Bakersfield native creates viral Area 51 event

Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez - 12 dias atrás
This guy is from my birth town
Kevin Kolmark Kurmaku
Kevin Kolmark Kurmaku - 26 dias atrás
Natural Selection
Charlie Hufft
Charlie Hufft - 27 dias atrás
By the time Sept. 20th roles around everyone will have forgotten all about this. Nobody is gonna show up out there just to sit in the hot desert. Wheres everyone gonna poop? 😆 But remember guys, you need to take those No Trespassing signs seriously.. Do NOT step into restricted areas. Just don't do it, you will recieve a hefty fibe, jailtime, or worse- you can actually be shot and there would be no judge to hear the case, you'd be erased. So think twice before you and your buddies try to make a funny video for youtube. 😌
Bones - 27 dias atrás
This is just a big metaphor for how the whole thing's gonna go down. Dead in two seconds.
The Wild WarCry
The Wild WarCry - 27 dias atrás
Yep just a few A-10 gun buzzes will whipe the stupidity away lol
Ana Knoles
Ana Knoles - 27 dias atrás
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru...
Raw SZx
Raw SZx - 28 dias atrás
why do you do this to yourself?
Owen Becker
Owen Becker - 28 dias atrás
Listen up boys we should all just buy drones and storm Area 51 with a massive drone army we need to see them aliens but let's stay alive.
Hand Joshua
Hand Joshua - 28 dias atrás
Cringe worthy
Megatron Barbie
Megatron Barbie - 28 dias atrás
What does the Bible say about Area 51
sammiie_boii - 29 dias atrás
Oasis Flame
Oasis Flame - 29 dias atrás
lol he did not start this post.
Eric Widder
Eric Widder - 29 dias atrás
What a time to be a-fucking-live.
Shotgun Arms
Shotgun Arms - Mês atrás
Peh - Mês atrás
Guarionex Batista
Guarionex Batista - Mês atrás
The long match to area 51 boys
gerv55 - Mês atrás
So is he gonna line up in the middle of the road then just run off to the side into a wall?
Michelangelo Mason
Michelangelo Mason - Mês atrás
Wait...seriously can you not be able to
Trey Lo
Trey Lo - Mês atrás
This dude is a legend to be told to your kids. It is history.
B3ndy - Mês atrás
minigun vs 900kpeople i would say they minigun win even if they run like a naruto
B3ndy - 27 dias atrás
even a tank mine lol
The Wild WarCry
The Wild WarCry - 27 dias atrás
Dont forget the M1a1 tanks and the A-10 security flyers and hill snipers they have. Oh yah run fools to your death in the desert. Stupidity deserves no pitty especially raiding a military compound. Thats a Terrorist attack against the GOV and Military.
B3ndy - Mês atrás
lol we are doom
Libby Himè
Libby Himè - Mês atrás
Major Kong
Major Kong - Mês atrás
This is what happens when there hasn’t been a World War in nearly 80 years for us to occupy ourselves with.
Major Kong
Major Kong - Mês atrás
gib501 it is. I’d rather have this young man involved in some sort of conflict to burn the beta out of him. He’s rather pathetic.
gib501 - Mês atrás
Well not having a world war is always good, you say that as if this was worse than a war.
Robert Bostrom
Robert Bostrom - Mês atrás
H-he's fast!
Dan Sawicki
Dan Sawicki - Mês atrás
today's generation in a nutshell.
Zyxon - Mês atrás
Cool down guys. I think hes tricking the fbi into underestimating him... Pretty sure hes gonna unleash his true power once hes actually at the base.
joey banes
joey banes - Mês atrás
Welp... This motherf***** has valley fever...
MarioLuigi321 - Mês atrás
I live there
Owenw218 - Mês atrás
He's the hero we deserve, not the one we need.
TheFallofTheEleventh - Mês atrás
I started crying at how he densely trips over almost immediately 😂😂😂
The Last Mimiga
The Last Mimiga - Mês atrás
you guys dont understand how good he is, hes not walking in a straight line because it will confuse the guards so they will miss their gunshots, amazing strat
Faris Zulkifli
Faris Zulkifli - Mês atrás
Hail to the king
Connor Grey
Connor Grey - Mês atrás
Retards are going to get hurt...
Dave Canden
Dave Canden - Mês atrás
Its gonna work out great you should all go and be as threatening as possible
d ulloa
d ulloa - Mês atrás
Finally someone interested in his noruto running and he blows it
degruggi r
degruggi r - Mês atrás
this is the official event's link, join now if you still didn't
M 6
M 6 - Mês atrás
If he's leading it theres nothing to worry about
Kevin McKasy
Kevin McKasy - Mês atrás
What a surprise, a dumb autistic kid is the one behind this moronic idea.
John Smith
John Smith - Mês atrás
Please tell me this is in Gilbert, Arizona
Dazzle - Mês atrás
I hope he wears something else to his funeral. Not that it will matter, I'm sure the GAU-8 minigun they blow him up with won't make for an open casket.
Batty Rash
Batty Rash - Mês atrás
This guy is literally a moron
jack mallett
jack mallett - Mês atrás
Woow... just...Yep... DOD physical security guys are all shaking in their boots. Manly from laughter. If this truly a sample of the "kyles", they will be repulsed by a few light words from Mary Poppins. A Drill Sgt. would have them all seeking a blankley in a safe space.
