Tati Takes On Ted, Krystal & Tokie | Black Ink Crew

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Stacy S.kakakaway
Stacy S.kakakaway - 16 horas atrás
Yeah I’ll subscribe to you guys fighting over nothing I really love watch you women and men turning on each other and making a great fun mess of stuff I really wanna learn how to be ugly the inside and the outer side that every part of my body is tattooed up and piercing all over the place that I don’t wanna know love,respect,truth,trust, and loyalty yep I really wanna subscribe to t his!
Tori B
Tori B - 20 horas atrás
That girl tokie just wanted a problem
Tori B
Tori B - 20 horas atrás
Well be mad at the person who has a reputation not her
NEVAEH HOSEA - 2 dias atrás
Tati stfu
WatchMeKillThis - 2 dias atrás
Teddy a Dogg in general
Olga Silva
Olga Silva - 4 dias atrás
she said “someone who has a reputation.” first off, if you KNOW someone has a reputation and you get with them, you KNOW what you signed up for. you put yourself in that position to have a risk of him doing something like that to you. but if he clearly didn’t do anything, and the coworker is even telling you they didn’t, then that’s something you’ll have to take until things do happen. because all you’re doing is holding that reputation against him. a man isn’t going to change until he wants to and when he is doing right, you’ll just have to ride the wave. it’s something you signed up for. and ted is not innocent either. he knew what he was doing letting it drag out for so long. he was doing all that out of spite. regardless if nothing happened, he wanted to get under tati’s skin. neither one of them is the victim in that whole situation.
Story - 4 dias atrás
she was dumb af to get with teddy in the first place loool she got soft lmaoo and wanna act hard at the end lol
Akemie Phillips
Akemie Phillips - 7 dias atrás
Tokie is cute
CJBEENLIT TV - 8 dias atrás
Teddy Act Like A Female
Tay Tay
Tay Tay - 8 dias atrás
Tokie is me Lmaoo
Donnovan Quick
Donnovan Quick - 8 dias atrás
I feel bad for Tati. Everyone has a problem with her. I know she has been messy on the show, but so has everyone else. She should have seen Teddy's bullshit coming after seeing what Jadah went through. Hopefully all of this clears up and Tati gets more respect.
Bria T
Bria T - 8 dias atrás
Looks stupid . Stopped watching after Dutchess left
Brandy Dow
Brandy Dow - 11 dias atrás
Tati acting like a 4th grader
Willie Davis
Willie Davis - 14 dias atrás
Teddy girl is crazy
Annays Diaz
Annays Diaz - 16 dias atrás
Krystal and ted are dumb and Tati is so right
Adriana Marlesso
Adriana Marlesso - 19 dias atrás
I agree tokie always putting her two cents in the ones who should talk should be Tati teddy and cristal. (Not tokie)
Tichris La H
Tichris La H - 19 dias atrás
Walt is everything ... Hes that big brother and bestfriend everybody need 🙏
Tee Tenkro
Tee Tenkro - 21 dia atrás
Yo, this was disgusting. A girl is full emotional and all this MF can do was like "You kicked down my door and accused me," yo, fck outta here. Yes, I dont agree with Tati taking her anger out on the girls with the situation she has with the flop, Ted BUT Tokie shouldve piped down and let her have her meltdown and then piped in, with, "Why you takinh it out on us, tho ?" Even tho Tati, brought up the issue at the wrong place at the wrong time but STILL !! Females, should have eachothers back because, we know and understand that kind of pain, so FMD Tokie STFU.
pookie25542 - 22 dias atrás
That’s what her dumbass get. She didn’t care when he dropped Jada the same way
Xaxa Wilson
Xaxa Wilson - 26 dias atrás
Tati just too dam real 😭 istgggg
Adeliesha Cadle
Adeliesha Cadle - 27 dias atrás
Tati needs to go
Melissa Kaldour
Melissa Kaldour - Mês atrás
...But didn't Tati leave with some guy in Teds face & embarrass him days into their relationship? & now she's butt hurt over coffee? Teds a man and isn't gona look like a b*ch in front of his friends so hes letting her go, but she's totally in the wrong.
Bria B
Bria B - Mês atrás
I agree with crystal when she said that teddy is a dog because that’s exactly what he is and he loves to dog women and they just fall for it like how jadah and Tati did.
Stephanie Ibarra
Stephanie Ibarra - Mês atrás
Tati look like she growing old by just arguing over Teddy. She a dumbass lmao
Afro Pride
Afro Pride - Mês atrás
Tatiana can't be coming at toki bc what does tati do other than sleep wit all the workers and start drama she need to sit down somewhere
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia - Mês atrás
Tokie annoying asl
Mayra Luna
Mayra Luna - Mês atrás
rosmy gutierrez
rosmy gutierrez - Mês atrás
No one likes Tati tbh
Mary Crumpton
Mary Crumpton - Mês atrás
We don't love u Tedd u suck
Arrayma Inmon
Arrayma Inmon - Mês atrás
Dump Teddy!
Maisha karamoko
Maisha karamoko - Mês atrás
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - Mês atrás
My son ted 😂
Amaya McBeth
Amaya McBeth - Mês atrás
Tokie need mind her business no one was talking to her it tati and teddy business that little smart comment wasn't needed
My Name Is Jesus
My Name Is Jesus - Mês atrás
Teddy reallty act like a female.
Tsunami Lo Mein
Tsunami Lo Mein - Mês atrás
Tati literally look like a sad clown
lowkeyy.dunka aa
lowkeyy.dunka aa - Mês atrás
I'm sick of Tati this season. I'm on Walt's side. 😂
Wiinter Noelle
Wiinter Noelle - Mês atrás
Tati right 💕😭 damn
Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner - Mês atrás
Lmao when there’s a fight in reality shows the screen always flashes before going to a commercial break 😂... also didn’t he shear on him too? They both ridiculous
That_girl_tahliah B
That_girl_tahliah B - Mês atrás
Tokie was speaking mad facts about Tati in the beginning respect ✊ for her
Irecy Bowden
Irecy Bowden - Mês atrás
Tokie can’t say nun
Irecy Bowden
Irecy Bowden - Mês atrás
They did Tati wrong
Kaylin Hernandez
Kaylin Hernandez - Mês atrás
I'm sorry teddy bad buildt😂😂😂
Jazzarai Jackson
Jazzarai Jackson - Mês atrás
James Turnage
James Turnage - Mês atrás
Walt so real 🤷🏾‍♂️💯
Purple Storm
Purple Storm - Mês atrás
Can somebody beat Teddy ass please 😭😭
esthér émily
esthér émily - Mês atrás
Kiara Cumby
Kiara Cumby - Mês atrás
I don’t feel bad for Tati 🤷🏾‍♀️ that’s what you get for sleeping with your coworker. She’s navigating her anger at the wrong people
Armonei Price
Armonei Price - Mês atrás
She wasn't wrong for hitting her stay in ur place
sweetbabyboo5 - Mês atrás
Ted didn't go back to normal until Tati went home with that stranger so...they're both childish.
moetic justice
moetic justice - Mês atrás
whoever that big chick was that interrupted tati, knew what she was doing.. i bet she gets a rise out of provoking people, just like teddy
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