Ronn - 2 horas atrás
ASIF MAHMUD - Dia atrás
Still waiting for 1 Direction😖
PEN TAP HUB - Dia atrás
1D in 2020 ??
Fenni F
Fenni F - 2 dias atrás
Make me remember someone you know :(
Narima - 2 dias atrás
not trying to bring up 1D but i feel like this song is about 1D
Maj Solace
Maj Solace - 2 dias atrás
i wonder if the boys have listened to this song.
Naomi Ruiz
Naomi Ruiz - 2 dias atrás
Kareem Ali
Kareem Ali - 3 dias atrás
Too much drugs and alcohol what the hell we were fighting for
Heart touching
thelcie - 3 dias atrás
These words...I know what you mean. Maktub.
tara LT
tara LT - 5 dias atrás
i’m going through my sad zouis hours again...
Franny Fran
Franny Fran - 5 dias atrás
I love you Zayn
Amelka Horan
Amelka Horan - 5 dias atrás
My heart 💔💔💔💔💔💔this song hurts so bad. and in the proposed I had history😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Vas Happenin Zayn!?
adem çiçek
adem çiçek - 5 dias atrás
It's Zayn from One Direction! 😢😢😭😭😭
송해나 - 6 dias atrás
"I pray to god I didn't waste all my good years." You didn't waste all your good years, you were together with 4 boys in the biggest boyband.
Neela balaraman
Neela balaraman - 6 dias atrás
Best song of ZAYN 😭🙏🏾
Sanchay Shrivas
Sanchay Shrivas - 7 dias atrás
Zayn is the king when it comes to high notes 🎶
psycho shiv
psycho shiv - 7 dias atrás
1D comeback 2020
fitria mauludi latukau
fitria mauludi latukau - 8 dias atrás
I'm crying while listening to this song...😭😭 I know your history from zero to hero... 1D broght you to be a star.. imagine if you weren't in that band.. would you be like now?
jamilla matias
jamilla matias - 8 dias atrás
2019 anyone?
Benn Rickk
Benn Rickk - 9 dias atrás
who is here after zayn alladin official video
buli kemprai
buli kemprai - 10 dias atrás
please sing a more easier tone of song so that we can sing along and enjoy... else i doubt u r sinking... 😦
Thomas Uras
Thomas Uras - 10 dias atrás
Juultje Coin
Juultje Coin - 10 dias atrás
Me thinking: okey i won’t cry this time
Zayn starts with: i’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here
Me: 😭😭😭😭😭
Me thinking: well atleast i tried
Veronica Horan
Veronica Horan - 11 dias atrás
Shivam Pandey
Shivam Pandey - 11 dias atrás
Bahut badhiya 👍
Zoë De jong
Zoë De jong - 11 dias atrás
Love this song so much 😭
mISS 87
mISS 87 - 11 dias atrás
his vocal range..such eargasm!! i wish you could perform on stage soon...
Biaknii Evans
Biaknii Evans - 11 dias atrás
I feel you💕 @zayn
Miranda Hedrick
Miranda Hedrick - 11 dias atrás
What were you thinking while writing baby
Joshmija Shalom
Joshmija Shalom - 12 dias atrás
When we look back to the memory it is a emotion for everybidy and a onion that makes us cry everytime
Haneesa - 12 dias atrás
In our hearts forever ❤️
bchristian85 - 12 dias atrás
Song of the decade for me. I fucked up my life, and I really hope I can come back.
Haneesa - 12 dias atrás
I'm sure you can Sending lots of love
Zaynab Azam
Zaynab Azam - 13 dias atrás
All my good years 👌
Zaynab Azam
Zaynab Azam - 13 dias atrás
This deserves a award😇
Haneesa - 13 dias atrás
For me this is his best song ever
Kitty Armas
Kitty Armas - 13 dias atrás
I'm not crying
You are crying
Haneesa - 13 dias atrás
We both are
AYAT IJANI - 14 dias atrás
Lyrics says so many stories.....😞
I think through this song he wants to tell us that he misses those days with the boys.....😟😢
He never want to break up with the boys....☹️
He just left the band for his satisfaction.....😔
The line " I close my eyes & see the crowd of a thousand tears "😭...... He misses us too.....😖
We always love u Zayn❤️..
No matter what happens...
Just be happy always...
Bcoz your happiness means a lot to us....❤️
pAhaDi roCkeRs
pAhaDi roCkeRs - 15 dias atrás
There is something deep hidden in song
Something for
noonchim - 15 dias atrás
I fixed my old ipod and in the notes, the day that zayn left, I typed "nothing could change my heart, he's gone. no more. not anymore" I ACT LIKE HE DIED LMAOAOAOAOA
Saba :3
Saba :3 - 15 dias atrás
maybe this song is about his good time when he was in one direction or this song is about him and his best friend Harry Styles. but no matter what I wish that one direction is back I really really really want to see them together happy, enjoying there time, being them, making us the directioners happy and making us laugh. And I also saw this when one direction won 3rd place at the x-factor Zayn said “one direction will all ways move on and it will never end and no member will leave one direction’’ but zayn is the first one who left and one direction is over WHYYYYYY WHYYYYYY
Jada Martin
Jada Martin - 15 dias atrás
this made me sad lol
faiz hosain
faiz hosain - 16 dias atrás
Zayn be good because you're precious don't waste yourself please
Shivakanth Pathem
Shivakanth Pathem - 16 dias atrás
Nikola Szot
Nikola Szot - 17 dias atrás
Cry 😧💓
shruti bathla
shruti bathla - 17 dias atrás
Its kinda obvious that he's remembering One Direction and his Directioners,and perhaps he is still doubtful of where he stands but,a lot of us have found new depth in this soulful music,the depth that wasn't in 1D despite how much I love it.
