Prince Harry Opens Up About ‘Missing’ Mom Princess Diana After Baby’s Birth | TODAY

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Maria L. Rapaglia
Maria L. Rapaglia - 8 dias atrás
He should of married one of brooke shields' daughters instead.
prawasha singh
prawasha singh - 26 dias atrás
Princess Diana wonderful charming elegant lady just amazing person ❤❤❤
Josh Mills
Josh Mills - Mês atrás
It's amusing that "Today" tries to present these people as relatable. Got me to click, that last bit about the Clooney's was especially tart.
Sandy Hessler
Sandy Hessler - Mês atrás
Harry is dishonoring his mother's memory by lying about the pregnancy and showing a baby doll to everyone. He is completely delusional and needs help.
latin boy
latin boy - Mês atrás
Harry ur like ur mum! Humble. Carin for others. Image of her - princess Diana . see her heart shine in You! Harry N Megan congrats on ur new bundle of joy! Favorite royals.
m. mache
m. mache - Mês atrás
Prinssece Diana and prince Hurry on your arm he is to you 100 percent every thing for you he's been hurt every time he thinks of you are the only one prinssece Diana no one can replace you for prince Hurry and prince William you had no chance no time to say goodbye children's goodbye my love someone is evil the resons for your Death will never be forgiven by eny one by God but honey we did loves you and we will always loves you and we will never forgotten your gorgeous smile and we will see you again in the God is land love by. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero - Mês atrás
España sabes esto allí rusi mas tienen esto. Okey. La lai la la music baile canción de algunos hasta ay te digi no decian de otros lugares mundo que oli. Okey ay ni sa tiene okey de otros y as okey Europa esos pelos. Piel canela ya san Isidro felicite ya okey eso algo mas okey india islas okey te a todo esto ok b b b te gusta se yo que si. San Isidro okey. Hola saludos permi grc grc grc tenia antes de todos del mundo b b b te ponía b bb algien le gusta que no tengamos de esto que dicen esto es sano da espíritu ya diré lo pío lo pío lo pío grc grc grc
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes - Mês atrás
I'm pretty sure Prince Harry Missed his Mother Princess Diana She was a Great Mother. Congratulations on your Newborn from New York.
Candice M. Loche
Candice M. Loche - Mês atrás
Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan's life will be quite different, than those of William & Kate. I'm glad Harry & Meghan got away from that smothering 'fish bowl' of Kensington Palace!
David Banks
David Banks - Mês atrás
Princess Diana was a wanker was a wanker was a wanker just took our money and pretended she was the good one like the government it's our money their giving what about homeless people and homeless veterans who served this country and people with jobs working 2 jobs and still have to rely on food banks no let's send tax money to rich China, India and let's send to Africa instead of our own
Sam Margolin
Sam Margolin - Mês atrás
Happy for them ! Today, his mom Diana would be grandmother of 4 ! So sad ! Good bless the baby!
ann mcintosh
ann mcintosh - Mês atrás
You never get over losing a loving parent, no matter how long they have been gone. You always want to share the good times with them. Like a marriage or birth of a child. Rest in peace princess Diana. ⚘⚘💕
Carol Benson
Carol Benson - Mês atrás
God bless her on Mothers Day!
Zubaida Kablan
Zubaida Kablan - Mês atrás
Congratulations, for the new baby .
Clement Lee
Clement Lee - Mês atrás
Princess Diana would have been thrilled. I’m sure she’s looking down in happiness.
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas - Mês atrás
Jessica S
Jessica S - Mês atrás
Lol. Harry, why did you say, " He has changed so much in two weeks " was the baby born two weeks ago? Maybe you two do belong together. Both LYERS
dbedazzling1 - Mês atrás
Shes married to a Royal n shes looking into American schools?
dbedazzling1 - Mês atrás
Poor Harry. I cant live without my sweet mom n I'm 42
jewel and friends
jewel and friends - Mês atrás
Princess Diana surely be the best grandma if she's still alive
jessie james
jessie james - Mês atrás
Now he’s a dad with a Son
Gijoe215062056 Ham
Gijoe215062056 Ham - Mês atrás
When she go missing
YackBackatcha - Mês atrás
Grieving is for the rest of your life even and especially when beautiful things happen.
Diane Reed
Diane Reed - Mês atrás
We All Miss Princess Diana she was Beautiful in every way but that is truly something he should be Proud of because she is Missed by EVERYONE and be proud how Special she was to have as a Mom and some day Archie will know that too. It is sad she isn’t here she was was just An Unbelievable Person But the World knows that too just how Special she would be to Archie ... you will be an Awesome Dad from her Love!
