Kumail Nanjiani Sweats Intensely While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 meses atrás
What's your favorite episode of Season 9 so far?
Tanner MacDonald
Tanner MacDonald - Mês atrás
this one
Lovleen Dhnoya
Lovleen Dhnoya - Mês atrás
The season finale
Logan Kerlee
Logan Kerlee - 2 meses atrás
I'd prolly say Trevor Noah or Aubrey Plaza. Both were great and it's always so fun to see people go all of the way! :)
Michael Long
Michael Long - 2 meses atrás
Schoolboy Q easily!
Slim - 7 horas atrás
Steve Kenton
Steve Kenton - 2 dias atrás
Fuck the plug. I'ma prove you wrong on that hair color...
rae rose
rae rose - 3 dias atrás
"I look like I am currently being water boarded"

I spat water all over my computer.

I'm at work.
Fat guy Falling
Fat guy Falling - 4 dias atrás
Subscribe, or you've taken your final dab.....bitch.
Koffee Preeto
Koffee Preeto - 5 dias atrás
Kumail is soooooo hot.
Uniqe Beet
Uniqe Beet - 5 dias atrás
Kumail was really fun to watch. 🇵🇰🇵🇰♥️
MrBrightsideXVI - 6 dias atrás
Did they skip chocolate plague!?
siddhesh pillai
siddhesh pillai - 6 dias atrás
I disagree that video games are better it just full of microtransactions and lootboxes and dlc that was cut from the at launched
peter ban
peter ban - 7 dias atrás
Will smith keanu reeves. Get me rammstein frontsinger till lindemann on this shit
lamyam19 - 9 dias atrás
nine club hoodie at the end! shout all my skaters shout out CRob shout out bagley shout out kelly!!!
DuoLingoHasMyFamily - 10 dias atrás
subscribe or else what?
Donna Tsundoku
Donna Tsundoku - 12 dias atrás
ooo the intro has a sexy beat. I like.
jesus perez
jesus perez - 12 dias atrás
Sean I am a nobody but would love to be on the show. Would you consider bringing in a nobody onto the show? I am not famous but I am an interesting character and good on camera. I believe I can be very entertaining.
Please reach out and I will send my info.
Victor Funk
Victor Funk - 13 dias atrás
I say give him a half point for that last question, the character in the movie had black hair
Turbo Nutter Bastard
Turbo Nutter Bastard - 14 dias atrás
This guy over Kevin Smith....seriously...
Kryspi Ox
Kryspi Ox - 14 dias atrás
"Hot swap"
Alexander B.
Alexander B. - 15 dias atrás
What's the name of the song at 20:35?
Secret Shopper
Secret Shopper - 17 dias atrás
he said "subscribe or else"... ok then subscribed lol
Raquel Hughes
Raquel Hughes - 17 dias atrás
so sad he's checking his face a few times
Gina Z
Gina Z - 18 dias atrás
Is this bad for Sean health? I feel he needs a new show n hot ones needs a new host cause I'm concerned about his stomach ...geez
Gina Z
Gina Z - 18 dias atrás
Dean, I hope you use things to protect your stomach, like Pepto or Tums or milk of magnesia
Gina Z
Gina Z - 18 dias atrás
He's cute, gentleman do eat with a fork lol
Dave Exline
Dave Exline - 18 dias atrás
Shaurya Vikram
Shaurya Vikram - 18 dias atrás
Digging that aquanaut♥️♥️
Maynardj - 19 dias atrás
I love Kumail
Maynardj - 19 dias atrás
ANDY SAMBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Varga
Stephen Varga - 19 dias atrás
This dude is awesome and hilarious lol, big fan
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come - 19 dias atrás
He's a street shitter
JesusIzAPunkRocker - 20 dias atrás
I love Kumails take on videogames being the only medium to have improved over the last 30 years. I dont know about improved... Music and film are amazing today compared to the 90s.
BUT, if we're talking about the *GREATEST* improvement in a medium over the last 30 years... my god... Videogames are unchallenged. I grew up playing games in the 90s... 20 years later you can play games on your phone which would have made me faint 20 years ago
Jakob Espinoza
Jakob Espinoza - 22 dias atrás
Will Smith nowww please
pubali chakraborty
pubali chakraborty - 22 dias atrás
James Caicedo
James Caicedo - 22 dias atrás
I love this guy Kumail. What a genuine dude that you just wanna be around and hang with
elmzie - 23 dias atrás
Bill Murray please
Asiris - 23 dias atrás
Can I recommend the Star Gazer Lounge?
