Why Space Itself May Be Quantum in Nature - with Jim Baggott

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WhimpyPatrol - Minuto atrás
I'm not sure about time.  if time didn't come into existence at some point, it would have taken an infinite amount of time to arrive to now, which isn't possible.  But if time came into existence at some point in time, there wasn't any time before time, and that couldn't be possible either.  So understanding anything and everything is doomed, its time to seek God.  It is certain, from a personal perspective, time is about to run out.
Jay K
Jay K - 2 horas atrás
Interesting... and entertaining.
John C Gibson
John C Gibson - 12 horas atrás
The real reason we want to quantize space is so that we can predict future without chaos/butterfly effect complication. Without digitizing space, every infinitesimal, non-measurable movement of every particle can completely alter the future by the butterfly effect. Quantizing/digitizing space/time and keep track of EVERY-THING and EVERY-NOTHING is the first step for human to take control of our destiny.
Shirley Hill
Shirley Hill - 16 horas atrás
Sounds like God went on holiday.
Martin Hodgkins
Martin Hodgkins - 20 horas atrás
Try Milo Wolff Wave Structure of Matter.
Reasonable Idiot
Reasonable Idiot - 22 horas atrás
I loved it! I need to investigate these knot theories. Find the Logos in them!
Daimo - Dia atrás
I'm dying for some lectures that cover the subject from something higher than high school level. If he was my professor I would really fall out with him for telling me numerous times not to try to conceptualise important things.
Herr Unsinn
Herr Unsinn - Dia atrás
Apparently 80 percent of the audio volume leaked into one of those other multiple universes... Geeze... How difficult is it to do a sound check before beginning?
vintage car news
vintage car news - Dia atrás
cool video
nick labian
nick labian - Dia atrás
This is very booooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggg
Orio Menoni
Orio Menoni - Dia atrás
Is it possible that we live in an universe that is nothing but time?
Fiffel Tomte
Fiffel Tomte - 2 dias atrás
So, where do we stand in relation to Tesla? He said: There is energy all around us.
And if I am correct when (yes, that's right) the universe hits 0 kelvin, the whole room will lit up?
I fear it will then start to contract to a singularity. Which will then be another big bang.
Eh. Physics is sucha bor, Can I have my Nobel prize now?
AKI - 2 dias atrás
00:16 Phil set me up :)...o (What's he full of?)
00:29 Farewell to reality (You said it boss)
01:07 No empirical evidence for space as quanta (O.K.)
01:19 Making excuses (Uh Huh...)
01:58 Trust (Right...)
06:13 Holy Grail (Fountain of youth)
07:56 Rhetoric (This guy knows the answers, just ask him)
11:09 Time takes orders from him and his mouthpiece of bias
11:31 Introduces Occult (alibi)
12:04 Absolute Space and Time are not desirable... (Reality as a popularity contest)
12:18 Coordinate system is incorrect (Lie)
12:29 Berates the popularity contest with sarcasm (Contradicts himself from 12:04)
12:57 Integrates Lord of the Rings (Occult reference, no Tolkien's Christianity doesn't get him out of it)
13:30 Sleep reference
14:02 Relative motion (Newton)
15:24 Tries to wake you up now with sound
15:55 Goes Sideways (Really fast)
17:36 Says Einstein plays with himself :)...o (That's funny)
19:27 Throws Book (Showing off)
20:37 This guy is falling (The sky is falling)
20:43 Repeat of 20:37
MrTommy4000 - 3 dias atrás
I guess the first half rehash is unavoidable, but the second half was highly effective in guiding me towards a better understanding of the big picture. Cheers to all involved in producing this little gem !
Ralf Kath
Ralf Kath - 3 dias atrás
I am shocked! Nobody says a word if he made a break or a joke!? Or didn't I hear that?
wayne Last
wayne Last - 3 dias atrás
What book is he referring to?
wayne Last
wayne Last - 3 dias atrás
Oh never mind.... Quantum Space...
wayne Last
wayne Last - 3 dias atrás
He mentioned that he would tell us at least one person who was “ starting over” with quantum gravity. Who was that? Smolin and the other guy?
tesnard - 3 dias atrás
"Don't worry about what entropy is "...wryly ?... after 58 min of talking about all this ? :)
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery - 4 dias atrás
Thank you
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery - 4 dias atrás
Is the universe increasing speeed a possibility sign that there is a mass of anti universe somewhere out in the vastness rushing tword us?
