Watch Savannah Guthrie Report On Jenna Bush Hager’s Wedding In 2008 | TODAY

Eric Theisen
Eric Theisen - Mês atrás
How cool is that from 11 years ago tonight?
Mxr Wxl
Mxr Wxl - Mês atrás
If you want to watch silly news, then this is your show but if you want to watch real news, then RT is your real news show. All American news has become become some of the worst news channel of tabloid nothing, might as well be the ENQUIRY. tHANK GOD FOR RT.
C. M.
C. M. - Mês atrás
Jenna doesn't have real chemistry with Hoda or Savannah. It's either there or its not.
Anna Castillo
Anna Castillo - Mês atrás
You guys are both cute ladies,lol
Randeep Kaur
Randeep Kaur - Mês atrás
Savanah Need lip fillers
christinainthecity - Mês atrás
no, she doesn't
DiamondsR 4ever
DiamondsR 4ever - Mês atrás
I think she’s ugly
Desert Pepper
Desert Pepper - Mês atrás
Jenna is just so darn cute!
MyMelody - Mês atrás
Work friend.. she can’t get over it..
tom trevino
tom trevino - Mês atrás
Barbara Mc
Barbara Mc - Mês atrás
Honda and Jenna is awful, so sorry! I have to change the channel.
Penelope J
Penelope J - Mês atrás
I love Jenna and Hoda.
Simone Pringle
Simone Pringle - Mês atrás
Barbara Mc I miss Kathy and Honda.
MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr - Mês atrás
I'm going to slash karts throat
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