Chase Weber
Chase Weber - 23 dias atrás
Gonna be honest. The moment you said "Subscribe or else"... I did.
Abol Tabol
Abol Tabol - 24 dias atrás
Kathi Roll originated in India.Infact that pic u showed has CALCUTTA or Kolkata written over it which is the birth place of KATHI ROLL.BIRIYANI also started in INDIA.FYI
PS:- Theres NOTHING called as pakistani food or clothes or culture etc. PERIOD.
Andreanna Garcia
Andreanna Garcia - 25 dias atrás
Jason Wacome
Jason Wacome - 27 dias atrás
The only reason hes using the plastic knife and fork....is the same reason that your local corner store arabs use gloves when they take your cash....ARABS WILL NEVER TRULY GET ALONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE....NEVER...their sole mission is to destroy the white race......from what I have learned in society anyways
Allison Coppola
Allison Coppola - 27 dias atrás
Love how he mentions X-Files started in 1993, first show to have internet following and people were respectful and had intelligent conversations....cause internet and computers were still SO expensive on well off and educated people had them lol - sad but true- now 6-year-olds troll people...it is crazy how much things changed in less than 20 years!
Travis Clickenger
Travis Clickenger - 27 dias atrás
So when you going to get the SUCKMASTER Dan TripleM Cummins on
ITS_ME_TLD - Mês atrás
Hate laughing at people's pain, but some of these reactions are freaking hilarious!!! Thanks Sean!!!
ladwinia jones
ladwinia jones - Mês atrás
His accent got thicker by the sauce
DavidBrzt - Mês atrás
22:37 Kumail just looks at him shaking the bottle thinking "WTF is about to go down!"
Brendan Cadogan
Brendan Cadogan - Mês atrás
Get Zach Woods and Martin Starr, complete the set!
MelB - Mês atrás
Only first we feast could lure me in, not knowing who TF these people are, and having me laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Every. Time.
Jeff Henry
Jeff Henry - Mês atrás
Tech N9ne
Abdul Hameed
Abdul Hameed - Mês atrás
Is no one going to mention his PP Aquanut?
Adam Huckeby
Adam Huckeby - Mês atrás
Nice burbs soundtrack
Adam Huckeby
Adam Huckeby - Mês atrás
Wait no ...I dunno
Jeremy Owens
Jeremy Owens - Mês atrás
Chad Wolfe
Chad Wolfe - Mês atrás
OMG I loved the I look like I am being waterboarded!
Matt Uhteg
Matt Uhteg - Mês atrás
Bret Baker, tell them to get Tim & Eric on the show.
JimboMartini - Mês atrás
Prismo from Adventure time !
Aditya Majumdar
Aditya Majumdar - Mês atrás
I feel bad for Kumail
Theo Dore
Theo Dore - Mês atrás
Seems like Kumails a really cool dude. It's a shame Silicon Valley is gone.
Infadele Charlton
Infadele Charlton - Mês atrás
I have just realised that the cut to showing the sauce that the guest is eating pans left to right. The wings are right to left for the guest. I feel you should plan the way they are eating as the audience are focused on the way the guest is eating. Just a thought.
Infadele Charlton
Infadele Charlton - Mês atrás
Also you cut out the bit that I know he fought! White or black hair lol
GdaTyler - Mês atrás
I knew I remembered that voice. He was also Reggie in the TWD game.
Jose Alvidrez
Jose Alvidrez - Mês atrás
Can you do over 1 person just for the trailer park boys? Or start doing groups. I really only care for TPB but i would still watch a Migos or BTIH lmao.
Jose Alvidrez
Jose Alvidrez - Mês atrás
A.K.A BTIH means Bone Thugs In Harmony. Look em up youngings they go hard.
Mehak Raza
Mehak Raza - Mês atrás
When he was talking about biryani and also having a spice level breakdown I was laughing as well as crying coz I love biryani too
BraceDeville - Mês atrás
Sean: shakes the Last Dab bottle and starts to ask question.
Kumail: Watches nervously -"Am I supposed to ignore whats going on?"
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