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery - 4 dias atrás
What of entanglement the spooky effect in regards to symotanious effects? What is space a viscous ocean void?
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery - 2 dias atrás
鋼の無神論者:The Fullmetal Atheist what is the vastness of nothing that everything floats around in the Higgs field just floats in until a string of energy picks up particals to become matter what is all floating around in? Sorry for the one sentence
鋼の無神論者:The Fullmetal Atheist
I don't understand the second question, but for entanglement, you have to accept the disturbing fact that in some reference frames, measuring a particle can affect its entangled particle in the past of that reference frame. But there's no signaling, so you can't tell if your particle has been messed up with in the future and you can't transmit messages from the future.
Susan Pepper
Susan Pepper - 4 dias atrás
Its Electric..
Boogie ogie ogie ogie ...
Lyles Fredidog
Lyles Fredidog - 4 dias atrás
There was no big bang of creation.
The second quantum correction in the Friedmann equation gets rid of the big-bang singularity. In otherwords, what's here has always been here.
Rex Alfie Lee
Rex Alfie Lee - 4 dias atrás
Just a simplistic notion about black holes (BH) & their devouring of all energy & mass that gets too close. By my own assumed thoughts a super massive BH (SMBH) has a great deal more "gravitational" (??) pull than a normal sized BH. That seems self-evident. If that is the case then anything including other BHs that enter by way of their trajectory into its gravitational reach, would be at the mercy of said SMBH. Eventually a galaxy may be consumed by this SMBH but it no longer has access to mass, only light waves. It still continues on the original galaxial trajectory, I'm thinking "spinning" as it was until it comes upon another galaxy somewhere. The possibility is there but the likelihood with everything traversing apart means it may be unlikely. Keep in mind, mine in particular & I could be very wrong here, that the gravitational pull from the SMBH might be super massive gravity (SMG). Anyway the long & short of this point is that the SMBH consumes another galaxy & continues growing in mass as does its gravity. Even a massive BH (MBH) would be easy fodder, being absorbed till it is no longer detectable even though we might realise it was consumed by another much greater BH.
If space itself is quanta & the SMG has become so incredibly powerful that it may begin to consume space or the quanta that is space. This would make it perhaps a hyper MBH (HMBH) & something I think we can detect one so far, the largest BH. These babies swallow universes like the tsunami of 2004 swallowed Banda Aceh & ultimately a large portion of the known universe. The reason I say known is due to our inability to see beyond the one we have. My thought here is not the multi-verse rather a continuing universe where much of it is beyond our sight.
The continuing expansion of this HPBH comes to a point where internal masses & external gravitation are so vast that the BH becomes unstable until it eventually destroys itself or what we've come to call the Big Bang. We're just a smaller universe within the immensity of the one complete universe, the one we cannot see.
Any thoughts?
Kickin Rocks
Kickin Rocks - 5 dias atrás
Math is short for mathematics. Its already plural. It doesnt need an s at the end.
Kickin Rocks
Kickin Rocks - 5 dias atrás
@didgerich it's basic Englishes.
didgerich - 5 dias atrás
lol - sorry but it does mathsss ;)
Questing - 6 dias atrás
Mate, I've got this subject sorted. I've presented ideas here and there, but the concept is unfamiliar enough that people haven't tuned in to gauge its prospect. I have a wealth of original insight that is based upon strong logics and tightly conforms to empiricals. I have something very special to share. But how to capture peoples attention? My efforts to engage have been quite invisible. I am invisible
Questing - 6 dias atrás
Atomic forces drive atomic activity which we use to measure time, define time. What more do I have to say? Atomic forces cause the activity which defines time Time defines relativity, and the measures of time are derived from atomic forces. Forces and time people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are dots to be joined here. its a very simple picture.
Questing - 6 dias atrás
Gluons which give the strong nuclear force, are the generators of Mass which are responsible for gravitational acceleration. This directly associates strong force and gravitational acceleration. Gluons are common of mass and gravity Or look at it this way. Photons can move/propel through space. Gluons are the same type of entity as photons. Gluons can propel through void as photons can. The link between atomic forces and gravitational acceleration is Gluons do and are both. Unarguably and unambiguously. Why then does all the confused speculation miss this such obvious connection ?
