Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Myst109 - Hora atrás
"If someone does something I don't like, we can de-platform and de-legitimize them via spraying facetious public shaming on TV and internet!"
There you go, summed up the entire bit for you.
School Bros
School Bros - Hora atrás
I spelled series wrong on purpose
Bob Reynolds
Bob Reynolds - Hora atrás
Lewinsky was an adult who made a choice. Yeah, comedians probably took the jokes too far, particularly the ones about her weight. But let's not act like was innocent and did nothing to invite scrutiny.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - Hora atrás
I'm sorry John Oliver but your still a hypocrite and biased
School Bros
School Bros - Hora atrás
stupid t-sires
Bzork05 - Hora atrás
Is it me or has she got even MORE beautiful?
Tensai55 - Hora atrás
I was in middle school when the story about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton broke. I remember we made a lot of jokes about it. But I don't remember Monica being the butt of those jokes. Every joke I heard was at the expense of Bill Clinton. I remember being surprised as a kid that adults seemed to hate Monica so much when it was obvious that Bill was the guilty party. He was the married man, the president, the guy with all the power in their relationship. He's the one that cheated and then lied about cheating. Why the fuck was everyone ignoring the fact that he cheated and then took advantage of an intern?!
I still don't understand that view that my parent's generation has of Monica.
Funartic - Hora atrás
John is right, we should give Nickelback a break
School Bros
School Bros - Hora atrás
nrrork - Hora atrás
8:30 Are you kidding? If she'd been MY Aunt Becky, I totally could've gotten me into whatever college I'd wanted. #BESTAuntEver
My aunt got us our first NES for Christmas when we were kids, though. So that was pretty cool.
LordStickMax - Hora atrás
holy crap. this whole video is a round about way of attacking jay leno. are you kidding?
Youbetternowatchthis - Hora atrás
Really thinking about the whole Lewinsky affair just made me get Feminism a lot more
Quid Khan
Quid Khan - Hora atrás
fuck the Clintons but if you sleep with a married man am i suppose to feel bad for you? freedom of speech bitch. thanks Leno.
Agtsmirnoff - Hora atrás
Tucker’s comments were made on a dark comedy radio show (a fact conveniently left out)
SHVWN COOPER - Hora atrás
dear john, i really really REALLY think you should get Leno and make him apologize to her, to her face, on your show. TWEET THAT DARE
John Huey
John Huey - Hora atrás
Jay Leno complains late night hosts aren't civil. But he was guilty of the biggest crime of all: he wasn't funny.
School Bros
School Bros - Hora atrás
Chris Swallow
Chris Swallow - Hora atrás
Not only was this intelligent, witty, purposeful, and poignant...reading the vast majority of the comments section of this youtube video...didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out and fear for our society as a whole...well done John Oliver (and his amazing fans!).
tbxvividos - Hora atrás
damn, every time i see monica speak or in an interview i'm impressed by her poise and views. and she's looking really good with age.
School Bros
School Bros - Hora atrás
Perroski Mango
Perroski Mango - Hora atrás
All she did was give some head to Clinton what was the big deal i remember this but i never saw her like a bad person girls suck dicks guys eat pussy whats the big deal she did nothing wrong you know how manny people cheat i am happy bill did that hilary probaly deseverd that but again thats not my problem clinton or monica did nothing to me
Kaleli Kiluva
Kaleli Kiluva - Hora atrás
You know that feeling when, on that perfect Saturday morning where you don't have to work, or you don't have class and the sun is just the right kind of warm? That's Monica.
SooDoneWithYou - Hora atrás
So we're gonna spend over half the show on someone who legitimately did a bad thing in participating in adultery to forward their own career, instead of spending a little bit of time on the completely misinformed and misdirected public outrage at the recent Catholic School kids, or all the SJW hate towards Jordan Peterson? Of course we are, because this show is left leaning garbage.
Rynn Grey
Rynn Grey - Hora atrás
SHE WAS TWENTY TWO? You put a twenty-two through that kind of hell what the f-
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - Hora atrás
im 22 lol
hatchettwit - Hora atrás
I don't normally watch John Oliver much any more because the bias of the writers sickens me, but I don't regret clicking on this. I wish he'd take a page from his own book, so to speak, sometimes though.
