Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures

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Olivera Stevanovic
Olivera Stevanovic - Hora atrás
Even millions of people like this shit - it is still the stinkiest shit ever ..... the question is WHY? Why is this necessary to watch - involve, think about it , act like it , brainwash yourself with this scum ???
Antonio Miller
Antonio Miller - 13 horas atrás
:| 0:01
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma - 13 horas atrás
Those kids walking in the wood looks more like a comedy than a horror. Lol
ВЕСЕЛЬЕ ВЕСЕЛЬЕ - 19 horas atrás
Looks like poo 🙄
John Titor
John Titor - Dia atrás
The original is better than this bs.
Paige. exe
Paige. exe - 2 dias atrás
This movie was the shit
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson - 4 dias atrás
I really like this trailer because it doesn´t show the whole movie, just enough to people want to see it like it´s supposed to. Well done. I was brought up watching this movie and I was terrified when I first saw it and was really young. They seem to have done a good job recreating it.
Zombie Chimp
Zombie Chimp - 5 dias atrás
too bad the movie sucked
thecraftykingdom king
thecraftykingdom king - 5 dias atrás
Imagine being scared of trucks LMAOOO
thecraftykingdom king
thecraftykingdom king - 5 dias atrás
This looks generic
Sam UI
Sam UI - 6 dias atrás
0:35 That sound I can't describe besides the drum, reminds meof that sound I haven't heard in so long. I heard it somewhere before and I don't know why I felt a bit glad to hear that. 😂
Antron Jarrell
Antron Jarrell - 6 dias atrás
Horrible remake
Henry Suopajärvi
Henry Suopajärvi - 6 dias atrás
Sometimes dead is bettah...
Sabri Bülbül
Sabri Bülbül - 7 dias atrás
saol ya artık kedilerdende korkuyorum
Zero IncPro
Zero IncPro - 10 dias atrás
Flash when he saw Superman coming back
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe - 10 dias atrás
IDK why everyone is so bashful about the newer one. It's diamond compared to the old one.
Old one looks so so terrible compared to this!
Paul Kerr
Paul Kerr - 11 dias atrás
It was even worse than Pet Sematary 2 which is a hell of an accomplishment
Ify Ogbue
Ify Ogbue - 11 dias atrás
It doesn't seem so scary. It's just pets right?
Tashi Tsephel
Tashi Tsephel - 12 dias atrás
this is the shittiest Hollywood horror movie I hav ever seen
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox - 13 dias atrás
The original was disturbing and impactful, but this one was a bit creepier. I love both
Andro H4CK3R
Andro H4CK3R - 13 dias atrás
1:07 you will laugh on this one
Badonbok Syiemlieh
Badonbok Syiemlieh - 14 dias atrás
What a nice horrol movie
Devesh Raut
Devesh Raut - 14 dias atrás
If I bury my hair in that place, will I get my lost hair back so that I can get rid of balding?
Janella Daniella
Janella Daniella - 6 dias atrás
yes, but as you know, it won't come back the same. 🤣
Safa Khiati
Safa Khiati - 16 dias atrás
Abdulhannan Shaikh
Abdulhannan Shaikh - 17 dias atrás
Tbh this isn’t scary at all
Rainy Melendez
Rainy Melendez - 18 dias atrás
I just released a music video in tribute to Stephen King' s novel Carrie . Check it out on my channel 😉👌🔥🔥🔥
octávio pereira
octávio pereira - 18 dias atrás
Fortunately i had the opportunity to read some of Stephen King's books when i was in jail, some years ago.(edit: i didnt commited a crime against people) And Pet Sematary was one of those as also was Salem's Lot, and The Stand. As time is something you have a lot to spent nothing better than read...our imagination is free to go anywhere and Mr. King does really knows how to captivate and immerse us in his novels.
simone foster
simone foster - 20 dias atrás
Repeat and shitter.
- UnCooked
- UnCooked - 20 dias atrás
Press "6" for instant gay.
Dee Tess
Dee Tess - 20 dias atrás
I'm sorry but those kids look stupid walking thru the woods in silly animal masks beating a toy drum.🤦🏾‍♀️
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma - 13 horas atrás
Exactly what I was thinking. Cinema has become a joke these days and the audience is worse. Even the shittiest things scare majority of people.
Louis DAVIN - Dia atrás
Dee Tess are you kidding me? Its creepy
Relevant - 21 dia atrás
Total fuckry... Just watched it
1 weve
1 weve - 21 dia atrás
فلم خرة
Jennifer York
Jennifer York - 22 dias atrás
Did I miss this? I never saw it advertised
Brian G
Brian G - 23 dias atrás
If only they stayed with this one trailer..
CCW Noob
CCW Noob - 23 dias atrás
So ironic ... they should've left this alone instead of bringing it back. It was an outstanding movie. This is a money-grab by lazy story "creators".
Hannah Brown cow
Hannah Brown cow - 25 dias atrás
I’m so excited to see this.. going to read the book first 🙊
John Paul Imperial
John Paul Imperial - 20 dias atrás
the actual movie was boring
Demogorgon47 - 21 dia atrás
Book was pretty good actually. You should definitely give it a read.