Questing - 6 dias atrás
I better say a couple of things, to give you a fighting chance to recognise there is method to my madness. Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are two fundamental theories of the world, but for which people haven't been able to determine how they relate to each other. But this is only a conceptual problem, and I can show you the observations that strear around this conceptual block. QM and GR both correspond to a singular device, clocks. Clocks are a study in QM, for clocks are made of QM parts, atoms. Clocks measure the parameter of time, and effect of time dilation and therefore provide a study of GR. Question is, how can two things which are each associated with a third thing, have no relation to each other? Of course QM and GR have something in common, and clocks empirically demonstrate what that association is. Clocks represent a third angle of an association triangle. The relationship between QM and GR is force and time. Forces drive clocks which measure the parameter of time. Therefore forces are more fundamental than time. Forces define times measure, and not the other way around. Its a cart before the horse scenario. But science doesn't respect this order of defining properties of the world, and not only progresses on the premise that time is fundamental, but also proceeds by using time to define forces. Thats back to front. forces define time!!!!! Here's the thing. A modulated rate of a force driven system, has inescapable consequences for expressions of that systems internal forces. Does it not? Consider then that all time keeping systems are force driven systems. And specifically that time dilation effect is literally defined by modulated rates of force driven systems, clocks. Time dilation literally and empirically corresponds to a modulated value of system force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this is true of all systems of the world, including modulated rates expressed by atomic clocks. Atoms being force driven systems. Force dilation. It is empirical, but somehow science has missed it, and continues to do so. The payoff for all this jargon, is the realization that there is a relationship between space and forces which has not been recognised. Once focused on this detail a new series of questions reveals themselves which opens the doors of inquiry onto the world, the hows, and even the whys of its operates.
Questing - 6 dias atrás
There are two primary empiricals associated with gravitational fields. The empirical measure of weight, which scales measure as force associated with gravitational fields. And the empirical measure of time, clocks demonstrating time dilation effect associated with gravitational fields. Ask yourself the question, what is the relationship between these two distinct empiricals associated with gravitational fields? Conventional theory does not span this conceptual gap. I know what the relationship is. Its really simple and it is empirically verified. It is an account of how force and time are associated with one another. Here's a clue, springs can serve as the primary function of scales and clocks. Scales that measure weight, and clocks that measure time both associated with springs! The explanation for why springs serve this dual purpose, also reveals the relationship between measures of weight and measures of time. All time keeping devices are force driven systems, and somehow this universal truth is entirely absent within conventional scientific accounts that would benefit from defining what the property of time is. For correctly defining what time is, is a means for extending Relativity theory. Relativity theory can be associated with a dilated value of atomic forces, that is empirically demonstrated by clock functions that are in essence "force driven devices that measure the parameter of time. "Time is therefore nothing more and nothing less than a measure of force driven change. There is a world of insight gained from this simple realization, and considerations of it laid alongside conventional theories. If theory contradicts this simple and unarguable observation, then you know it has gone astray. Force drives clocks, therefore clocks measure force. Strange as this sounds, it unlocks the box science has been struggling to escape for the last 100 years since the relationship between space and time has been cataloged.
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber - 6 dias atrás
He might have his theoretical stuff in order - I wouldn't know. He's just not a great lecturer. I would fail his class. I mean, speak up dude! If you've got something to say, they say it out loud! And don't rely on sound effects to say it for you!
wulphstein - 6 dias atrás
I wish there was a forum where I could share my idea. We could make spacetime quantized in this way. Using a hypothetical process, a laser beam is split into two sets of entangled photons in such a way that the entanglement is gravitational, thus a subset of spacetime. As such, it has time, distance and acceleration built into it, but is not bound by the Einstein equations or stress tensor. It is relatively easy to curve these entanglements, involving artificial redshifting and blueshifting using centrifuges. Once curved, the photons are the handles on these curvature. You could turn a laser into a curvature beam, tractor beam.
Seekthetruth3000 - 7 dias atrás
Very good lecture. My brain can not understand the Big Bang.😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Dean Bainbridge
Dean Bainbridge - 8 dias atrás
Awful. Flat humour.
John mpjkken
John mpjkken - 9 dias atrás
This was an excellent presentation of the dissimmanation of everything we know and don't know about the real and quantum mechanics of the universe, as well as creation. He touched on everything. He also brilliantly stepped on a few toes as he went through his presentation. But being mainly in the Quantum physics field, that is normal and necessary to keep an open mind.
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida - 9 dias atrás
His theory needs to accomodate for a infinite universe because science last week found that it seems like the universe is actually infinite don't ask me why I don't know but it's something to do with particles appearing out of nothing
Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio - 9 dias atrás
If I were to take the diplomatic route, I'd say that as a speaker this guy is a great writer.