Samuel Chin Orozco
Samuel Chin Orozco - Hora atrás
and in Mexico, you will named "Lord" or "Lady" something
teadrinker - Hora atrás
There's a great book called "so you've been publicly shamed" by Jon Ronson on this subject
Juantarde - Hora atrás
I’m totally impressed with her after years of calling bullshit. Bravo 👏🏼
Below Average Cyclist
Below Average Cyclist - Hora atrás
Wow, Jay Leno and Adam Carolla aren't going to like this!!!
ACE112ACE112 - Hora atrás
Sees title. Instantly thinks of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.
mirroredhour - Hora atrás
I'm 22 but I take no offense. I am a fucking idiot.
Kevin Beattie
Kevin Beattie - Hora atrás
Unchecked population growth isn’t going to make more smart people lol, apparently quite the opposite eh?
Mani - Hora atrás
He didn't even named Covington kids...
fds fds
fds fds - Hora atrás
I'm completely in love with her
Scion of Madness
Scion of Madness - Hora atrás
No sympathy. Maybe don't blow the occupant of the highest office in the land in the Oval Office.
There literally is no more visible a personage to be caught up in a scandal with than the POTUS.
You brought it on yourself. Live with your foolishness.
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer - Hora atrás
I've never felt so bad for Monica, she really did get flamed far too much by the media. Good for her for speaking out on the mob shaming mentality and changing the way people think about her.
Jun Minazuki
Jun Minazuki - Hora atrás
Not me? No, John. I AM some version of an idiot.
Kaitlyn Kittle
Kaitlyn Kittle - Hora atrás
As a student Journalist, the interviews you do John are the ones I try to model my own after. So far, it's worked.
Mary A.
Mary A. - Hora atrás
amen! if bill clinton can continue his life normally she should too. is cheating right? obviously not but what ppl did and do to her is absolutely filthy.
Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat - Hora atrás
I didn't even know who Monica was until watching this video. I feel so bad that she had to go through this.
Elizabeth Athineu
Elizabeth Athineu - Hora atrás
I just hope this will shine the light on the more serious issues like privacy, bullying, and of course the sexual assault of innocent Roombas everywhere.
Random Guy
Random Guy - Hora atrás
Good show Alvin
AverageLuke - Hora atrás
Yeah, public shaming isn't good, unless directed at Republicans.
Makes sense.
Chimi Miki
Chimi Miki - Hora atrás
i'm so sorry to see Monica Lewinsky crying.. it broke my heart
Ritapita73 - Hora atrás
As a moderate who voted for Clinton, it has always bothered me that Bill has never apologized to Monica. When Hillary said that Bill does not owe Monica an apology, as a woman who has suffered the scars of an affair (and ultimately divorced), I do understand that emotion, and the instinct to protect your spouse even when they're in the wrong. However, an apology needs to be made. Monica endured hell, and Bill needs to apologize for putting her through that.
Shaurya Mehta
Shaurya Mehta - Hora atrás
What a fabulous interview! John you keep getting better and better and better!
Alejandro Peca
Alejandro Peca - Hora atrás
Hello, I'd like to read your opinion about the following:
To have it said at the onset, cases like ML are fairly clear. It's wrong and vile what was done to her.
Are there, however, cases where public shaming might be ok, helpful? In these cases when the law hardly applies, such that public shaming (or the threat thereof) might be a tool to discipline bad people - or even exercise revenge? Examples:
- People defrauding others on a regular basis.
- People abusing their power (there are tons of examples: from bullying to abusive bosses).
All these people are used to this because they don't fear punishment.
If yes, what other examples would you give?
Agnostic Atheist Ex-Christian
Monica Lewinsky, the movie, directed by John Oliver, make it happen please.
Mike Mellon
Mike Mellon - Hora atrás
reason 987 why Jay Leno Sucks   baba booey
austin bevis
austin bevis - Hora atrás
I love tucker Carlson
DogEatDog - Hora atrás
Great interview. Do one on false accusation victims, that also would be great.
onlyfacts - Hora atrás
and one was started for firing samantha B and yet she is still on her show so trucker will stay
Candy Warmuth
Candy Warmuth - Hora atrás
The worst part, Clinton was praised.
mrblump - Hora atrás
Missed opportunity to step out of your safe lane and talk about the Covington kids. I am glad Monica turned her youthful mistake into a positive and has become such a champion of anit-bullying.
yardbirds89 - Hora atrás
Monica seems so sweet and caring..