Elmi Friends
Elmi Friends - Mês atrás
For heavens sake Aug 97 to May 19 speaking also having lost parents and husband grow up boy you are a 33 yr old man
werner haase
werner haase - Mês atrás
It doesn't matter he became what he disserve
Maria Biro
Maria Biro - Mês atrás
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas - Mês atrás
Ganda ni princess diana. Super happy n xa now. Ok n prince harry. 😊😊😇😇😇
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas - Mês atrás
Ganda ni princess diana. Super happy n xa now. Ok n prince harry. 😊😊😇😇😇
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas - Mês atrás
Ganda ni princess diana. Super happy n xa now. Ok n prince harry. 😊😊😇😇😇
Joy Lucas
Joy Lucas - Mês atrás
Ganda ni princess diana. Super happy n xa now. Ok n prince harry. 😊😊😇😇😇
Stephanie Thomas-Andrews
Stephanie Thomas-Andrews - Mês atrás
Congratulations Harry and Megan. And welcome to the world little Archie!
Lat Rh
Lat Rh - Mês atrás
He’s going to be a good father the love of his mother is going to shine through
Cat Luciano
Cat Luciano - Mês atrás
Prince Harry is so handsome and I don’t blame him I miss Penny and my love ones who passed away too
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton - Mês atrás
That baby should not not be in a American school
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
Why? And he won't be!
Axel - Mês atrás
I think princess Diana is reincarnated as baby Archie
Wendy Singleton
Wendy Singleton - Mês atrás
Who seriously would choose London over Windsor if they could ? I would for sure 🇬🇧
Speak Ezi
Speak Ezi - Mês atrás
Harry is such a lovely man.Family connections are very important in anybody life.To bring families together heal many wounds.Lady Di left a beautiful legacy.RIP Ma'am
Jacques Noël Franceschini
Bonjour altesse royale je vous présente mes sincères respects et toutes mes sincères salutations respectueuses et cordiales que sainte Bernadette accueil la princesse DIANA avec mes meilleures pensées et prières famille FRANCESCHINI en Hautes-Alpes française Jacques Noël Corsica 🇫🇷🇪🇺⚓️💌💒💝
Наталья Алешина
Зачем мне эта семейка адамсов?!
Norm D
Norm D - Mês atrás
I could never forget the day you lost your mom , it was a horrible day saddest day Harry.
You and your brother were so little, my wife said to me how these kids gonna live without mom .
But you are not the only one, my daughter faced the same problem she had to survive without me.I was lucky I survived and she found me after 14 years.
BillyBob Kumar
BillyBob Kumar - Mês atrás
"George and Emma Clooney..."WTF??? George and AMAL Clooney.
Bobby Lloyd
Bobby Lloyd - Mês atrás
I relate... I was working at a traffic stop nearby in Paris when the car was hit. (I'm from the US, but I lived in Paris for work then.)
It was heart-breaking.... The loud crash

Z Channel
Z Channel - Mês atrás
Yes and I really don’t like Camilla Parker Bowles, home wrecker😤😡
Donna Skalski
Donna Skalski - Mês atrás
Gloria Kadar
Gloria Kadar - Mês atrás
Among all these dirty monarchy the only good one was Diana the test just parasites
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble - Mês atrás
He'll remember quick once the queen diannas his wife
Brillo Light
Brillo Light - Mês atrás blonde and white but his baby?
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith - Mês atrás
I think Archie looks like his Daddy.
SNOW MAN - Mês atrás
Youll see your mom again don’t even worry us Canadians have your back and the British militaries back.
Chris Craft
Chris Craft - Mês atrás
I've got no time for Kings or Queen's the whole outfit stinks.
J OneLife
J OneLife - Mês atrás
No one loves you like your mother!!
C. M.
C. M. - Mês atrás
A Cease and Desist order should be made against the Clooneys for continually promoting themselves as close friends with the Royals. It's damaging and nothing could be further from the truth. They're just a pair of opportunists who paid for a last minute wedding invitation which, unlike anyone else, they've exploited ever since.
These Liberal fanatics would never be suitable as friends.
The Palace should put it's foot down. These celebrities (ex: Oprah, Gayle King, and Amal Clooney ) stop at nothing to promote themselves at TRF expense.
They're essentially the same breed as Samantha and Thomas Markle.
myriam granadosmyriam
myriam granadosmyriam - Mês atrás
Si el bebé se parece a su padre esta foto lo confirma tiene su nariz.
