Why Space Itself May Be Quantum in Nature - with Jim Baggott

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david_203 barreda
david_203 barreda - 4 dias atrás
Este tipo es aburrido.....
James Palfi
James Palfi - 6 dias atrás
I have alot of scientific knowledge. He took for ever going through general relativity and quantum mechanics. He didn't tell me anything that I already didn't know. He also said that string theory at the moment is not provable and the same is true for loop quantum gravity. The thing with string theory is that you in science can sometimes use mathematics to prove something that is not possible with the current technology at the time. The atom was coined by some of The Greek Philosopher's 2 and a half thousand years before it was discovered. There is more mathematical evidence for String Theory then there is Loop Quantum Gravity. That being said a TOE, there will probably be a valid scientific esoteric theory in the future in which the TOE will be discovered with regards to gravity, relativity and quantum mechanics will be something else entirely.
DOG ONE - 8 dias atrás
Space-time & energy-matter... Got it! Good talk!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 12 dias atrás
How do I know this lecture was given in a location other than the united states? He asks who has seen LOTR and recieved quiet raised hands...
BAGGOTT: has anyone seen LOTR?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 12 dias atrás
The accent helps too...
Toby Hunter
Toby Hunter - 13 dias atrás
No whatsoever - dynamics without "Space". Never a question what keeps it together, rather what keeps it apart.
The highest potential is 0, vibrating with only one physical property, resonance. No explosion at the beginning
and no drama at the end. It all happens here and now, with all those "dark" forces involved - Shiva is dancing destroying
and creating space in the smallest possible place. A Photon and a "Black Hole" having the same nature, they are
Plasmoids - Matter is electro - cymatics, synchronised, harmonic, beautiful and Sound/Resonance the most neglected
force. .......OM
Toby Hunter
Toby Hunter - Dia atrás
@MechanoRealist Dwarf
MechanoRealist - 2 dias atrás
"Look mom, I can say words that sounds like that science dude! 🤪" 🙄
beamerUSA - 14 dias atrás
1:02:45 SHIVA theory
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon - 17 dias atrás
Jim “Don’t look for them, you won’t find them” Baggott
James Dolan
James Dolan - 17 dias atrás
It is so obvious that Dr. Baggot works for industry, and not in an academic setting.
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine - 18 dias atrás
What are the odds that the guy who discovered Hawking Radiation would be named Hawking? It's like Lou Gehrig dying from Lou Gehrig's disease and deer choosing to cross at deer crossings.
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon - 17 dias atrás
Robert Brandywine I’ve been wondering the same thing about Van Halen! What are the odds that they’d find a guitarist AND a drummer with that name, AND those dudes passed the audition to get in?? It’s nuts, what a crazy world. But there you have it. Oh well what can you do. Nothing.
Mayank Pathak
Mayank Pathak - 19 dias atrás
It seems he came here to sell the books!
Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews - 21 dia atrás
When are we going to be able to detect a gravitational wave from Einstein's flatulence !?!?!
Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews - 21 dia atrás
My Bullock's is quantum in nature
Melo Boy
Melo Boy - 21 dia atrás
I liked this lecture. What I liked even more was the amount of youtube commenters who didn't like it. But maybe I'm just dumb.
Winston Chang
Winston Chang - 21 dia atrás
Good point BUT too much beating around the bush.....too much time....
DgosFinnest - 22 dias atrás
Is this David Icke teaching physics now?? 🤷‍♂️🤔
bluemonday2020 - 14 dias atrás
DgosFinnest David knows more than you think.
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall - 22 dias atrás
"South pointing Chariot example". First this is nonsense. As he moves from the pole to the equator the vector would be pointing straight up. But let's say he has a compass. He gets to the equator and then moves to the east. The compass still points to the South. He gets almost to the pole and the compass still points to the South... but 90° from where he pointed initially. now at that point he moves around the circle to the West...maybe one step. The compass still points to the South. But when in line with his initial path it points in the same direction as initially. From there he can take the one step to the pole and he's back where he came from...and the Chariot pointer points exactly the same way. Actually when he's at the pole, even from the beginning, the South pointing vector could be going in any direction. All directions are South.