Od Oddy
Od Oddy - 27 dias atrás
Boy Mob
Boy Mob - 27 dias atrás
Bodega 2002
Bodega 2002 - 28 dias atrás
Watch the trailer>watch the actual movie
Can someone tell me what the fuck they are up with this trailers? Like 85% of the movie is in this trailer. You can watch the trailer and then jump to the last 15 minutes and you understand all the movie.
MrAlski1986 - 29 dias atrás
They went in a different direction with this version, and I'm glad they didn't give too much away in this trailer.
Flint - Mês atrás
I didnt like this movie, to be honest. I expected more then that. Mother looks like a psycho eaven before all the weird shit starts, father looks like he is drunk or stonned all the time and does not know ftw is going on. Cat deserves an Oscar, thats for sure. I freaking love the new movie IT, cant wait for the second part. But this movie is weak...
Wither Storm
Wither Storm - Mês atrás
Which one do you think is better pet sematary or pet sematary 2019
Aries WildChild
Aries WildChild - Mês atrás
Stupid movies bring people to forest and monsters are coming out from the forest. Real monsters are two legged, they live as a humans. This trailer is not impressive.
Arthur Diniz
Arthur Diniz - Mês atrás
Aren't trailers made supposing to make us want to watch it?
Feyza Nur Arısoy
Feyza Nur Arısoy - Mês atrás
Awww Stephen King. Im watched this film. So beautiful.
Chandni Thakker
Chandni Thakker - Mês atrás
The ending was horrible
Adrian V
Adrian V - Mês atrás
Heard this movie was ass.
kung puk
kung puk - Mês atrás
All these remakes...?!
ЯoИИiЁ MoЯЯisoИ - Mês atrás
Btw movie sucked
Corrina Cocova
Corrina Cocova - Mês atrás
I watched the new pet cemetary not worth it the old one is the best I'm pissed because they ruined it and Stephen King is always gonna be a famous author
Henry Suopajärvi
Henry Suopajärvi - 6 dias atrás
Agree. Can't beat the original version.
Tatiana Dashkova
Tatiana Dashkova - 20 dias atrás
Corrina Cocova how they ruined it?
MIKSER Toster - Mês atrás
Movie does justice to the book, its erie,creepy and a bit scary on some scenes.
Deserves to be watched.
Joe Casson
Joe Casson - Mês atrás
Why are the husband and wife so UGLY? The original movie had attractive people in these roles.
Antonella Heinrich
Antonella Heinrich - Mês atrás
I love Steven King he does best books and movies ever I love the new movie IT and this one will be great too
aaronhome boy26
aaronhome boy26 - Mês atrás
I liked the movie really.
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton - Mês atrás
that movie reinvented "predictable"
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton - Mês atrás
that movie reinvented "predictable"
Different World
Different World - Mês atrás
1:47 that sounds reminds me of Hannibal
Codie Bell
Codie Bell - Mês atrás
when will this be on youtube?
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay - Mês atrás
The trailer really is better than the entire movie.....the creepy kids, the ominous drumming, the sound of the woods, basically *EVERYTHING* that sets it apart from the barely in the final cut at all.
Nicolas Weber
Nicolas Weber - Mês atrás
Not even close to the original
Izell Sanchez
Izell Sanchez - Mês atrás
* takes x to pet sematary*
Muhammad Fikri
Muhammad Fikri - Mês atrás
Love this new version. Sad ending though.
KRJ N/A - Mês atrás
Wonder what would happen if you buried a Hamster in the Pet Sematary ? Just wondering!
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay - Mês atrás
Zombie Hamster
agauerm - Mês atrás
Gonna give this one a go, I know the original one is very dark.
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru - Mês atrás
Just saw it - doesn't even begin to compare with the Mary Lambert original. A sh*tty remake made with sh*tty actors(with the exception of John Lithgow). A real let-down. Don't even bother to download.
P.S. Most people don't realize this but there is sequel to the 1989 movie Pet Sematary, Pet Sematary Two(1992) also directed by Mary Lambert.
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru - Mês atrás
Mary Lambert's version actors were very good Denise Crosby(Star Trek The Next Generation), Dale Midkiff(Vigilante Cop) and the legendary actor Fred Gywnne(Car 54, Where Are You?). The killings were gruesome, the death of the toddler remains the most disturbing scene in the movie I have ever seen. The movie is suspenseful and builds up gradually till the climax. In this movie the actors are all shallow and just waiting to see their paycheck... You don't know what you're talking about. I am a veteran movie lover - I have seen more movies than you have. I know quality from the t*rds Hollywood is sh*tting out nowadays and the cardboard-cutout actors and actresses.
KRJ N/A - Mês atrás
Vivek Maru, Sorry but this was not bad at all! Mary Lambert's version was okay but to cheesy, it can compare to the original cause the actor's were more real & not to pretty looking that you can't take them seriously!