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida - 9 dias atrás
Seems like the universe is infinite science just found out because energy can never be destroyed
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida - 9 dias atrás
String theory doesn't predict nothing or doesn't show any predictions because it can't tell us the actually speed of light speed travels
Greg Simpson
Greg Simpson - 9 dias atrás
Interesting. So then if this theory is pursued, (developed, adopted, 'proved') then it follows there has never been a beginning and there is no end to the universes. So if there was a big bang, it was just another big bang. I like this level of thinking because it gets rid of myths and the boxing up of our own creation. Residing on the surface of an atom would have a molecule (or perhaps a cell) seem like an entire universe at a point in time. I'm ok with that!
Danny THE Dog
Danny THE Dog - 10 dias atrás
Time or space: one is just an illusion. Or both...
hello hh
hello hh - 10 dias atrás
Imagine it as God looking down on the 3 dimensional universe... wait, what... why do "we humans" always think God has eyes, or that hes human... Dolphins are smarter than us so they could very well be thinking their God is a fish, chimpanzees could think their God is gorilla... but in reality God is what we make it, it's not a thing, place or person..., its energy... Which is getting transformed and stored every micro milli second of our lives... energy causes frequencies, kinetic movement, life as we know it... energy has a omnipresence... It's not him, her, color, or race... Energy exists because the proton to proton reactions create it... and quarks create the proton, and the dimension creates the quark, and nothing creates the dimension it just is.
undefined freedom
undefined freedom - 12 dias atrás
skrie - 12 dias atrás
All these people by them selves seem really impressive. But hold all their "stories" side by side and it all falls apart.
DARK NIGHT - 12 dias atrás
ENERGY TO Particle Particle to Energy" Teleportation !TELL Einstein "ITS OK" I SAID SO!
Joe Chevy
Joe Chevy - 12 dias atrás
This is similar to the Banach-Tarski Paradox!
Nate - 13 dias atrás
Bravo to the speaker, Jim Baggott! This is the first time I've seen and heard him and he now joins my list of, "Best Science Communicators" along side Sagan (who will always be in a class by himself), Tyson, Nye, Greene, Alkhalili, and a few others.
It takes an hour for a speaker like Mr. Baggott to explain quantum physics. It takes one minute for him to explain Relativity. Why? Because people who like videos like this one (you and I) have watched hundreds of YouTube videos on Relativity. We've used to the craziness of a universe that bends like rubber.
But QM? We're not used to it yet. So it takes forever to talk about it. Maybe one day we'll nod our heads and say, "Sure, particles pop in and out of existence and are everywhere at once".
I developed a way of looking at things while I was an engineer on the moon landing and shuttle, . Rule One for me is that things must make sense. Not "common sense". Just internal sense so it doesn't contradict itself or other things we know.
How does QM make sense? It doesn't. Yet. I'm long past being shocked at the weirdness of it. Hey, if a particle is happy to be everywhere in the universe at the same time and is happy waiting for me to look at it so it can finally choose a place to sit down (wave function collapse), that's fine with me, dude. 
What does NOT make sense is how the particles ignore Relativity. If light is the cosmic speed limit, how can particles go faster than the speed limit? That... doesn't... make... sense.
Like Einstein, I believe "there's something missing." Something really important. Something that is the most important knowledge in the history of the entire universe. What is it? 
Here are some crazy ideas:
- the universe is not real (Matrix)
- the universe is smaller than an atom so all particles are so close that they can communicate almost instantaneously.
- there's a field pervading the universe that is undetectable and can carry information instantaneously (like Higgs field or dark matter/energy but somehow undetectable)
- every movement of space, and time that could possibly happen sits in a file cabinet and every plank instant it chooses which file to put on the desk. Yes, its a big file cabinet.
- time keeps flipping forward and backward at trillions of times a second, so particles and waves have plenty time to figure out where they're supposed to be. Like actors on a stage they can "take places" and the audience doesn't see them getting ready.
It all make sense now, right? Thank you, thank you. Please, hold your applause until I return to Earth. Hey, what are you doing with that jacket with the long sleeves?
Almost forgot! For Americans watching British lectures, here are terms to know. kilometer=distance between a plank length and a light year. biscuit=cookie. holiday=vacation. holiday=holiday. top = best. top gear = high gear. maths=math.
knoxyto - 13 dias atrás
i would have disliked this video because it's so slow and so bad. but one joke got me. 'it's like one ameba to one milky way'. well said. i don't give my likes easily, but this one joke got you my like. good luck in the future. cheers
Rico Capili
Rico Capili - 13 dias atrás
Just wondering why we don't seem to act or behave in a quantum state unlike in the sub micro world does, when we are govern or part of their very nature or structure?