GΙΞΘ ΔΔΔ - Mês atrás
he needs to focus his chakra on his feet t get the maximum push off from his steps.
Neemus - Mês atrás
J T - Mês atrás
It's a military base for a company that committed genocide and then stopped another company from committing it, because that's our job. Hope to see open gates instead of murder.
Kevin McKasy
Kevin McKasy - Mês atrás
@Zap Rowsdower They won't open up, but let's hope they do open fire.
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower - Mês atrás
Yes, the military will open up. *D U H !*
Kevin McKasy
Kevin McKasy - Mês atrás
You really think a top secret military base is going to open up for a bunch of Facebook idiots? Lol...
XandeR ToXic
XandeR ToXic - Mês atrás
What a damn idiot.
No Thanks
No Thanks - Mês atrás
kenuty - Mês atrás
no he's smart, he wants to zigzag through the sniper's bullets, you guys can learn something this is a ninja master. If you run straight you'll just going to take the bullet head on.
kenuty - Mês atrás
@Tim Forston damn straight it is, and he added in the tripping effect to make himself look harmless, the moment they shoot him they will only hit air.
Tim Forston
Tim Forston - Mês atrás
Just ask Rickon. Zig zag is a life or death skill.
billy bones
billy bones - Mês atrás
Natural selection desperately ready to make up for lost time come September. 🤣
Xtermin8r187 B
Xtermin8r187 B - Mês atrás
We will storm behind this mans many shadow clones to avoid the bullets
Xtermin8r187 B
Xtermin8r187 B - Mês atrás
Thousands of people will die because of this man

Their sacrifice is necessary tho and we are thankful for such a leader we shall deem you the next hokage of the leaf
Neo- Didact
Neo- Didact - Mês atrás
What he's actually doing is weeding out all of the idiots anyway, therefore helping out the gene pool, though it's unlikely any of these nerdy manchildren would ever have sex anyways...
Wildan - Mês atrás
Nah, statistically it will be about half a dozen people, and they will quickly back off the first time the security personal yells at them at gunpoint.
Eric Walsh
Eric Walsh - Mês atrás
You better make another video and show us that you can make it down a block little bro
PoliWaat! - Mês atrás
lmao everyone's gonna die on a heart attack before they even stop on area 51 XD
Craig Hills
Craig Hills - Mês atrás
Dude is on speed
mouse334 - Mês atrás
Billy Hill
Billy Hill - Mês atrás
God, I hope he’s the first one to take a 30mm round from a Apache Helicopter Gunship, right before the rest scatter like cockroaches.
Black GOD
Black GOD - Mês atrás
Juni - Mês atrás
that man was a blur. he's going to make it.
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless - Mês atrás
Yup just what I expected a damn weeb and he can't even run straight lmao.
Ragnar - 27 dias atrás
why would he run in a straight line? to get shot almost immediately? exactly. think before you speak babe ;*
Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson - Mês atrás
I'm genuinely convinced this is Bam Margera with long hair
Эдуардо Хелвечыос
Would make sense
Dante sandstrom
Dante sandstrom - Mês atrás
What an epic gamer
Matthew - Mês atrás
shogrran - Mês atrás
Oh god.... this is either going to be a catastrophe or A NIGHT OF FULL PARTYIN!!!!!!
YDKY - Mês atrás
I bet that was the first time he attempted to run like that XD
Muammar Gaddafi
Muammar Gaddafi - Mês atrás
He looks like a Cruise Ship entertainer version of a Game of Thrones character... sea legs and all
Cancerous Content Productions LLC
What a good meme.
Mike Youtube
Mike Youtube - Mês atrás
A mass shooting will happen sometime and this dweeb will be plastered all over the news again for some coincidence.
Zer0nite - Mês atrás
Looks exactly like I expected. This guy vs the U.S. Airforce. I honestly don't know how they'll stop him.
klepetar - Mês atrás
Franky Ramone
Franky Ramone - Mês atrás
It had to be Bakersfield. Of course.
totsmygots32 - Mês atrás
"Kind of a meme"
Padre-D Productions
Padre-D Productions - Mês atrás
Some days I feel like a loser so thank god for people like this for lowering the bar and making me feel better about myself
ANTHONATOR Gaming - Mês atrás
But have you organized an event with 1.7 million+ people though?
Adam Scott
Adam Scott - Mês atrás
Amen brother
yusuke urameshi
yusuke urameshi - Mês atrás
SkippyS13 - Mês atrás
It'll be impossible for them to shoot him, because he won't be traveling in a straight line. That's a ninja, for you. WTG, man. nailed it.
Reddit Boss
Reddit Boss - Mês atrás
This man is the epitome of a living LEGEND
Amcho167 - Mês atrás
We love you!! All hail! The almighty!!
Carl Hayden
Carl Hayden - Mês atrás
Military target practice.
a ferg
a ferg - Mês atrás
do you guys know that he intentionally ran like that..
Vorschlaghammer - Mês atrás
ok america, stop making us cringe.
[GR]DoveEnigma13 - Mês atrás
I’ll be there to watch you weaboos get shot up
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