Giannis Antetokounmpo EMOTIONAL SPEECH - Most Valuable Player Award - 2019 NBA Awards

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Blank Olez
Blank Olez - 10 horas atrás
Cant hate the guy, you just cant.
Ferg - 13 horas atrás
Anyone feel like over the years of Paul George’s career he deserves an MVP like he nearly beat the heat by himself.
Anthony - 21 hora atrás
Gonna be a great raptor
cactus jack
cactus jack - 21 hora atrás
James harden didn't even come to the event
Patrick Alunday
Patrick Alunday - Dia atrás
Luka eyeing for that mvp
Mohammad Nassan
Mohammad Nassan - Dia atrás
this is the 3rd time i listen to his speech and im almost in tears this time
Adolph Dripler
Adolph Dripler - Dia atrás
6:47 hits the heart hard dude
Jaydub 27
Jaydub 27 - 2 dias atrás
lil homie silver lookin' like a bald giraffe
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 2 dias atrás
Giannis: (cries)
Everyone: (applauses)
TheReck - 2 dias atrás
Giannis one of those players you always root for no matter what team you're on
TheReck - 2 dias atrás
Bruh how tf did curry make his speech 40 mins long
Meyaka Brown
Meyaka Brown - 2 dias atrás
Milwaukee!!! 💗💗💗
vaso 3
vaso 3 - 3 dias atrás
Giannis is a role model
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson - 4 dias atrás
Great job gannis now we need a little help to get over that hump in the playoffs i believe jamal crowford can help that big time
Sha sha Howell
Sha sha Howell - 4 dias atrás
3Swag YT
3Swag YT - 4 dias atrás
Who else loves Giannis?
Chad Cudi
Chad Cudi - 4 dias atrás
At 35, I'm learning alot from this speech from this mid 20s guy.
Chad Cudi
Chad Cudi - 4 dias atrás
Gyros on the house
apex - 5 dias atrás
I felt that
Xenon 34
Xenon 34 - 5 dias atrás
Giannis 😍❤️❤️i'm so proud of you ❤️😍
Galaxywolf Rivera
Galaxywolf Rivera - 5 dias atrás
Giannis is going to be the best player in the league
Yi Chen Lin
Yi Chen Lin - 6 dias atrás
ZiggyJiggy - 6 dias atrás
Men Cried
Arxz - 7 dias atrás
Giannis: drops one tear
Crowd: 👏👏👏👏👏
Kyle Kenol
Kyle Kenol - 4 dias atrás
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11 - 5 dias atrás
Arxz he is best I’ve ever seen
Remason Wahyudi
Remason Wahyudi - 7 dias atrás
This speech 99% thanking and 1% crying. 100% inspiring
BaKerZ -
BaKerZ - - 7 dias atrás
when he mentioned his dad it made me cry.
dont subscribe if you do ill find you
If Adam Silver was black he would be perfect to be Shaqs dick.
ai Li
ai Li - 8 dias atrás
name of the song
B-Rad Threees
B-Rad Threees - 8 dias atrás
The people who disliked are all James Harden burner accounts
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11 - 5 dias atrás
B-Rad Threees facts 😂
Sr. Captalista Opressor
Sr. Captalista Opressor - 8 dias atrás
Best since Jordan to be as scary (or more) than Jordan himself, god have mercy on the entire NBA
yoneta chang
yoneta chang - 8 dias atrás
Giannis antetokounmpo 🏀💪👊❤
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11 - 5 dias atrás
yoneta chang the greatest
sondok boldok
sondok boldok - 8 dias atrás
Mvp is called kobe xaxa
george mcpige0n
george mcpige0n - 9 dias atrás
So the mvp is Greek, the roty is Slovenian, the dpoy is French, the mip is Cameroonian, and the champs are Canadian
Alex Chamoun
Alex Chamoun - 9 dias atrás
He sound Italian though my mans but I like it 😃😃
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 9 dias atrás
Go for it son 100% deserve it
Lucas Fortnite
Lucas Fortnite - 9 dias atrás
Am I the only one that didn’t know why the Greek freak name is because his from grease
LTW GALAXY - 10 dias atrás
Giannis Antetokounmpo even said he looks to his younger brothers his personality is great he deserves mvp
D.J Flame
D.J Flame - 10 dias atrás
EVERYONE NOW. MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP. How many times I just put mvp is how many Giannis will win
Andy Iniguez
Andy Iniguez - 11 dias atrás
I love that he said I thank God
Victoriano Guinoo
Victoriano Guinoo - 11 dias atrás
why im crying 😭😭
JadenTube YT
JadenTube YT - 12 dias atrás
This almost made me cry too he deserved this :)
I Got Mags-_-
I Got Mags-_- - 12 dias atrás
Harden got robbed
Joshua H
Joshua H - 13 dias atrás
😥😥 yayyyyy giannis
Grimm Fandango
Grimm Fandango - 14 dias atrás
Trey young gon be there wait on it
Jason Holma
Jason Holma - 14 dias atrás
I just watched an interview with him and the Buck's TV announcer and when asked why he seems to be going 110mph on the floor when he is in the game(now that he has an MVP Trophy) he doesn't answer with: "I want to be MVP again", "I want to impress my peers", "I want more endorsements". He answers that "I don't want to disappoint anyone" and "I don't want to let my teammates down" and "I just want to make my family proud of me" I mean for his 1st 4yrs in the league he lived in a 900sqft condo with his girlfriend and his mom for god's sake. When he could have bought whatever he wanted. Finally bought a house this off season for him and his girl and his mom. MKE is blessed by him.
DearestEve - 14 dias atrás
First ,I Thank God For this Amazing Talent - Giannis
Zaiya Daoud
Zaiya Daoud - 15 dias atrás
Hardens mvp speech was not authentic, felt forced and fake tears. This niggah spoke his heart and meant eeverything. ...#GIANNIS TORONTO BOUND
VrexzIOS - 15 dias atrás
gauging ageing more than one game mvp transition scared me choices lol. not all sports fans.
99,999 views - 16 dias atrás
Giannas is the most humble nice man ever all respect goes to him he is an amazing person and player I hope he goes on to conqure his dreams
Logan Bermudez
Logan Bermudez - 16 dias atrás
Khwan Harris
Khwan Harris - 17 dias atrás
The best basketball player is giannis
The soggy Pizza
The soggy Pizza - 17 dias atrás
I love u Giannis
daddy gaven
daddy gaven - 18 dias atrás
that white guy so ugly 😉😂
Илья Некрасов
Илья Некрасов - 18 dias atrás
Я его просто обожаю
The Canadian llama ?
The Canadian llama ? - 18 dias atrás
Luka’s face was funny
Athanasios Beligiannis
Athanasios Beligiannis - 19 dias atrás
NiikoGreeko - 19 dias atrás
my mum went to school with him
I - 20 dias atrás
“Obviously my dad is not here with me”
Christo Greek
Christo Greek - 20 dias atrás
The whole world loves you Giannis 🙏🏼🇬🇷
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