Crystal Ingram
Crystal Ingram - Mês atrás
God bless him. I know how he feels. I wish my mother too could see her grandson.😢💔
Kristen Long
Kristen Long - Mês atrás
I understand how he feels. My daughter just turned 1 when my momma died, then I found out I was pregnant 3 days later. It's hard without your mom. My kids are 6 and 8 now, and it's not really any easier. My thoughts are with Harry and Meghan.
Anna Chmielewski
Anna Chmielewski - Mês atrás
We Love Diana
paola perez
paola perez - Mês atrás
Harry loves his mom more than William
Ira Williams
Ira Williams - Mês atrás
It's just so sad. I'm sure Diana would have been so proud 😢
marlene mclemore
marlene mclemore - Mês atrás
Omg Bonnie miller 😂😂😂😂😂 you really need mental help . You actually believe that Harry is showing a fake baby , to the queen and the British people. Wow !!! . You really have a poor opinion of the queen , and that would imply that she is part of the so call Scam that you are accusing Harry of . Please , please get some help.
Lydia Audu
Lydia Audu - Mês atrás
Meghan and Harry if your next baby happens to be a girl name her Diana. I wish your mum is alive to see how much you have grown and to see her grandchildren . she is definitely smiling at you from heaven.
Ava Mooltrey
Ava Mooltrey - Mês atrás
Having a baby makes you miss your mother more. I know as a mom without a mom.
petemd3 - Mês atrás
Very, very true statement. No one else can every stand in for your mother, especially when a young woman has a child of her own. That is a pain and longing that no one else will everunderstand unless they have experienced the same loss. My mother was a young woman when she passed away suddenly and each of her children, male or especially the females, havealways had a sadness when a new child is born. "how would mom enjoy this new child?" And when a parent passes away, not matter how old they are at the time, everyone will alwaysbe their little boy or little girl...age is irrelevant. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! There are many of us out there with you in spirit. Peace...Peter
Lucy Penfold
Lucy Penfold - Mês atrás
I miss diana so much fake news has been posted saying that the babs name ed after there cat and they don't want a title for there baby this baby royle hes a prince why have a royle family pay millions of tax wen they want to be one get real guys
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
He is not a Prince. George V's patent?! Do some research before you comment. Btw The royle family is a BBC comedy programme. It's ROYAL!
Sariyaa Caranolli
Sariyaa Caranolli - Mês atrás
I miss princess Di too such a humble human being she was
ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ - Mês atrás
We all do sweetheart, God bless you
doglover&sunshine25 - Mês atrás
Watch the National Geographic Special about Dianna’s life on YouTube. It explains a lot of the emotional abuse that she went through. She was the sacrificial lamb for the royal family. Charles loved Camilla all the time he went into a marriage with Dianna under false pretenses.
The Queen told him to marry her; however, his heart was with Camilla all the time. This was so very unfair to Princess Dianna. She really needed to be loved.
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
The documentary failed to point out that it was Diana who set her cap at Charles. Letters to friends proved this. She married Charles fully aware of his feelings for Camilla.
Blanca Cummings
Blanca Cummings - Mês atrás
I am milan
I am milan - Mês atrás
I am so proud of both boys. Considering what they've been through things could've taken a dark turn.
doglover&sunshine25 - Mês atrás
I love this picture of Dianna and Harry. What I wish most of all is that Princess Dianna would have found that true fairytale that she was looking for. She really deserved a man who would have loved and adored her. I’m so sorry for the pain that she went through.
Natural Kinky Curly―Marie
She would have but died unexpectantly; didn't have time.
kent moldenhauer
kent moldenhauer - Mês atrás
Absolutely beautiful truly blessed I am very very happy for The Royal Couple HARRY IS GREAT MEGAN AS WELL CONGRATULATIONS
Carmen Valdez
Carmen Valdez - Mês atrás
Hermosa imagen de la Princesa Diana y Harry!
Anna Ahmed
Anna Ahmed - Mês atrás
My mom left us, when she was 61, not even 1 day, I don’t think of her and miss her soo much
Therese Martin
Therese Martin - Mês atrás
You always miss your mom but never more than those monumental moments like a weddings and births...that are moments you know she would treasure! Diana would have been a wonderful grandmother!
Baliegh - Mês atrás
Congratulations to them!
Sheila Mccullough
Sheila Mccullough - Mês atrás
Hey Archie
MissHolly60 - Mês atrás
Denise Harper
Denise Harper - Mês atrás
Hey Prince Harry and William I feel your pain I lost my mother when I was 2 years old I love you baby is beautiful. You have a gorgeous wife congratulations to you and your beautiful wife on your new baby he is sweet beautiful and peaceful looking Archie is such a beautiful name.❤🤴👸👶🌷😘🙈
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
Prince Harry, William is his brother.
