Game of Thrones: Season 1-6 Recap

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EmerickSin - 2 meses atrás
I like this trailer. I had a friend who was kind of maybe wanting to look into Game of Thrones but the season 1 trailer discouraged her. I feel like if she watched this she'd start watching xD
eren jaeger
eren jaeger - 3 meses atrás
4 weeks only !!!
THEBOYIN HUSTLE - 5 meses atrás
Tristan Tang
Tristan Tang - 8 meses atrás
I've watched this recap million of times
Buvaji Bagul
Buvaji Bagul - 9 meses atrás
IT's to great and like
Syarif Hidayatullah
Syarif Hidayatullah - Anos atrás
Whoa, goosebumps
General Grievous
General Grievous - Anos atrás
Where's tywin
mogadishusneeze - Anos atrás
Pamela Hutchitson
Pamela Hutchitson - Anos atrás
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention"
TheresNoHappyEnd - Anos atrás
Is there an instrumental version of this??
Joey Morrissey
Joey Morrissey - Anos atrás
"Chaos, the gaping put that swallows us all"
"Chaos...isnt a pit.
Chaos is a laddah"
PK MFF - Anos atrás
Game of Thrones is Platinum.
NG Tech
NG Tech - Anos atrás
the long wait for season 8 continues.....!!!!
josue77751 - Anos atrás
Wooow!!! It's the BEST trailer I've seen regarding to this series! It makes me want to see it again and again. I would like to have a new Game of Thrones season for the rest of life XD
T. Saruman
T. Saruman - Anos atrás
Maybe a little more Tyrion moments/quotes would've been good though, but this trailer is damn near perfect.
nafisha khan
nafisha khan - Anos atrás
Who else got chills while watching this ?? And want to re-watch all the episodes again...🙌
Alex - Anos atrás
Whis I could delete the series from my memory so I can watch it again
Akmal Fakhri
Akmal Fakhri - Anos atrás
I love every line of it
Redbean GNG
Redbean GNG - Anos atrás
first time i watching in 2016 i was recommended this series because my friend. i watch so many vulgar and sadistic for me but i like every story. ive proud to GOT
Mall Of Star
Mall Of Star - Anos atrás
Game Of Thrones NECKLACES, Only13.90 $ - Free Shipping!
Ace Ridder
Ace Ridder - Anos atrás
Never seen one episode.....but it looks good. I am thinking we may want to start this series....
Winter Rose
Winter Rose - Anos atrás
interesting how they only highlighted the characters( Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Bran, Arya) that George planned them to survive
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot - Anos atrás
A-Throne provides portable restrooms.
Viral Videos
Viral Videos - Anos atrás
Amazing Game of thrones Character's Sketches-
Kemily Play
Kemily Play - Anos atrás
beijos sabor morango
Wout Vermeulen
Wout Vermeulen - Anos atrás
attraction tear injure carry magic worth there short.
LoveAndPeaceOccurs - Anos atrás
Most Excellent, Bravo! George R. R. Martin captures so much with his stories and the show translated it well ... while I (and many others) like to focus on Love and Peace ... I fully am aware of all the struggles with the violent and fear born actions of us humans ... George speaks a truth that rings so loud that it has captured the attention of millions world wide ... life is complicated ... relationships are complicated ... BUT only because we create the complications due to our hunger for Love ... Love and Peace to All
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot - Anos atrás
This show sucks....
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot - Anos atrás
Not my thing.
N D - Anos atrás
Why're you here exactly? Also please tell me how to worlds most popular show sucks? You know, I get the feeling youre incorrect seeing, as a I stated, it's the worlds most popular show.
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot - Anos atrás
Really making an attack on my family..... What are you 10 years old?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - Anos atrás
Thomas Hendershot just like your mum
the demon
the demon - Anos atrás
ManilasMan - Anos atrás
Lillskutt - Anos atrás
Need criticism !
Nymeria Martell
Nymeria Martell - Anos atrás
This is amazing!😍🔥
AngryHoneybee 6231
AngryHoneybee 6231 - Anos atrás
This Recap Is Fucking epic
PuggiePoo - Anos atrás
can someone please tell me witch soundtrack - 04:04 to 04:53 is?
DC 4K - Anos atrás
PuggiePoo no
Essy K
Essy K - Anos atrás
No Tywin...
Childeater - Anos atrás
Not as good as game of bones
4thesakeofNutella - Anos atrás
Anyone who hasn't watched this is a loser. Thumbs up if you agree.
kamran shekh
kamran shekh - Anos atrás
Damn! That was intense..left me sweating
Ess Ji
Ess Ji - Anos atrás
fuckin amazing! can u please do another one with season 7 added? lol
Drea McLaughlin
Drea McLaughlin - Anos atrás
Best trailer I've seen thus far of the series. :)
rebuke rebuke
rebuke rebuke - Anos atrás
what I see is a lot of spoiler :|
Crundee MC
Crundee MC - Anos atrás
i luv khaleesi side
Dennis Nielsen
Dennis Nielsen - Anos atrás
Too short of a recap anyway. need more stannis the mannis and other houses :D
Balnazzardi - Anos atrás
Ninegirl’s Galaxy
Ninegirl’s Galaxy - Anos atrás
THIS should be watch on IMAX
Le Guitariste Autodidacte - MattyPS
The music and the editing are so damn epic!
Osvaldo Rodriguez
Osvaldo Rodriguez - Anos atrás
I love every quote from Robert Baratheon
MDCBD - Anos atrás
Am I the only one pausing at some moments to see the face of deads again ? LIKE THE STARK FAMILY ?
tegar 2
tegar 2 - Anos atrás
I just can't stop watching this film
N D - Anos atrás
tegar 2 it's uhh, it's not a film, it's a tv show
Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011
This video made me want to watch Game of Thrones.
And I already watch Game of Thrones, that's how good it is.
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