Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | November 17, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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TakingFlight Sports
TakingFlight Sports - 12 dias atrás
best angles of the highlights here
Cj - 15 dias atrás
Thats why its spicy
Cj - 15 dias atrás
Nigga the shit you big braining makes no.sense o.O
Cj - 15 dias atrás
Had to tease then clean ot up its flashy
Kale Kale
Kale Kale - 15 dias atrás
The whole character controlled by me left subs as we go
Kale Kale
Kale Kale - 15 dias atrás
Humble ritual
Kale Kale
Kale Kale - 15 dias atrás
Im the one who told you to look
Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker - 16 dias atrás
And this is a sample of why even in year 17 LeBron is playing at the highest level and there has never been another like him. Lbj= 🐐
Ranie Dias
Ranie Dias - 17 dias atrás
damn how many 3's bron got?
Jasmine Howe
Jasmine Howe - 18 dias atrás
MY SHLIME - 18 dias atrás
4:25 umm lebron wut happened
Tommy Robinson_boi
Tommy Robinson_boi - 18 dias atrás
Lebron the goat cuz he produces milk ...commie
Kweli Roper
Kweli Roper - 19 dias atrás
@5:06 he said 27 assists ??
ZACHARY BRUCE - 19 dias atrás
So we ignore the fact the Lebron got his ass put on skates 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Andrew Last Name
Andrew Last Name - 19 dias atrás
10 seconds in and lebron already is already travelling
HeadShotzz12 - 19 dias atrás
4:24 so we just gone act like this ain't happen.
Julian No
Julian No - 19 dias atrás
most fun I have had watching the Lake Show in a long time...
MsCamicam - 19 dias atrás
For all those saying LeBron was showing out for Kobe Bryant are telling us they don’t watch the Lakers games or haven’t watched LeBron James play for 17 seasons! Don’t matter who’s in the stadium the guy does this every night 🤷🏽‍♀️! This is regular basketball for LeBron. Don’t get what the big deal is about how he was playing? Did you watch the game against the Thunder last night? Same LeBron had a triple double and showed out🤣😂! Wasn’t performing for Kobe. It’s how he plays.
Slasherr Gaming
Slasherr Gaming - 19 dias atrás
Trae young lookin like my 6’1 playsharp
mr.saitama - 20 dias atrás
This laker team just not fair.
yllwmitsu19 ehh
yllwmitsu19 ehh - 20 dias atrás
ain't none of y'all gonna talk about 4:25 huh y'all frauds lol
W3ST CØAST - 20 dias atrás
Wasn't about kobe. Kobe daughter wanted to see trey young....
Kobe: yo lebron smash this trey dude
Lebron: say no more
Hazel Bandz
Hazel Bandz - 20 dias atrás
Well... Cook will get another free ring lol
Hazel Bandz
Hazel Bandz - 20 dias atrás
Turner made LeBron fall
Deepsoullive - 20 dias atrás
0:13 Lebron clearly, lol. I can't watch this stuff anymore.
Laura Garno
Laura Garno - 20 dias atrás
Do luke kennard highlights. He’s a very consistent players for Detroit!
Thomas Branch
Thomas Branch - 20 dias atrás
Should have put VC in!
Jaq - 20 dias atrás
Too Blessed847
Too Blessed847 - 20 dias atrás
LeBron the new (athletic ) modern version of Magic Johnson (show time) and A.D The new modern version of Kareem Abdul's the new and modern version of show time going on in LA.
home9dog2blue - 20 dias atrás
The Lakers are SO DEEP did anybody else forget Anthony Davis was even ON the team until the 2nd half?😂😂😂😂
X - 20 dias atrás
Trae is still the truth but y'all not ready for the King 👑.
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done - 20 dias atrás
Lebron can chest pass a basketball over 3 fourth of the court,on a line, right on (2:10)Thats like a 25 yard quarterback pass, right on the money Chest pass w/ a simple Flick of tha wrists. He makes it looks much easier than it really is.
Next time your hoop in the gym have your friend run cross down Court to the basket and try to chest pass with one step a hard test pass that won't get picked off by the defense that's right over his shoulder to where he doesn't even have to dribble and can take two steps and finish the easy way out and you'll see how much harder it is then he makes it look.
It is not easy to throw a basketball long distances because of its especially one handed because of its tendency to curve one way or the other or kind of knuckle and move erratically like a knuckleball
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done - 20 dias atrás
Every Lakers highlight full game highlights that I watched this year Danny Green has been an absolute Marksman like he's always been decent his consistency has wavered in the past, but this year he's just deadly. I know he was shooting like 53% earlier in the year with not as many satistics or examples of three-point shots compared to further into the season obviously we're it'll drop a little bit but still psych eight nine games in he's been shooting 53%. I think it speaks for LeBron's ability to really bring out the best in the people around him and I know that is such a cliche thing to say but LeBron to me is one of the only people who truly can do that. Magic Johnson Larry Bird Allen Iverson Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant come to mine as well as Michael Jordan but I think LeBron could be the best ever in that respect of making his teammates better more efficient basketball players based on his style of play
Daniel Odutola
Daniel Odutola - 20 dias atrás
King James
Jermiah Honorable
Jermiah Honorable - 20 dias atrás
Dude I don't care what anyone else has to say about the Lakers this year, because THIS YEAR, is OUR YEAR 💪. #LakeShow💛💜 #StriveForGreatness🦁👑🙏
Bob Gonzalez
Bob Gonzalez - 20 dias atrás
Why are people amazed? They are not on the warriors's level
Chase Gainey
Chase Gainey - 20 dias atrás
So we gone act like evan turner aint cross lebron 🤣🤣
GAT onTRAX - 20 dias atrás
D. Howard looking really uninspired this game. Hope they get him a little involved next time. This team needs to stay cohesive all around.
Lucas Dulaney
Lucas Dulaney - 20 dias atrás
So we just gonna ignore the ankle breaking?
Richard Howard
Richard Howard - 20 dias atrás
6:48 i don't know how he caught bembry ready to rotate to rondo.. amazing pass
kbnice23 - 20 dias atrás
lakers still need that ball handling, scoring point guard so bron and AD can rest
Stack daddy
Stack daddy - 20 dias atrás
Traes back must be broken already. He literally has a whole team on his back
E DE - 20 dias atrás
Sadly it is... That is until we get the rest of our team back from suspension and injuries around Christmas time
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