Ryan Hammond Finds a Spiritual Connection with Katy Perry - American Idol 2019 on ABC

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Courtney Sierra
Courtney Sierra - 15 horas atrás
Yeah ... no
Nushreen Torabally
Nushreen Torabally - Dia atrás
tattoo bby1
tattoo bby1 - 2 dias atrás
OMG I love him!♡
Janzen - 3 dias atrás
Guy reminds me of sal from impractical jokers
Trace Dial
Trace Dial - 3 dias atrás
Love, Love, Love everything.
jessica gondwe
jessica gondwe - 3 dias atrás
Good Lord he’s fine💕👌annnnd his voice... delicious. That pianist was playing like he just wanted to go home. 🙄 I liked his voice better in this song that Sam Smith.
Levi Pinkhasov
Levi Pinkhasov - 3 dias atrás
Nothing was wrong with the way he sang the song. He was climaxing to the song and showing ability.
Gigi V.
Gigi V. - 3 dias atrás
I love how Billie is playing in the background
Claudia Ayala Muniz
Claudia Ayala Muniz - 4 dias atrás
His voice was so powerful and his family could hear him from outside like damn
AndresMusicProducer - 4 dias atrás
He sounds like Sam Smith no lie 😮😮
Damn you can do anything just gotta Practice So Much To Get Where You wanna Be At 😮👌
Maybe some of u think he doesn't but he kinda does sound like him
Roxanne Harris
Roxanne Harris - 6 dias atrás
Great job.
Roxanne Harris
Roxanne Harris - 6 dias atrás
He looks so different.
Lillian - 7 dias atrás
ok so why is no one talking about how fucking hot he is before and after weight loss and his eyes....... ouuf oh ma lord.
Kirsten Cheyenne
Kirsten Cheyenne - 7 dias atrás
He reminds me of sal off of impractical jokers
Roxy Rivera
Roxy Rivera - 8 dias atrás
Omg he gives me Sam Smith vibes💯👏😍!
Roxy Rivera
Roxy Rivera - 8 dias atrás
Omg Billie ellish and Khalid backround music 😍😍LOVELYYYY💍👏
Joy Linder
Joy Linder - 9 dias atrás
He may have been raised in church but he sure wasn’t awakened. Praying for you Ryan.
Joy Linder
Joy Linder - 3 dias atrás
+Will Wilson I ain't judging, but I'm prayin'.
Will Wilson
Will Wilson - 6 dias atrás
You can take your judgements to hell with you.
Ktwin Lee
Ktwin Lee - 10 dias atrás
he could like...get it
Kiran Sinha
Kiran Sinha - 11 dias atrás
Name of background music?
Lilly CR
Lilly CR - 11 dias atrás
Can't believe he sang Sam Smith 😍😍😍😍😍
Fatma Hures
Fatma Hures - 11 dias atrás
So happy he survived the surgery, and is so good looking.He also resembles Sam Smith.Good luck to him 👏👏👏
Deann Smith
Deann Smith - 11 dias atrás
4:38 the pianists face, like me too.
declan mannix
declan mannix - 12 dias atrás
Piano player was bad
dennis dennis
dennis dennis - 13 dias atrás
On of the Best ....you are American Idol of course 👌♥️
elenikaty - 14 dias atrás
But do they know Katy's parents?
Karl Aponte
Karl Aponte - 14 dias atrás
He wasn't even that big"
Kaelin Thrasher
Kaelin Thrasher - 15 dias atrás
Anybody see the piano player's face at 4:37?
Nia Ariella
Nia Ariella - 16 dias atrás
His talking voice reminds me of James Charles kinda
Oliver Montoya
Oliver Montoya - 17 dias atrás
Is it just me or does he remind me of Elliott yamin?
Maryjane chicas
Maryjane chicas - 18 dias atrás
Mr. Woods
Mr. Woods - 18 dias atrás
Hell Naw. Not good at all
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson - 18 dias atrás
This guy has a nice voice
Piinkstar17 - 20 dias atrás
oooo hes a cuuuutie and he sounds incredible! sounds just like sam but better?!