Kathleen Fraser
Kathleen Fraser - Mês atrás
Mom Your best friend - Always has your back - will make the hugest sacrifices for you. What is good - Do Good for the sake of being good. Be happy
Holly Warehouse
Holly Warehouse - Mês atrás
He’s GOOD PEOPLE, like his Mother! I know the tragedy of losing the person who gave you life😭 God Bless him! Much love from across the pond! ✌🏽💕🙏🏽♥️💙🇺🇸
peaches B- Georgia
peaches B- Georgia - Mês atrás
Be strong Harry... you will be fine... you have a beautiful and blessed family...🙏🤗😍💕
Force Ghost
Force Ghost - Mês atrás
Or guilty because he is part of a reptilian illuminati, "family" that had Diana assinated.
Emma Bullerpowell
Emma Bullerpowell - Mês atrás
Diana would be so proud of her boys and the women they have chosen and the families their making. William is doing what Diana dreamed of and Harry is 100% him mum in every way he has done things his way just like his mum to him picking his wife to were he served to his charity's to help people with mental health problems Harry is all around an amazing man because of Diana princess of whales.
REBECCA A. DANSO - Mês atrás
So true
Emma Bullerpowell
Emma Bullerpowell - Mês atrás
Common school the baby was just born give the mom and dad some time to in joy their baby.
Perci M
Perci M - Mês atrás
Loosing one of our parentes are horrible but I think that even more horrible would have to live in way with the woman that cause so much destruction to my family, in this case Camilla. I don’t know how they do that, she would be my number one enemy knowing what she did to my mom.
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
Do some research please. It was Diana who set her cap at Charles. She was determined to marry him even though she knew he loved someone else. Both Boys love Camilla & at the end of the day only their opinion counts.
Perci M
Perci M - Mês atrás
April May true he is part of the problem too.
April May
April May - Mês atrás
Perci M. True but Prince Charles wasn't innocent. He knew he loved Camilla before he married Diana and it would have maybe been easier on her to have known ahead of time what she was getting herself into. But then again, we wouldn't have those two beautiful son's of theirs and that's the only thing good that came out of their marriage.
m. mache
m. mache - Mês atrás
Prinssece Diana with prince Hurry this photos bringing lots of memory of you not only to the Royal family to the world very sad heart broken photos but prinssece Diana this special message to you from prince Williams and prince Hurry and myself and your grandchildren we love you for ever and we will always remember you remember your love to us prinssece Diana love never dy we will see you again in the God is land love mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
Gloria Beze
Gloria Beze - Mês atrás
Dear, Harry. Loosing your mother is a void in your life, which, you never get over. I have missed my own mother for 39 years and, each day it seems, I miss her more. I believe you and, I, will be with our moms again, someday. Much love to you and, yours. 💓💝💖
Diana yahia
Diana yahia - Mês atrás
Am sure both William and harry had always missd their mother, but it seems Harry is more affected by that. William seems to be more stronger in facing the loss.
khulisomonica - Mês atrás
He was a little bit younger
Bonnie Millar
Bonnie Millar - Mês atrás
Here he goes again, low IQ PH playing on the sympathies of the British People. He is a total manipulator, an evil DUDE!! HOW DARE HE, parade a fake silicone rubber baby doll out in Public and introduce it as his Newborn Son? He and Nutmeg also photo shopped and released fake photos of her Majesty the Queen with the FAKE RUBBER BABY DOLL!!! WHO Is allowing these two PSYCOPATHS TO WALK AROUND FREELY?? VERY SAD DAY FOR GREAT BRITAIN AND ALL ITS WONDERFUL PEOPLE!
Lorrie K
Lorrie K - Mês atrás
Bonnie Millar talk to a psychiatrist you need one asap. You are projecting.
Lorrie K
Lorrie K - Mês atrás
@Susan Roberts and saz B are both mentally ill. Delusional to the core. Get a life. How did you see a birth certificate?. No birth certificate has been released. The royal family is not insane like you.
Fly Navy
Fly Navy - Mês atrás
@Susan Roberts You and Bonnie should hook up. You are both certifiable mental cases.
Saz B
Saz B - Mês atrás
@Susan Roberts That's the Royal proclamation not his birth certificate you div😂😂Why are haters so bloody thick?!
Susan Roberts
Susan Roberts - Mês atrás
@Saz B It was indeed put outside on an easel as is the Royal Protocal....No hospital noted, AND NO DOCTORS SIGNATURES LISTED!! It was reported on one of the English channels. I cant remember which one, but all it had on it was Mm and Harry's name and had a baby boy 7lbs 3ounces,PERIOD!! Invalid birth certificate!! Look it up!! I DONT LIE!!