Vagabond_Shadow - 13 dias atrás
Always the same problem , they love to show the cone like expansion of the universe picture but never stop to explain why that shape and not an omnidirectional expansion as one would normally expect.
Another funny or interesting statement, *the universe was the size of a grapefruit ...* . I thought that size or distance , when we talk about space , is only in relation with other , bigger or smaller , size or distance. Didn't the universe back then filled all the space that was ? Doesn't it now ?
Hydrogen Atom
Hydrogen Atom - 13 dias atrás
The question to the lecturer: The most strange is you wishes to apply physical mathematics, which you demonstrate, to physics. If you develop something outside the real nature, why you then try to apply your pure physical mathematical results to the real space?? The real physical space obeys physics, mathematics and mathematical physics, not abstract physical mathematics. This is the real truth...
Edmund Tan
Edmund Tan - 14 dias atrás
i will come and pick that up XD hahah
KOB - 14 dias atrás
Truly awful sound effects. They add nothing. And, why do I have a sense he's stretching a topic to fit the time..... 3/10.
igboukwu - 16 dias atrás
What does he mean by "the later part of Einstein's life wasn't that productive"! What about the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox and Einstein–Rosen bridge published in 1935? These two papers were published almost 20 years after GR was published. These two papers I think are helping to understand Quantum Gravity now. True or false?
Jami Boothe
Jami Boothe - 16 dias atrás
Lovely lecture and a lovelier idea about the bounce back hypothesis of the big bang. However, wouldn`t blackholes "bounce back" as well? I mean, once they reached that quantum limit of smallness? Maybe a blackhole would need a certain critical mass to reach that quantum smallness? I have an idea that may help with this issue of blackholes in our current universe not bouncing back, but getting increasingly large. Possibly Space is more like a pressure and gravity is a measure of that pressure. The pressure is created from the displacement of Space. In other words, space is trying to reoccupy the displaced area of the mass that creates the displacement. Also, space would not be subject to the limits of GR of relative speed because space is not mass. In theory it has a particle to account for the mass of other particles, but itself does not have mass. So, the idea is that if a fissure opened in the original "songularity" =) at the beginning of our universe, the space around it would rush in so fast that it would blast all of that matter back out into the universe. Initially it would move faster than the speed of light because of the pressure of the space refilling the void created by the original mass. Then the recombinations would occur and slow the matter below the speed of light. There is a way to test for this in our universe where there are current extraordinary events surrounding blackholes and active galaxies. Just look for spectrums of much higher amounts of hydrogen and helium than would be expected. I have spoken with a physicist at my work and his response was, "that is exactly what would happen, if the mass from a blackhole was suddenly released back into the sourrounding space". Anyway, I think about this stuff quite a bit and am back in school to see if I can aquire the skills to prove myself wrong.
Thanks for reading, if anyone reads this post.
Bell10 - 17 dias atrás
Chemical physics would describe the generation of all the Elements at the bing bang. I expected more than a copyleft artists fabricated „timeline-bell“ picture at 34:20. By the way „time“ is so comfortable to live in and with it.
MadakiNomaroishi - 17 dias atrás
So basically you are saying the Earth is flat 👌
Leggo MuhEggo
Leggo MuhEggo - 17 dias atrás
if you are falling wouldnt you feel a torque difference if you moved your arms around?
Leggo MuhEggo
Leggo MuhEggo - 17 dias atrás
wonders how many new cosmic metronomes will show up online now
Karim Shah
Karim Shah - 19 dias atrás
Very insightful lecture. After listening this lecture one idea bothers me that matter has gone so lower scal like from atom to quarks bt space time is yet not. How come this possible? I think there must be deeper parts of space time as well.may be just a thought
greg herman
greg herman - 19 dias atrás
We know so little bout so much
Clarisse van Rossum
Clarisse van Rossum - 19 dias atrás
15:28 that is the minecraft thunder sound lmao whaddup
David Smith
David Smith - 19 dias atrás
No space is Electric.
tongmaa - 20 dias atrás
It's the love and near worship of the word, "Quantum," that allows only one "Space" and which is represented by "Zero (0)." It is always this sort of irony that tweaks my disbelief in the Consensus of Science and their ad hoc explanations which excuse their democratic agreement of what is and what is not "Science."