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera - Hora atrás
Mad respect to Monica for going through all of what she been through over the years. But, fr, fr though, she can still get it! 😍 😍 😍
Eliyahu Fogel
Eliyahu Fogel - Hora atrás
I haven't
TheAvellaization - Hora atrás
i dont like john oliver as much as before, he is kinda lame...
Luyue Zhao
Luyue Zhao - Hora atrás
Look how many 22 year olds disliked the video!
Aadi Saha
Aadi Saha - Hora atrás
If John Oliver ever gets in trouble, we can all look forward to him saying "its jax!"
Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand - Hora atrás
"Public shaming is only okay when you are shaming someone that I disagree with politically"
-John Oliver
sarah - Hora atrás
I was getting nervous about the thesis of this piece and what exactly it was going to be saying, but as a precious snowflake alt left millennial i agreed with all of your points. the slut shaming and hatred toward monica was so uncalled for--people did not put themselves in her shoes and think about that power imbalance. there was no way that she could have said no to him. and she was so young. it's unfair to hold the weight of the scandal against her. the fact that someone brought it up to HILARY when interviewing her when running for president and SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO PUT THE BLAME ON MONICA..........i think that public shaming can be damaging, because when everyone hops onto it, it can really be an overload of info and undermine the point. however, sometimes it can be called for, and im glad john didnt make any excuses for predators, racists, homophobes, etc. kudos, great episode, great interview. monica was so intelligent and hilarious and i loved seeing this perspective.
Silent K
Silent K - Hora atrás
I believe that it would had been worse for her if social media existed back then, while having the "old morals", because let's be honest, even today there are people who blame the woman in a cheating/sex escapade rather than the man, so back then, with their morals, WITH A PRESIDENT even, I think it would had been a crapton worse.

There's been a huge evolution on the moral grounds over this "short" time and thankfully women are (mostly) no longer considered "sex objects", even with the huge outrage nowadays about unfairness between genders (some true some not), to compare this to the 90's holy crap was it a leap.

On the other hand if the internet then was as is now, it would be a meme, meaning it would quickly go out of fade, but since then TV was the main entertainment and everyone watched the same shows it was easy to spread it and keep it "alive"...

What a different world we live on today...
Justin - Hora atrás
There has got to be a Lil B song with John Oliver mentioned
Beatrice - Hora atrás
Monica, so glad you’ve made it to the other side to feel good about yourself, have a [worthwhile] purpose, make money to support yourself and live life to the fullest. You are an inspiration to many who feel life can be a little rough. So happy for you! What a lovely interview, John. Ty!! 👏😌
EloquentTroll - Hora atrás
I'm 33 and still some form of an idiot.
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin - Hora atrás
I have to admit I was worried when he sat down with her. His talking about being part of making fun of her felt so real, but I think Conan has ruined us all when it comes to comedy. We don't expect the comedian to make it 45 seconds without annoying someone. This was absolutely brilliant though. I never once thought about Monica Lewinsky being a person. I hadn't thought about her in about 15 years anyway, but humanizing her is really just perfect. I'm glad I watched this.
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs - Hora atrás
The irony, this fuckboi accusing Leno of being holier than thou...ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF!
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - Hora atrás
No bad tactics, only bad targets, eh Johnny?
bob bob
bob bob - Hora atrás
Talks about how you shouldnt shame ppl years later, right after trys shaming tucker for a 13 year old interview. Tucker's views then prob came from working at msnbc
Jerret Stallworth
Jerret Stallworth - Hora atrás
Damn Monica still looks good
Ben Toenjes
Ben Toenjes - Hora atrás
I love Monica Lewinsky’s sense of humor. She’s the kind of person I’d like to have a completely platonic drink with.
monicabangela - Hora atrás
Just to show how stupid people are, someone tried to slut shame me because my name is also Monica...
Nigrescence - Hora atrás
John Oliver only thinks it's good when he likes it.
You are hypocritical and a fucking idiot.
Tensai55 - Hora atrás
The real scandal is that a millionaire that set up an organization to help get minorities into universities was one of the ones caught rigging the system in favor of his own (white) kid. He outwardly claims to support diversity and helping underprivileged kids while quietly undermining the very thing his charity is supposed to do.