Jacob McDowell
Jacob McDowell - 17 dias atrás
Nah. But he is good.
It's Chris
It's Chris - 20 dias atrás
His smiles made me uggggh sweet 😉 at 5:02
Aditya cnady_for_life
Aditya cnady_for_life - 21 dia atrás
Billie Eilish fans hit that like button..
Tammy Stephens
Tammy Stephens - 20 dias atrás
Aditya cnady_for_life absolutely:)
tians cavatton
tians cavatton - 21 dia atrás
lyss vicario
lyss vicario - 21 dia atrás
Bless his soul💗🤧😭
Vivian Felix
Vivian Felix - 22 dias atrás
Fug fug fug that voice
Tungphong Vu
Tungphong Vu - 22 dias atrás
He looks so handsome when he was fat
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez - 22 dias atrás
Bac dream/حلم البكالوريا
Is he gay??
showjumpinggirl100 - 22 dias atrás
He sounds exactly like Sam Smith!
Emmanuel Johnn
Emmanuel Johnn - 22 dias atrás
What's the name of the song @ the background when he was telling his story? Anyone??
YouDontKnowMe Zero Fucks
YouDontKnowMe Zero Fucks - 23 dias atrás
rkjer - 23 dias atrás
The piano player was like damn bro!

I think they were a little hard on him. Sounded perfect
Valerie Johnson
Valerie Johnson - 23 dias atrás
America's next Idol!
XJLCA - 23 dias atrás
Just like Sam Smith, I am guessing he is gay too.
The Home Plate Special
The Home Plate Special - 23 dias atrás
good looking either way
TV movieclips
TV movieclips - 23 dias atrás
Batch Billie just slapped me
elijerrr - 23 dias atrás
Ryan is one of the coolest friends I’ve made in the recent years and I’m so glad that this is a thing! Seeing a friend get this big of exposure is seriously RAD. Love you Ryan!
Nuumis - 23 dias atrás
Are y'all fr gonna ignore the fact they played BILLIE EILISH's Lovely in the intro??? No? Just me?
MIXED TEA - 23 dias atrás
Lmfao! Boooooooy if you don’t shut the fuck up! Hahaha I was waiting for an inspirational weight loss journey.. this clown got surgery & is talking about a damn infection... I’m so done
Lyn G
Lyn G - 23 dias atrás
2:13 I’m sorry but it really seems like he’s fake crying
charmnGUY - 24 dias atrás
He missed the fact that Katy fam are 25 mins away back in the days!
MAGPOC CHRISTOPHER - 24 dias atrás
Give me back my wig Monsta X
Give me back my wig Monsta X - 24 dias atrás
God bless him♡♡♡
The Void
The Void - 24 dias atrás
The Void
The Void - 24 dias atrás
Sasusaku4Eva! - 24 dias atrás
It was good don't get me wrong, but a bit too over the top. 😐 He's hot as hell though. 😍
im the best
im the best - 24 dias atrás
Ryan : "I like his name... I like his name... hi!"
And the whole family turns around like wtf lol
gucci boi
gucci boi - 24 dias atrás
That’s my teachers brother.
Ela - 24 dias atrás
Proud to say this man was my youth pastor 👏
Rosemarie Ramitt
Rosemarie Ramitt - 24 dias atrás
He sounded good but... Aaaaaaah... Queen billie in the background
thevinhimself - 24 dias atrás
I ate a shitty breakfast but Im feeling pretty wholesome after that
Marena Cyntia Refani
Marena Cyntia Refani - 25 dias atrás
Im crying😭
margie adams
margie adams - 25 dias atrás
Slip a clutch...good one. Amazing voice.
Igor Henrique Braga Costa
Igor Henrique Braga Costa - 25 dias atrás
What is the name of the song that plays in the background? When is he telling his story?