Einstein uses circular logic in his "Space/Time Continuum" and where he first removes all material sources (mass) and which leaves empty space. Then he replaces the material sources (a mass) and says that the "Fabric of Space/Time" is curved by that mass.

Take away the mass and say space curves when it is put back into space. What is the nature of Space that it can be curved/bend by mass? Only the Democratic Agreement that Circular Logic is factual and deserves billions in year-to-year funding for bad science ...

Now, it is coming back full circle ... and space is just one Thing, but still bendable by mass, even though it cannot be demonstrated to any degree by Experiment ... Science creates invisible masses (black holes) and space that bends by mass being present, just like being 'God' and actually having some idea of how space can be bent by mass. If it (bent space) is real, then distance and time are meaningless in the presence of Billions of Galaxies and untold Trillions of Stars (and the putative black holes) bending space until no one knows which direction or distance is real, material and understandable by future science ... NOT
A Cha
A Cha - 20 dias atrás
Ahh ,he sounds like a guru of quantum mechanics....
Bradley Bohus
Bradley Bohus - 20 dias atrás
This illiterate and fraudulent old man is lying about the state of physics. Check my channel for proof of the reimann hypothesis and 250k to anyone who proves me wrong
PSYPASTA - 20 dias atrás
15:25 de_aztec
Андрей Дынин
Андрей Дынин - 21 dia atrás
Hello, my name is Andrew and here it is.
(unifying theory + key to darm matter adn fater the light communcation)
i want to share with you, something i wasted my time on. The “First rule” of this universe.
Eh…. it sound strange, but stay with me for a second. It deep, it really deep.
This rule is - when energy exchange between two relative points occur, it happens along the path of least resistance. Everywhere, every time.
The depth here - everywhere, every time. Even in black holes, the guide for evolution, for human behavior, every energy exchange, every time.
Understanding this depth allow me to predict tomorrow much more precisely.
Just think about it, how you move through your life, how the brain works. the behavior of animals and insects, any science. This rule in the core of absolute all.
No one else can show it to you now.
I want to shout about it from the highest bell tower! It will help people to move forward!

a key to dark matter or no time for energy exchange
short version
Energy exchange limit or limit for two point to interact.
it is a bit hard to write down this thought for me.
if two points have relative speed more then speed of light, they not able to interact.
but they can interact through the third point. (exactly like dark matter)
1)You know how space can expand faster then light? And it also can curve?
soo, it most likely can curve true it selfe. and this how it not interacting with it selfe.
(in black holes space curveture length is extremely small)
2) How many time need for Sun to exchange energy with you? soo every energy exchange take some "time".
There for if two point have speed difference more then C, they will have no "time" to exchange energyx, have no "time" for exchange to occure.
Even if they will share same place.
also you may see it as, FLT parts in more then one place at a "time" compare to us. For FLT part we in less then one place at "time". (why mass go up)
it more about interaction limin then about speed of light.
can be tested, if we will represent a third point.
long version
-dark matter in our galaxy, (most likely particles emitted by central black hole)
is particles that moving faster than light. (most likely you do not "belive" in this)
if i assume it is correct, then big amount of hydrogen on edge of galaxy, is where this "dark matter particles" decay after losing speed. (decay like new particles from hadron collider)
-parts of dark matter alredy found, but we do not about it. (perseption(particles from hadron collider))
-particles found with hadron collider behave like a dark matter after loosing speed.
-most likely there is a energy exchange speed limit in betwen two points (not sound speed),
most likely it is a speed of light. (that about why we do not see dark matter, but see it interction with other(slower for it/faster for us) particles)
-particles from hadron collider will be stable if placed in faster then light speed.
whant to tell more, I hope this is enough to contact me.
the key is a energy exchange speed limit
(i want my Nobel for showing you dark matter)
Best regards Dynin A.I.
Ali Houadef
Ali Houadef - 21 dia atrás
did he have to through the book that way!
Jean-Pierre De Vent
Jean-Pierre De Vent - 21 dia atrás
Sad that this bold but convincing theory of the fundamentals of everything gives no yet no further hint about what consciousness could be.