Jenestrar Starowicki
Jenestrar Starowicki - Mês atrás
Harry has turned into a wonderful prince clever and he will be a very good father love the babies name Archie I'm sure his mum would have. Even so proud of him
Isabel O'Donoghue
Isabel O'Donoghue - Mês atrás
val macclinchy
val macclinchy - Mês atrás
Your Mum is always with you, Harry. Congrats to you and Meghan on beautiful baby Archie. ❤ from the U.S. ❤
William Henig
William Henig - Mês atrás
Babies are links with the past and future
Dachdog - Mês atrás
I'm glad the reporters have it all figured out. Or this kid's parents wouldn't have a clue what to do with him. SMH. Media is ridiculous
17yogabbagabba - Mês atrás
Lol, how do they know so many specific details?
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson - Mês atrás
Following Phan
Following Phan - Mês atrás
That’s sucks that he has to work the very next day. He should be home with his baby
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre - Mês atrás
Following Phan No! He has a job to do and I think its admirable that he goes to it. He has a most privileged life and he has been off and at his wife’s side for weeks. I love that he is hard-working.
catrina malloy
catrina malloy - Mês atrás
Me - Mês atrás
I feel sorry for Harry but Nutmeg is not the substitute for his beloved mom.
She's played on that right from the get go.
She knew all about the RF, Diana,Harry William but yet she lied on the engagement interview that she knew barely anything about them.
He needs to open his eyes, if he hasn't already, and find someone that genuinely cares about him, not fame and fortune like she does.
Lorrie K
Lorrie K - Mês atrás
@Jane Eyre Jealous people will resort to insults lol.
Me - Mês atrás
@Jane Eyre No the troll insults are bc you are ugly trolls. I don't lose the arguments, I win them. You, Nutmegs nutbars think you can run down, insult and just plain hate on a person to shut them down. I'm not insecure so anything you trolls say doesn't phase me a bit bc I know what you're trying to do. So keep on if it makes you feel better.
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre - Mês atrás
Me Me brings out the troll insults when she loses the arguments 😂😂😂
Lorrie K
Lorrie K - Mês atrás
@Me Give it up . Stay pathetic.
Me - Mês atrás
@Lorrie K Lol... Ya right again. She's too old to have a baby unless it's via surrogate.. She'll be out of the RF by then. You've got a lot of hate inside you, don't you? What happened to you in your life, poor thing?
Sonara Khan
Sonara Khan - Mês atrás
Diana was an amaZing Mother so much love & affection.
She never had the opportunity to be a GrandMother, I'm certain she would've been as amaZing.....
caligirl3000 - Mês atrás
So true. Diana once said Harry was like her & it is a proven fact. And today we have Diana living in Harry. I'm so grateful for that!!!!
Candice M. Loche
Candice M. Loche - Mês atrás
@caligirl3000 I can only imagine in my mind, what Diana, Princess of Wales would be like; seeing her grandchildren, holding and kissing them and seeing her beaming wide smile on her face! She would be the best, fun loving and caring Grandmother ever! Her joy would be over-flowing with happiness, which she could not contain !! Her love and personality shines through Prince Harry, so much! He's so very much like his mother Diana, Princess of Wales. He is not afraid to show love, be emotional, express pure joy after his son "Archie" was born ! He is so much like his mother Diana ! He is so human, approachable and real. That is why we all love Prince Harry.
J OneLife
J OneLife - Mês atrás
She's with you she's in your baby.
Sonara Khan
Sonara Khan - Mês atrás
@caligirl3000 she was beauty personified and not just outwardly..... Forever in our Hearts.
caligirl3000 - Mês atrás
She is their grandmother though she's not here physically. Just sad she never lived to meet & hold them. I'm sure Harry will do his best to tell his children about her. Making sure she'll never be forgotten!!!!
mergirl2000 Dunne
mergirl2000 Dunne - Mês atrás
Congratulations Harry
Patricia Hopey
Patricia Hopey - Mês atrás
The first part of the body that hits the ground in a bicycle accident is the head Harry where is your helmet
B Em
B Em - Mês atrás
Patricia Hopey hopefully is not a race but sometimes freak accident happens let’s not hope too much harm. He’s more than careful now as a new dad.
cosmicVox13 - Mês atrás
Patricia Hopey - I had more than one bicycle accident and never hit my head. Why would you say that ?
pleiades dragon
pleiades dragon - Mês atrás
Good for you....hopefully he reads it and will wear a helmet
Ester F
Ester F - Mês atrás
I wish I would have seen this comment last year..I almost fracture my face; chipped my front tooth and sprained my knee. 😔
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