Politicians in the past our government in the past allowed jobs to just be taking over and given to other countries. Nobody was fighting back then for us. Now someone's fighting everyone's fighting him!
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 10 dias atrás
I used to travel for miles to look for American-made nails. we used to be the largest producer of nails and now you buy them from China and places like that cheap junk! Bring back our steel bring back our aluminum which Donald Trump is doing!
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 10 dias atrás
Yes we import more from them because they slashed the prices to take our jobs away so we have to buy their stuff! Now we're hopefully start building our own products! Start producing more things to do with soybeans! Smithfield's is owned by the Chinese. They're buying up our land. I agree tariffs is correct
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 6 dias atrás
@Pay Star Has Donald Trump would say wrong!
Pay Star
Pay Star - 6 dias atrás
HOPE as you say without facts.. is great for your Dream.. my Dream is Reality based on work and FREE TRADE. yOU ? sOUNDS.. like you work at a Telemarketing job.. and hate it.. but are blaming others.. rather than look for a better job. and study at night about starting your own biz.. Right ???
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 10 dias atrás
Countries have been walking all over us for years! Trump 20/20
Mike leozz
Mike leozz - 9 dias atrás
@deniece donnafield tell your lazy white people to start working besides being on welfare lol
Gino Laghi
Gino Laghi - 9 dias atrás
@deniece donnafield What an ignorant person you are! The "illegal immigration" is coveted by the mega companies! Tyson, Trump's Hotels, Agricultural corporations.! They are paid 1/4 of a "legal", no insurance and living in barracks (agriculture) Why don't you go to work for a couple of months at Walmart docks, than you will see who is taking advantage of whom! Ignorant ignorant tramphart!
deniece donnafield
deniece donnafield - 9 dias atrás
@Gino Laghi so has illegal immigrants
Gino Laghi
Gino Laghi - 9 dias atrás
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