Peter Rabitt
Peter Rabitt - 22 dias atrás
In my mind, I have this picture of what dark energy is, I have no idea if my explaination makes any sense to any physicist, of which I am not, but this is what I imagine to be something similar to what's going on. I'll try to explain. In the "beginning" all space was compressed into a single quanta-sized chunk. Then it inflated, but since "everywhere" was in the same location before that happened, all quanta were entangled with all other quanta, no matter their current locations in space. I imagine (rightly or wrongly, I don't know) that the "strings of stuff" that connect these entangled particles, remembering that every location is entangled with every other location, have between them a sort of vibration, moving at what appears to be infinite velocity from our perspective, but from the entangled particles' points of view the distance is zero, and this wave is only an illusion. My mind imagines these "infinite-speed" waves moving back and forth between these entangled quanta as inducing an outward pressure, imperceptible at small scales, but at cosmic scales, enough to drive the expansion of the universe. Now if only I could do the maths.....sigh.
YodaWhat - 22 dias atrás
Jim Baggott could have done vastly better in making things understandable, for instance by explaining that if not for the quantization of spacetime, any pair of particles, like 2 protons on a collision course, could collide at zero distance, in a duration of zero time, which would represent an _infinite power level,_ and thus create a tiny black hole. Such a small black hole would immediately evaporate, due to Hawking radiation. In that process, the protons would be destroyed, and what came back out could be (and likely _would_ be) something entirely different, like a bunch of electrons, positrons, and photons. That would make stars impossible, and we would not be around to think about anything. Therefore, quantization of spacetime is essential to the sort of universe we see, and perhaps to any sort of universe whatsoever.
Anthony Pacheco
Anthony Pacheco - 23 dias atrás
Someone somewhere is working hard to truly push this information into a new era of experience and conductivity! We can help by learning and pushing toward our own goals, no matter how small or large they may be! Cheers to the Roaring 20’s as they happen!
So excited to see where all of this information heads 🧘🏽‍♂️🕰❤️
thank you
Cosmic Particles
Cosmic Particles - 24 dias atrás
If something can be temporary or permanent, it must also be temporarily permanent and permanently temporary.
Machiavello Hermosillo
Machiavello Hermosillo - 24 dias atrás
55:00 "The loops or networks are pressumed to exist on this scale. You won't find them." That begins to sound very stringish to me. Isn't that why we dismissed string theory in the first place? Because it relies on assumptions and things that cannot be proven? True scientists must be turning in their graves. We could as well return to the Dark ages and say "God made it happen", and spare our past geniuses the effort.
Ed Minchau
Ed Minchau - 25 dias atrás
If space is quantized, and the universe is expanding, then the number of quanta of space is increasing. if quanta of space cannot be destroyed, and obey an exclusionary principle such that they cannot share volume, then new quanta of space are appearing in the gaps between existing quanta of space. This implies that the Big Bang was not a singular event, but a continuous process still occurring today.
Baerchenization - 25 dias atrás
It seems to me we would have to be at the centre of that universe picture, as that is where the picture had been taken from - not somewhere to the left ;)
Kyle Looper
Kyle Looper - 26 dias atrás
If space is quantized, then wouldn't time have to be quantized as well? It seems impossible that there could be a unit of time below which change is unobservable because you can always move closer to the change, since light has no 3rd dimension.
Light should always be able to reflect off an object no matter how close the observation is.
How, then, could there be a unit of space-time below which change ceases to be discernable?
YodaWhat - 22 dias atrás
There is a Planck unit for time, as well as length and several other things. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_units
3000pedobear - 26 dias atrás
i like to pretend to understand what he is talking about.
W. Banasik
W. Banasik - 26 dias atrás
Thank you so much for the wonderful lecture that has opened my mind. I render homage to the Royal Institution and to the whole YT staff for this. Please do me a favor and let me write down my manifest memo/rant as usual... I can't help it anyway...Thank you....
People can't resolve the whole issue of space and time and quantum mixed together because it's impossible for them to comprehend eternity and infinity. Why our universe started and when ? Who knows? Nobody will never know. Maybe only space-time and quantum will tell. I'm not quite sure on that just because I don't know whether I do exist in reality or in virtuality or in imagination or in simulation of sb else. I even can't feel it... Exciting stuff I must admit....
Thanks for the food for thought anyway... Cheers to you YT guys...
p.s. "Never stop asking questions".- A. Einstein
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout - 26 dias atrás
For those familiar with history of physics, loop quantum gravity starts at 36:00
Ikaeksen Ratzakuz
Ikaeksen Ratzakuz - 26 dias atrás
Reason why we dont understand the universe : we see from our time dimension electrons moving extremly fast arround the atoms. But if we where able to travel to the atom, time would move extremly slow. Same with us being in this time demension looking at one universe up, where each galaxy moves slow (1 galaxy=1 atom, black hole is that atom neucleus)..If we where living in this higher dimensional universe up, we would see this galaxyatom moving fast.