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru - Mês atrás
I would give it a Raspberry award.
0933586 2710
0933586 2710 - Mês atrás
was is it really that bad?
Andy T
Andy T - Mês atrás
Watch this movie with your kids.
Pennywise the Dancing Clown
This movie sucked!
cris sella
cris sella - Mês atrás
Ist the movie now
Mariocco Argi
Mariocco Argi - Mês atrás
Very good thriller amazing nice job
JUNNAA channel
JUNNAA channel - Mês atrás
Film babi gajelas endingnya kek kontol, masa mati semua, film pepek sutradaranya kek anjing
Mikhaila Arunika
Mikhaila Arunika - Mês atrás
resep rame filmna 🐀
Lamia Abdulla
Lamia Abdulla - Mês atrás
Imho the original was better. Especially the cat. How scary he was with those fiery eyes😱🥴😁
Kayla Calabrese
Kayla Calabrese - Mês atrás
Just a reminder, John Lithgow plays Lord Farquaad, you’re looking at Lord Farquaad play as Jud.
Bigyan Chhetri
Bigyan Chhetri - Mês atrás
Some people are comparing this one with the original and saying the first one was wayy better. the first one was best but this one's got chills down to my spine. well i love both movies nevermind...
Bootleg Mr Saturn
Bootleg Mr Saturn - Mês atrás
better than the sonic movie's trailer
RustyHornzMusic - Mês atrás
"Sometimes Dead Is Better" - Meaning Better Off Dead, Because Things Can Get Really Bad.
davicardoso1000 - Mês atrás
Sometimes the trailer is better.
Time Rider
Time Rider - Mês atrás
They just keep em coming. Making Remakes on every possible movie ever made. This movie is weak comparing to the more grown up originals that had spine. John lithgow is the best part. I saw this on the Cinema against my Will and yes. Its nowhere near as scary or well made as the original. Its pet cemetary for kids. Why cant they just make a horror movie from all the Good novels out there. making a modern version of IT I totally get. So much potential to show more of the clown and New horrors. A four hour episodical movie where half of IT was really bad. An update was very much needed. This movie? No
Στέλιος Θεοφίλου
Is in netflix ?
Stephen King
"Pet Sematary 2019 Main Theme"
guilbert - Mês atrás
Looks like this is a level up than the earlier version in the 80's. The trailer is kinda terrifying than the earlier movie.
Ponsiva S.Thirugnanakumar Pillai
Nice BGM Score
SKYFALL - Mês atrás
this is another film that could have been done so well again, had the perfect setting to start with but they messed it all up.was no need for the black guy coming back as a ghost. and the old man telling him about the sematary could have been done a lot better.was no need for the ghost sounds at the sematary.the first thing that messes it up is the kids walking past with the head masks.that was just stupid. if it was made more realistic it would have been more scary and believable.first the old man wants him to go there,then he doesn't.that part is dumb.the girl goes and kills the old man and talks about his dead wife? what? and then the parents don't want there daughter when she comes back?is all stupid.and the mother's sister what is that all about? nothing to do with this story.who made this crap?
D N - Mês atrás
Stephenking is a legend
VinD - Mês atrás
Shitty movie compared to the original Pet Cemetery from 1989
Maja Mladen
Maja Mladen - Mês atrás
Odican je film! Kao i prvi deo.
ZAPHYROS - Mês atrás
I'm sold! the cinematography is just beautiful
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas - Mês atrás
I have 39 cats, I bury 16 of them in my backyard. How many cats do I have now
JUST MUSIC - Mês atrás
I couldn't finish the movie, found it more boring than scary. Some may like it though depending on what does it for you, all i can say is please don't bury this movie in a pet sematary, let it die for good, probably better in book form though :)
Gowtham - Mês atrás
It is hard to take movies seriously anymore cos we are able to see bloopers for the same.
Taciano Canassa
Taciano Canassa - Mês atrás
Where is the funckin' Ramones song? Thumb's down! Ha ha ha
Panji Nugroho
Panji Nugroho - Mês atrás
the ramones???
Asia Ver'na Cobb
Asia Ver'na Cobb - Mês atrás
I can't wait to see this movie!!!👍👍👍👍
Ray C
Ray C - Mês atrás
Scary? One word answer. Yes, or no?
giovanni keith gardose
giovanni keith gardose - Mês atrás
Ray C comedy
TheSasGaming - Mês atrás
the original was set in 1989, and i wish there continuation after louis got killed by his own wife...
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson - Mês atrás
105 million worldwide and going strong
Ballistic Chopstick
Ballistic Chopstick - Mês atrás
1:13 GAAAAY!!!
Ryuuchi Mukatsumi
Ryuuchi Mukatsumi - Mês atrás
Kinda remind me of the boy,,,
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem - Mês atrás
this movie is amazing! very predictable when you’re used to the horror genre but i had an amazing time watching it 🤗
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
💀 I remember the original *Pet Semetary* & that child killing, appear out of nowhere, fast moving truck, etc. 💀 I've never seen a human cemetery & a pet cemetery together, they've always been separated.
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