MANA - 25 dias atrás
3:56 was that a piano mistake?
TBS_WildLife 5
TBS_WildLife 5 - 25 dias atrás
Curios if he isn’t straight?
keithdziak - 25 dias atrás
Does his church accept that hes gay??
D S - 23 dias atrás
keithdziak 🤫
RadektheRadical - 25 dias atrás
How did they make a spiritual connection?
네버랜드 - 25 dias atrás
Brandy Weaver
Brandy Weaver - 26 dias atrás
He is sooo cute😍
Eisra A.
Eisra A. - 26 dias atrás
Um next.
Eisra A.
Eisra A. - 26 dias atrás
Is this a singing show or a “who got a better sob story” show?! Geesh it’s so annoyingggg!!!!! -.-
snaz76 - 26 dias atrás
Didn´t feel that at all...
Kane Molloy
Kane Molloy - 26 dias atrás
Amazing voice. Amazing looking amazing transformation X
Anabel Gonzalez
Anabel Gonzalez - 26 dias atrás
Ok but do his parents know Katy’s parents?
Rebecah Clifton
Rebecah Clifton - 26 dias atrás
Hole left in his stomach?! Gaaah!! Amazing he survived.
Glamorrous - 26 dias atrás
Maybe he should’ve lost weight naturally instead of taking the easy way out. All these unnecessary surgeries and then the sob stories for something that could’ve been avoided are annoying.
Rebecca Billings
Rebecca Billings - 26 dias atrás
Omg hand this guy a record label rn
J Hayes
J Hayes - 26 dias atrás
Too many sappy stories before the audition, but this one was a moving one. There were some good things in his vocal, but he should lose the exaggerated, sloppy runs.
David A Sholes Jr
David A Sholes Jr - 26 dias atrás
Definitely good voice and good range just a little too powerful, and like they said choppy. Look forward to hearing the smooth out version
Breazie - 26 dias atrás
SixFour FLCA
SixFour FLCA - 26 dias atrás
Bro fuck sob stories
TheGamingBlock2.0 - 26 dias atrás
Why does he kinda sound like sal from impractical Jokers
Anya B.
Anya B. - 22 dias atrás
TheGamingBlock2.0 just thought the same 🤓
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry - 27 dias atrás
Margherita Barillá
Margherita Barillá - 27 dias atrás
Holy fuck he is just... WOOWWW
Zoya Zafar
Zoya Zafar - 27 dias atrás
Song starts at 3:27
ColeBe94 - 27 dias atrás
He’s beautiful !
Drew V
Drew V - 27 dias atrás
Could probably sing a little Michael Bolton
jnmklo9 - 27 dias atrás
Such a handsome man - Ben Affect meets Paul Newman!!!
Aaron - 27 dias atrás
In this song choice, less is more
Mindy - 27 dias atrás
I feel like he lacks proper control of his voice at certain points and something seemed off with him and the piano. He has such an amazing voice. Maybe he was just nervous or he needs to brush up a little with some vocal lessons. With a voice like that, proper control could help him go far.
Deb Z
Deb Z - 28 dias atrás
Gospel singers sometimes tend to throw in too many runs.
Riley B
Riley B - 28 dias atrás
When he first came on he definitely gave me some Sam Smith vibes
Monique Pimentel
Monique Pimentel - 28 dias atrás
Alright! Let's go Modesto! Good job 🙏
Արինե - 28 dias atrás
I like him buttt I feel like this was too much. I can’t wait to see him improve later on
Cyril Balch
Cyril Balch - 28 dias atrás
Gets surgery, doctors mess up, he gets called an inspiration. He paid money to lose his weight instead of being a real inspiration and working out to lose it to look the way he does
Glamorrous - 26 dias atrás
Cyril Balch that’s what I’m saying! He’s no inspiration. His medical issues could have been avoided if he would’ve just got his ass to the gym.
Tinky - 28 dias atrás
The fake crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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