Ass hole Name
Ass hole Name - 26 dias atrás
Hes long winded in an absent world , hahaha thats my theary ..
cannon fodder
cannon fodder - 26 dias atrás
6min45 yes if your a human observations are limited by your sense there for qontom perception
Is relevant but your eyes can be tricky you ever drive at night and a stump looks like a person or animal your brain looks for patterns However maby that why your brain patterns And neurons firing Look Like a galactic Photo Is that how particles behave Our interpretation Of things we can't fathom ???
CMG Web - 26 dias atrás
Reference to Kansas! I'm in!
Zo Fryer
Zo Fryer - 27 dias atrás
I created a version of the multiverse where it's a broken storage device because that's really what it resembles to me.
Clarice Aust
Clarice Aust - 27 dias atrás
For the many people like me, a lecturer covering 'basic' physics is good, because we then progress a degree further, every time, in our understanding of it and this was really needed when he began to speak about this quantum theory of space (-time..+time..0 time?), to oppose string theory and the multi-verse, which I think is ridiculous. I much prefer this one.
Clark Magnuson
Clark Magnuson - 27 dias atrás
Jim, cut the carbs, live long.
LQG guys look and sound more like stage magicians than theoretical physicists.
Matthew Nassau
Matthew Nassau - 27 dias atrás
the subject matter seems compelling to watch, but unfortunately Jim Baggot is not an energetic nor engaging presenter.
EELESAR - 28 dias atrás
How to stretch a 15 minute talk to an hour
David Wishengrad
David Wishengrad - 28 dias atrás
None of these ideas and concepts are even possible without life. Yet, every quantum or relativistic experiment comes down to that. e.g. Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life.
Ross Smith
Ross Smith - 6 dias atrás
What the hell are you talking about?
Corey Reece
Corey Reece - 28 dias atrás
Just a thought - what if gravity wasn’t pulling, but pushing
Apetivist - 28 dias atrás
I have had people freak out when I tell them that the "Big Bang" was not the beginning of the Universe and that a singularity is only a representation of mathematics unable to penetrate the deep mystery of what happened prior to the hot dense state of the Universe. They go bonkers because to them as finite beings (as we all are) caught in the framework of seeing cause and effect in everything. But these same people then jump to "God Did It!!" I'm astounded that they don't see that is not just insufficient as an answer (even if there's a god or gods how did they do it is what I find interesting- btw I am an agnostic atheist) it also stops all investigation if we accept such a lackadaisical "answer".

J.B.S, Haldane said it..."The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.." We may never fully know but we should never stop the search for answers. Even the wrong answers helps us narrow in on what the right answer(s) may be. I admire the humility of the physicists that they can't even be sure that Loop Quantum Gravity is even correct but I think along the way they have definitely opened up the discussion in new and exciting ways.
Grey Wind
Grey Wind - 29 dias atrás
His pauses are so long the thief grabbed three purses already.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank - Mês atrás
The thunderbolt is VERY ANNOYING.
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott - Mês atrás
The pauses, the soliloquies, the many, many analogies, THE SOUND EFFECTS! This is hilarious. But it's always great to see a lecture contemplating the truth we know. Thanks!
Frederick Becker
Frederick Becker - Mês atrás
The title, lol. I almost literally said out loud, "no shit sherlock".
cuulcars - Mês atrás

Nico Karsen
Nico Karsen - Mês atrás
It isn't a theory if it has no evidence!
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott - Mês atrás
Gotta give it that hypo thesis.
SWIFTY_WINS - Mês atrás
Mr. Baggott, a very nice lecture which captures ones attention based on its well put together content alone... Random sound effects at blasting volume are awkward and cringe worthy, so it might be best for you to leave those out of your next PowerPoint.
wayne Last
wayne Last - 3 dias atrás
Smart physicist yes, media specialist no. Lol
Ribeye Robert D
Ribeye Robert D - 15 dias atrás
He even cringed. Someone messed up the volume setting.
SlawOst - Mês atrás
The speaker has some great knowledge but no talent at all to make it into a passionate lecture.
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott - Mês atrás
K, thanks.
575drv - Mês atrás
Space itself is quantum (aka quantity) in nature. Yesterday, my shadow bought lunch and we sat and enjoyed our meal in the shade.
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