City Girls - JT First Day Out (Official Audio)

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_sh0rtiee_ Mf
_sh0rtiee_ Mf - 8 horas atrás
Life as dead killer
Life as dead killer - 8 horas atrás
Baby summer here
Omani’s World
Omani’s World - 10 horas atrás
I cried😭
Di'mond Feaster
Di'mond Feaster - 10 horas atrás
yessss ma’am 🤪🤪
Di'mond Feaster
Di'mond Feaster - 10 horas atrás
perioddddddddddd !
Danny Williams
Danny Williams - 11 horas atrás
She next female Tupac in the making 🙏
CrLazymInTx - 11 horas atrás
Who else want a music video of this?
CrLazymInTx - 11 horas atrás
Bitch. BITCH.
This was lit.
Maria Gee
Maria Gee - 12 horas atrás
KamzFn - 12 horas atrás
KamzFn - 12 horas atrás
Who else searched jt YouTube channel
Amir McDaniel
Amir McDaniel - 12 horas atrás
#PEROIT biiiittttcchhh
Ashiyana Kaushal
Ashiyana Kaushal - 12 horas atrás
this song kinda fire
Kirra Berton
Kirra Berton - 13 horas atrás
Such FIREEE! 🔥🔥🔥
Ricky Washington
Ricky Washington - 14 horas atrás
2020 is the year of the city girls watch and see they’re about to take over
Ricky Washington
Ricky Washington - 14 horas atrás
trairimfnvibez - 16 horas atrás
us months ago: “free jt till it’s backwards “
us now: JT FREE🥵🥵🥵🥵
anonymous - 16 horas atrás
lol did she even write this tho...? i live for city girls but all i can imagine is lil yatchy or someone else sitting in a room writing their songs
Bad Boyb2g music
Bad Boyb2g music - 17 horas atrás
Omg yasss boo I've been waiting for u to get out of jail!!!
Doll Face
Doll Face - 17 horas atrás
JT is so pretty 💯 Welcome home
Queenie Williams
Queenie Williams - 18 horas atrás
Lil Balhead Bitch Still Bitch Still The Most Hated😝 Lmaooo My FAVORITE Part
Bee Diggler
Bee Diggler - 19 horas atrás
Joe budden
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson - 19 horas atrás
Welcome back
So Wavy
So Wavy - 19 horas atrás
Bruh why tf y'all even comparing logic to fucking JT.
John Jackson
John Jackson - 21 hora atrás
This shit trash... Frfr.
Ric DV
Ric DV - Dia atrás
Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch....
Arayaha Sunshine
Arayaha Sunshine - Dia atrás
When I was counting down👇🏾these bitches counted me out✋🏾now I’m back 🖕🏾I got em shocked these bitches dropping they mouths 👄 lil runaway 🏃🏾‍♀️ ma friend momma helped me 🤙🏽don’t give a fuck about no bed 🛌 I’ll sleep on the couch 🛋now I’m up but I could write a book about the rainy ☔️days I don’t gotta throw shade at get a fan base I been a real bitch way b4 the fed case and if a bitch try jade it’s a cold case get yo ass snatched up like ma new waist
Butt Hash
Butt Hash - Dia atrás
oh sheesh
Teeman Grant
Teeman Grant - Dia atrás
"Go get a suga daddy suck a old 🍆"
Evan O'Dwyer
Evan O'Dwyer - Dia atrás
“Go get a sugar daddy suck an old dick” IM DEAD💀
Evan O'Dwyer
Evan O'Dwyer - Dia atrás
When she tweeted about the Popeyes chicken sandwhich I died
The Cortney Joe Bufford Show
She snapped!!!
Teonna Greene
Teonna Greene - Dia atrás
Love It
J. Marie
J. Marie - Dia atrás
Life as dead killer
Life as dead killer - Dia atrás
🔥when y’all city girls over just change the conversation
Modupe Koyejo
Modupe Koyejo - Dia atrás
Omg...when that beat dropped....she ate that shit!!! I love hearing her rap!!!
Akilia Hightower
Akilia Hightower - Dia atrás
🔥period ‼️
CARDI B BITCh - Dia atrás
On replay JT and any bitch been to jail or prison definitely gonna feel this . Fuck Larry Smith San Bernardino jail .
Life as dead killer
Life as dead killer - Dia atrás
🥳🥳🥳love jt
Young World
Young World - Dia atrás
Danie Nieuw
Danie Nieuw - Dia atrás
JT we missed you
Rachael Raghunandan
Rachael Raghunandan - Dia atrás
Im so happy shes out!!!! 305 all day
Cathryn Santiago
Cathryn Santiago - Dia atrás
This was cold
Winner’s World
Winner’s World - Dia atrás
“How y’all gone end city girls when y’all ain’t half of me “. 😝
Summer Byars
Summer Byars - Dia atrás
Fye shit
Desirae Johnson
Desirae Johnson - Dia atrás
Why tf this only have 2 millions views, it’s been like that for at least 4 days now 😐😐 tf
YGBTV - Dia atrás
Sub to our channel tho 💀🤘🏾
Brittany Bonnie
Brittany Bonnie - Dia atrás
the writer finally out
JeJe TheSunflower
JeJe TheSunflower - Dia atrás
She said: tell ur nigga I'm home cause it's on 😭😭😭. Hazel E That was for ur big snout ass
JeJe TheSunflower
JeJe TheSunflower - Dia atrás
In so happy she said what she said about Yung miami cause she been holding JT down & some of their fans STAY dogging Yung Miami like she's not the other half of city girl. I love the city girl...BOTH OF THEM ♥️
J.T MUSIC - Dia atrás
Shit was trash period
Sandi G
Sandi G - Dia atrás
YEEEEEE!!! Gettttt IIIITTTTTT !!!!. 💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Corrieunna Jacobs
Corrieunna Jacobs - Dia atrás
So she been in jail for a year and all she came out wit was a song😂YoungBoy was in jail for months and came out wit a album
Presten Johnson
Presten Johnson - Dia atrás
They dropped an album while Jt was in jail try again.
Jacqueline Cox
Jacqueline Cox - Dia atrás
Welcome home JT🔥💯
Farosty - Dia atrás
Sounds like a meek mill beat
Alexis Sherman
Alexis Sherman - Dia atrás
She killed this 🔥🔥
TupacAmaruYupanQui - Dia atrás
This 100x better than logic
Cam Savage
Cam Savage - Dia atrás
Life as dead killer
Life as dead killer - Dia atrás
Time to pop this cherry
Life as dead killer
Life as dead killer - Dia atrás
Ahhh stil bumping this bitch
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