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall - 22 dias atrás
And "SpaceTime". Is that different than XYZ time? Or length width height time? Read moffatt's "reinventing gravity".
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall - 22 dias atrás
Does a square wave exhibit quantum behavior? Yes it does... if you have a slow enough oscilloscope. In "reality" all this quantum stuff is nonsense.
sinephase - 14 dias atrás
Chris Dragotta
Chris Dragotta - 23 dias atrás
Don't get it.
neil Johnson
neil Johnson - 26 dias atrás
Space itself is quantum in nature... well duh, EVERYTHING is.
Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews - 21 dia atrás
FlatFact - 27 dias atrás
People getting paid to imagine what space is. The best minds, tickling the minds of others, serves us no real purpose. None of us will ever go there. Use you minds to figure out solutions for real life on earth please.
Sudazima - 26 dias atrás
@FlatFact i meant quantum mechanics which is the basis for modern electronics and indeed the internet as a whole, most of which does not use the radio spectrum but are optical lasers.
FlatFact - 26 dias atrás
@Sudazima No I don't think you are right. Electricity and the communications by radio waves [which is how the internet works. All electronic communication uses a frequency in the radio spectrum, including GPS] Were invented some 150 years ago. By creative humans and has been developed ever since, and is supposed to be for the benefit of us. Space is only the final frontier of one's imagination.
Sudazima - 26 dias atrás
except that time that such thinking came up with all electronic and internet, am i right?
Ashaman 765
Ashaman 765 - Mês atrás
Interesting but man some parts were horribly cringy.
Doron Ron
Doron Ron - Mês atrás
I've watched RI lectures since I can't remember (I'm 64). Jim carefully talked his presentation through in such a way that I heard and could digest every word. Perhaps the sound effects weren't necessary, but otherwise he managed to avoid any other dramatic concessions. For an interested layman, I've never seen a better lecture on this or any other subject. Thank you.
galo marino
galo marino - Mês atrás
coelo physis
coelo physis - Mês atrás
"part of Europe". Hmm.
Incorruptus - Mês atrás
Surely interesting, yet time as a human construct with set instruments like moon sun and earth are never able to be constant - UNLESS - you keep it constant. Sure space can be seen or made visible...on earth add smoke...than see this smoke dissolve in oxygen and fuse with it. Sure light speed is a constant when you keep it constant. Question is more can we, and can we manipulate it to serve us.
All can be made to. We are generally seen... nonlogical beings looking for logics and systems within our environment in order to find a general use with it,, but measures can be made constant or made dependable upon and vary with. It is how you wish to measure it. Time is non existing. While space and matter are. So why add a human fantasy, within these theories? I cannot find any logic for doing so. Feel free to start counting YOUR way! My question is time existing or did we create an understanding about time and how to calculate it.
Second question is if light can be waves or particles as in photons, than is light in waves and photons in particles taken as the same, or are they the same, or do we observe them as being light. Sure light waves differ, do photons differ in the same way,...? I dare to say that we observe them possibly as being the same result - being light. Yet they are two complete different ways to a same outcome therefor it is impractically and impossible for them to be the same. When bound by general acceptations on all these, we will never find the answer, when it sit's outside our box. So I dare everyone to think differently, and stop politically and insanely put science up for debate, yet taking the proven facts outof it as a generality to calculate on. Feel free to take your time, since it does not exist to begin with.
Than the silly though of holes in space we call black holes. I can imagine tunnels or formation of gaps in space or masses, yet holes. To me black holes are no holes at all but spherical masses that form such strong gravitation outof which light in every of it's existence cannot escape. In other words combining it all into saying it is engines of gravitational origin. The magnet magnetizing metal...the binding force of matter drawing in or pushing out mass. Now for it's calculation. Preserved for a next moment. If some black holes dissolve anything around them, than where does all the matter go...into a hole or into a tunnel? Or does it form a spherical formation and when swallowing matter etc...grow larger or in cases of push and pull circumstances where does this matter stay, does it become part and grow the gravitational strenght of the sphere or form a larger hole? This is why I state, black holes or no holes. I am sure there is tunnels of non gravity between the forces we shortly called black matter.