Kerry Clayden
Kerry Clayden - Hora atrás
I am ashamed it took me 14 minutes to realize what the red A referenced....
fodinski1 - Hora atrás
That was great
Chinmay Veerkar
Chinmay Veerkar - Hora atrás
So I'm 22, there's that!
just me
just me - Hora atrás
Why didnt they just build a new college building and put their name on it?? Thats how rich fckers used to get their idiot kids in college.
Mike Airley
Mike Airley - Hora atrás
This show is so biased, predictable and every episode is the boring
Justin Kashtock
Justin Kashtock - Hora atrás
I think that if social media was around when Monica had her time in the limelight, the attacks would have been just as vicious if not more vicious, but the longevity of them wouldn't have been nearly as much of an issue. We have a habit nowadays of fomenting outrage, but it only lasts for a few days at its worst until the next person or thing to become outraged over replaces it.
When Monica was going through her ordeal, the news covered it incessantly for months, and comedians followed the news. In today's 24 hour news cycle, it would have been covered and forgotten until the next development, then it would see a small revival and quickly be put aside again.
Amber Lecuyer
Amber Lecuyer - Hora atrás
This was an amazing interview!
Steven - Hora atrás
So Carlson exercises his first amendment rights and calls that squeaky voiced Brian Stelter from CNN a "little eunuch", and then Media Matters fires back by digging up some old footage of Carlson saying some jokes on a comedy show, which aren't "politically correct" today, to try and tarnish his image and get him fired? My God, these people are like children. All of them. And shame on John Oliver for telling the story from an obviously slanted and biased perspective. We get it, you don't like people whose opinions differ from your own. I had to piece this story together from several sources that were all suppressing information for the purpose of advancing agendas. This "news" source called LastWeekTonight is no different.
Marek Lilleleht
Marek Lilleleht - Hora atrás
Skopar Weaver
Skopar Weaver - Hora atrás
I do find it rich that John thinks shaming some people is okay, but others it isn't. If it's okay sometimes for you then others will think different shaming is okay. You either need to say it is or isn't okay.
Once you find out the full story about most things you'll see that they were justified or that parts of the story were intentionally withheld just to make a better story.
ashley schaeffer
ashley schaeffer - Hora atrás
Jay Leno was never funny. So eff him
Jacob B.
Jacob B. - Hora atrás
Liam Neeson did nothing wrong!!!
Sarah Tew
Sarah Tew - Hora atrás
I’m 22 and I’m an idiot
Zvi Benari
Zvi Benari - Hora atrás
I saw Monika's TED talk a couple of years ago and she was wonderful.  A very worthwhile talk.
Tierney O'Hearn
Tierney O'Hearn - Hora atrás
As a 22 year old, I can confirm that we are all some sort of idiot.
DinoDoesGaming - Hora atrás
Is it bad that the entire of that interview I could only think of Lewis Black’s bit on Clinton from one of his specials?
“Oh no, he made her lie??”
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton - Hora atrás
Denis Gitundu
Denis Gitundu - Hora atrás
Bouncie - Hora atrás
Is John Oliver filmed in front of a live studio audience?
Unremarkable - Hora atrás
I don't even understand what SHE did so wrong? Did people think that? She even seems to imply that herself in this interview, as if she's to blame, I don't get it.
Bill was the president and married and the one who lied about it to everyone. She was just 22 and working for the guy, who was the president, someone who is elected to be a person of great amount of judgment and character.
If I cheat on my wife with someone who know one's heard about who's 20 years younger and who works for me, and I'm in a powerful position that others entrusted to me, plus I keep denying it after it's known, surely I'd be the one who should get all the shit. The whole thing is backwards.
I would move to some other part of the world out and hide out in the woods out of shame or even kill myself if people went on even 1/1000th of a shaming spree as in this case. :(
Don't be so harsh to eachother people.
Dani California
Dani California - Hora atrás
Hey John, you think America is good at public shaming? You should check out the world of KPop. Just dip your toe in it. It’s on fire right now....
Levi Sutton
Levi Sutton - Hora atrás
Of course he's not going to mention Covington...
Liam Holleran
Liam Holleran - Hora atrás
Anyone else really hate Jay Leno?
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