10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

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Aidan TheBoss
Aidan TheBoss - Hora atrás
The first guy was thirsty
LitStyleFit - 2 horas atrás
WHY DIDN'T SHE CHOOSE DJ?! He aced that like a job interview 😂
None None
None None - 5 horas atrás
1:44 I- um a what?
Sydney Umholtz
Sydney Umholtz - 7 horas atrás
But why did the “I’m a sex symbol” guy make it through the first round?
King E
King E - 16 horas atrás
I understand looks can be important to an extent but this goes to show no matter how much you may feel like you can connect or relate to someone, certain people will still be driven by appearance rather than personality.
shooters for sope
shooters for sope - 17 horas atrás
omg i saw sean in the other video JSJSJSJS
8dreadLock8 - 23 horas atrás
Either it's scripted or I can see the future very well.
It's like it's impossible to guess wrong.
Btw being like 'damn girl' like he was at the end is a huge mistake 😂
Emily Smith
Emily Smith - Dia atrás
she was RIGHT to pick him,, but it’s sad bc she obviously didn’t like him ://
ig/ Thehellwhereireside
Nauticalwish - Dia atrás
AWE he seems like such a sweet man 😭😭💗💗
Squid Skid
Squid Skid - Dia atrás
More queers please
Mathe Hass
Mathe Hass - Dia atrás
I'd love to do this actually, right now I couldn't give an objective answer who I would've picked because I knew how they looked.
I would've probably be very attentive if I liked their voices, because a pretty voice is almost more important than looks for me.
MissFireOn - Dia atrás
DJ was all life plans and talking about a family, who wouldnt choose him??
choco milk
choco milk - Dia atrás
please make a bi versus1
Cryztal - Dia atrás
Cody is a good guy, I hope he does find someone...
Amberslivelife - Dia atrás
She would of been great with Jay. 😂😂
LilMaX _1986
LilMaX _1986 - Dia atrás
Gold digger
Cartier Boi
Cartier Boi - Dia atrás
I’m appalled that she just acted like he is the most unattractive person in the world. Cause if we being honest she don’t look that good either. She’s average looking 🌚
El Mono
El Mono - Dia atrás
You can understand someone's quality world very easily through these videos and how common they are.
Sarfina Adani
Sarfina Adani - Dia atrás
Am I the only confused why every comments noted how she reacts to codys appearance?.
Because she seems polite to me. It is akward u know to finally see the "guy" u supposed to date. And her reactions seems normal.
AXEEE - Dia atrás
Why is only chines
mad gamerguy
mad gamerguy - Dia atrás
1:45 someone please explain
Jasleender Kaur
Jasleender Kaur - 2 dias atrás
Cody is so cute 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Blsam Abdulaziz
Blsam Abdulaziz - 2 dias atrás
Kiyahnah - 2 dias atrás
You should do Cody speeding dating 10 girls. It’s what he deserves after this!!!
mickey s
mickey s - 2 dias atrás
Cody was so handsome & so sweet, his background & how he views things is going to take him far & she really did miss out
Pip Mousey
Pip Mousey - 2 dias atrás
Not even gonna lie dj is hot
Anna grace Jones
Anna grace Jones - 2 dias atrás
she should’ve chose DJJJJJJJJJJJ
sn0wy1 - 2 dias atrás
she should of picked DJ i was rooting for that man!
Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb - 2 dias atrás
Civilized Barbarian
Civilized Barbarian - 2 dias atrás
Can a guy that repeats the trope: "I like strong independent whamen" please explain to me what you mean?
I mean, I'm 24, had 3 long relationships and 2 of those girls would fall in that category, but the other one would not I guess... She was my delicate baby girl. Also in more casual settings I've been with the two types a few times.
Those type of stuff never had even a flimsy weight on my attraction level or my willing to invest in her.
And before the comments like: "oh you're intimidated by a strong independent women" comes flooding in, that's not true at all I just gave a little bit of my background to disprove that. It's not even that I like or dislike it, it's just that it means as much as the girl liking cold water or fresh water or chocolate ice cream vs strawberry. So for it being repeated so much. Sounds weird.
Jonathan Santos
Jonathan Santos - 2 dias atrás
I like how cody was just dancing around while people were getting eliminated
Keimo Pay
Keimo Pay - 2 dias atrás
I like girl with personality
Gameplaye Z SSO i innych gier
Who thought that it would be DJ ?😂
Carol Souza
Carol Souza - 2 dias atrás
I just want to know what songs are in cody's playlist because it looks great
it's just aunika
it's just aunika - 2 dias atrás
Should've picked dj
Phillip Porter
Phillip Porter - 2 dias atrás
Her: Yeah I think he is the best pick!

Sees him

Her: Yeah uh.... I dont think we'd vibe.

Damn hoes...
Umm Nah
Umm Nah - 3 dias atrás
No one:
Not a single sole:
Cody: Jamming to his music
Tate Cinti
Tate Cinti - 3 dias atrás
She should have picked DJ
darcy butler
darcy butler - 3 dias atrás
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 3 dias atrás
Bruh good show but way too many Asians
Anisha Zaman
Anisha Zaman - 3 dias atrás
Bruh what Cody is so cute and has a great personality I will gladly take him
Andrew Sugono
Andrew Sugono - 3 dias atrás
8:12 😬
Andrew Sugono
Andrew Sugono - 3 dias atrás
She looks like pokemane bro...
megamusicmessenger - 3 dias atrás
I am really thought she would pick DJ
Dunotpie_gamer Lover
Dunotpie_gamer Lover - 3 dias atrás
I Will wote DJ if i was her
jazmin urena
jazmin urena - 3 dias atrás
is there ever going to be like an lgbtq+ version of these dating eps?
alphach1mp - 3 dias atrás
It's the my parents don't approve has been ingrained into her.
sarthak sood
sarthak sood - 3 dias atrás
Cody guy was being a real jerk amongst the other guys..
Ty Buie
Ty Buie - 3 dias atrás
You guys didn't put a black guy in this experiment. But you put 2 black girls in the reverse experiment when there was a white guy doing the choosing. Jubilee needs to just stop putting black folks in their experiments altogether if they aren't going to sample these groups ethically
Haseeb J
Haseeb J - 3 dias atrás
There was a black guy
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