LONE WOLF - 17 dias atrás
i think zayn u should have to make a official video on this song.
video will breaks all records if u will make it.
MemeDay Z
MemeDay Z - 18 dias atrás
[~Still waiting for 1D reunion~]
Hamza Tauseef
Hamza Tauseef - 18 dias atrás
Directioner's heart :-(
Moonshine Bright
Moonshine Bright - 19 dias atrás
Zayn's face is out of this world. 1D is a band of 5 boys.
Somali chennel
Somali chennel - 19 dias atrás
mario farhan
mario farhan - 19 dias atrás
I'd rather be anywhere anywhere but here... U gotta help me I'm loosing my mind keep getting the feeling that u want to leave this all behind... All of the rumours and all of the fights... What the hell are we fighting for?... Hmm Zayny Boy... We all know this is about ur time in 1D. Honestly this is a very good song.
Noelle p
Noelle p - 19 dias atrás
"Natural" by Zayn sounds like Zayn ft. Louis
"There you are" by Zayn is like Zayn ft. Harry
"Good guy" by Zayn feels like Zayn ft. Liam
*And good years isnt a one direction diss it shows how much he misses it*
If you think I'm wrong then hear those songs again. THIS SONG AND THIS ALBUM IS NOT A ONE DIRECTION DISS. THIS PROVES IT.
Thanks. I'm done.
Juana Rej
Juana Rej - 19 dias atrás
I love you 😭
Directnor , selenator forever
When is 1d comming back ??
Payne Hiram
Payne Hiram - 21 dia atrás
Nothing in the world could bring us down = no body can drag me down. come back, Zayn. ❱❱❱❱
Félicia Jordan
Félicia Jordan - 21 dia atrás
Sa me fait pensé à mon crush jsp pk 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️💖🥰🥇
MayMay - 21 dia atrás
I think everyone see in this song something what isn't there anyway...I mean you know,when you think about that song so much,you can see that so much deep in this song is the fact that Zayn MAYBE sing about how some of Directioners start to "hate" him cuz he left the band...I mean maybe he is singing about how he feel about it and some kind of that stuffs.
Catarina Marques
Catarina Marques - 22 dias atrás
I'm sorry..
Ewa Skrabalak
Ewa Skrabalak - 22 dias atrás
zaddy GIVE US A VIDEO OF this AMAZAYN song 🙏😭
NIB VLOGS - 22 dias atrás
The drugs, alcohol, getting high “Neither one, one of us wants to say we’re sorry” *SCREAMS ZOUIS*
All in one -india
All in one -india - 22 dias atrás
May soon 1d come back
ar ramani
ar ramani - 22 dias atrás
I love your voice soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I would tell u to reunite with 1d for the sake of your fansssss. Please stop stop taking too much drugs and alcohol as u have mentioned . Sorry I wanted it to tell 'cause I really care . Please your fans' humble request.
monaco didi
monaco didi - 22 dias atrás
this song carry some heavy emotions
Ahmad Soda
Ahmad Soda - 22 dias atrás
Love u zayn🖤
Syedmasud ahamedjilani
Syedmasud ahamedjilani - 23 dias atrás
Who's here in April 26,2019 !??!?
Syedmasud ahamedjilani
Syedmasud ahamedjilani - 23 dias atrás
The only problem is this song ends too fast
Syedmasud ahamedjilani
Syedmasud ahamedjilani - 23 dias atrás
Who's here after two of us "Louis and Richard" video???? 😭
Syedmasud ahamedjilani
Syedmasud ahamedjilani - 23 dias atrás
I need a video of this song badly and how I wish 1D would be in the video also 😭
Heidicrazyfunny for spite
Heidicrazyfunny for spite - 24 dias atrás
i was pretty mad at you for all these years zayn, but i will always welcome you back to one direction❤❤❤❤😢
p l
p l - 25 dias atrás
Directioner - 25 dias atrás
I don’t know why but this song makes me every time emotional I hold my tears back...
__ - 25 dias atrás
Problay my favorate ZAYN song not really sure why but it just seems to 😭😭
Rojin Barzenji
Rojin Barzenji - 26 dias atrás
i cry so hard every time i hear this song, because it just brings up 1D memories. And then I just start questioning why Zayn left, or if they will ever come back.
ZHLNL MSPHT - 26 dias atrás
He prayed to God 😍 oh my that's why i love him ❤
louis voice
louis voice - 26 dias atrás
Vote for Louis on Bilboard
Directioner 14
Directioner 14 - 26 dias atrás
This song is for one direction.
Snapper - 26 dias atrás
This song 🎶 is a problem

It's 🔚
sudha rayudu
sudha rayudu - 27 dias atrás
We miss one direction
Sanjana Rachel Stephen
Sanjana Rachel Stephen - 27 dias atrás
Anyone crying while hearing this?
Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin - 27 dias atrás
Love this song 💖💖 u made me cry 😂😭, keep being such a good singer and songwriter 💖💖💗💗
burucabiraca - 27 dias atrás
One direction coming back!
Keep Walking
Keep Walking - 28 dias atrás
I hate how people have twisted zayn's words spreading the bullshit around about how he wasn't happy with the boys in 1D when he just didn't like the music they made and the fact that they were controlled by everyone around them, he never said he didn't like the time he had with the boys he literally said the 4 boys were the best 4 people he's ever met in his life and that he'll never forget all the amazing times he's had in 1D and this song isn't supposed to refer to y'alls theories about how zayn is saying he wasted years on 1D, he's saying he hopes he hasn't wasted the good years he had with the boys by LEAVING 1D, why do you think he says "I close my eyes and I see a crowd of a thousand tears" as in the crying fans when zayn left, why do you think he says "now we're so high among the stars without a worry" as in how the 5 of them are doing so well solo, and how he says "and neither one, one of us wants to say we're sorry" as in make up after everything that happened, that's facts for ya
and if you still don't believe the reason zayn seemed unhappy during 1D especially towards the end was not because of the boys, it was because he had anxiety, depression and an eating disorder because of the fact that they were controlled so badly in 1D, the boys were the only happy thing he had in 1D, he could've left years ago but he didn't cuz it wasn't all bad because he had his 4 best friends/brothers as they have called each other several times thank u next
Syedmasud ahamedjilani
Syedmasud ahamedjilani - 23 dias atrás
M B8
M B8 - 24 dias atrás
+Keep Walking facts
Keep Walking
Keep Walking - 24 dias atrás
+M B8 people find it hard to accept facts these days and honesty is seen as bad, how much does that say about the world we live in today lmao
M B8
M B8 - 24 dias atrás
This comment deserves more recognition
Ramkumar Chaudhary
Ramkumar Chaudhary - 28 dias atrás
Fans have been waiting for tour for more than 3 years...i think zayn should tour his album before its too late..
Ramkumar Chaudhary
Ramkumar Chaudhary - 28 dias atrás
Zayn should tour...
Sukhpreet Jagdeo
Sukhpreet Jagdeo - 28 dias atrás
sorry zayn but you were in one direction for five years and those were the best five years of my life and even though i never got to meet you because the tickets were always sold out i missed you so much when you first left,honestly it was like someone pulled my heart out of my chest and i cried myself to sleep nearly every night,just know you along with the other one direction band mates gave me the best and i mean the best five years no one else could have given me and if this is about them,it’s okay but we love you for who you are and are proud of where you have come to.
marlyne serrato
marlyne serrato - 28 dias atrás
I think this is for 1D 😭😢
Gris uwu
Gris uwu - 28 dias atrás
Edilson Junior
Edilson Junior - 28 dias atrás
Um musicão desses
Carmen de la Fuente
Carmen de la Fuente - 29 dias atrás
Tooba Hashimi
Tooba Hashimi - 29 dias atrás
The most greats song I have listened in my live
MrOneZion - 29 dias atrás
Where will we be at ?
Urmila chaudhary
Urmila chaudhary - Mês atrás
Am I the only one who is getting 1D vibs😭
kirti 2905
kirti 2905 - 29 dias atrás
Everyone is getting those vibes
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad - Mês atrás
Desperately waiting for Good year's video
who else?
Zaldya Davya
Zaldya Davya - Mês atrás
This is so emotional for me :")
Zaldya Davya
Zaldya Davya - Mês atrás
This is so emotional for me :")
Directioner1503 lg
Directioner1503 lg - Mês atrás
Niall : zayn it's chonce, u need to say need a chonce😂😂
Maria Mengko
Maria Mengko - Mês atrás
This is a masterpiece. Amazing. I truly love this. I can listen to this for my whole life. Zayn, I just want you to know that this song gets my whole heart.
Can't you guys appreciate this regardless of 1d thing?
This is my favorite song of Zayn!
Idk.. this is just.. wow
Hady I Rene
Hady I Rene - Mês atrás
I think this song means he misses one direction because when he says "I'd rather be anywhere but here" I think it means he doesnt want to be where he is right now he wants the good years back. And Hope's he didnt waste all the years he was apart from one direction
Nanda Arsyella
Nanda Arsyella - Mês atrás
This song make me cry shittt😭. This story for one direction.. Love i pray to god, i hope they can back again❤❤❤
Esha Kalsi
Esha Kalsi - Mês atrás
"I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears"
I think he is trying to say that when he left the band the "thousand tears" are from his sad fans and stuff but he wanted to leave the band inside but didn't want to let anyone down
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