There is already evidences of black holes having gravitational fields and some spit out matter, or gasses or even new suns,...in which it is taken as the birthplace and origins of suns. I would not take them up for generalising them. Generality does not exist to me either. Succes factors and commonality do. I guess it is time to find this all out soon, since our succes factors here on earth are rapidly decreasing. Ever the more becoming dependant on our combined luck to survive, I think it is about time we stop using money, we stop using fantasies, but suit them to a right place in existence or non existence. Time is ever changing and exists different anywhere we would calculate it with an ever changing index we find in Earth, time is of no value to these calculations. Can only be interpreted within these calculations when needing to find out for instance if we aged. Since we know we do, there will be never a moment when we become babies instead of old humans.
Luck wise this is non of my concern it is only a concern to me as part of a species that need to survive. As long as we claim individuality and hierarchy we will not seriously evolve into a species that maintains it's survivability. Needing to put our personal names under findings instead of our species, is the issue at stake. We need to learn to think as species, not as individuals. I am quite sure, than when we do, we will evolve beyond what we now take as time or end of time. Nothing on that stake matters, when non existing.
Spud Westhaver
Spud Westhaver - Mês atrás
the speed of light is increasing by 10 feet per century.
v - Mês atrás
The sound effects ruined it
Lordslothable - Mês atrás
Before I even watch the video, space is fake, now I watch.
RDE Lutherie
RDE Lutherie - Mês atrás
@Lordslothable Which natural law would that be, and which god says that?
Lordslothable - Mês atrás
RDE Lutherie We don’t wake up in the morning in our bed stretch have a morning cup of Joe and then go outside to appreciate mother nature violating a natural law sorry
RDE Lutherie
RDE Lutherie - Mês atrás
I am sure you have the science to prove it right? A Nobel prize in physics is waiting for you, and hey, it comes with ~$900.000 depending on the exchange rate of the Euro (1million)!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - Mês atrás
I'm not expert on this and don't know how the super computer works mathematically but didn't we quantize the space ourselves when we put the gluons and quarks on a lattice for lattice quantum chromodynamics which could give the appearance of quantified space?
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
How do you arrive at a value of 13.8Billion years for the age of the Universe if time is a function of the curvature of space? Surely the age of the Universe will be different depending upon your vantage point, your frame of reference?
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
It is remarkable how the big-bang theory resembles the creation myth. First there was nothing, then there was light, then there was man, then there was you tube. It is amazing that we came from absolute nothing. The mind boggles.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
@Erik Nilsson It was a joke.
Erik Nilsson
Erik Nilsson - Mês atrás
Nothing doesn't mean what you think it means. And man didn't came after light
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
If the universe is cooling, then why is the Earth getting hotter?
Nabaneet Sharma
Nabaneet Sharma - Mês atrás
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
I think wave-particle duality will break physics. It is a massive assumption in theoretical physics that is just glossed over. Which is it? Wave or particle? Decide.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
One final problem to think about, he states that there is no such thing as infinity in nature. How would we prove or disprove infinity exists? It seems to show up in equations as singularities, which we dismiss as quirks of the science. Well, if we accept infinity in the equations then we must accept it exists in nature. What does this imply for things like the nature of space (infinite?), the nature of time (either zero or infinite in length?). I think these are hard problems often shrugged off as minor details.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman - Mês atrás
Two more things that are highly troubling, the problem of frozen time (the implication that time is basically not flowing in the universe, but locally fluctuating) and that entropy is proportional to area of black hole (that all the information is contained in 2 dimensions). We are just getting started.
Jonathan Farnham
Jonathan Farnham - Mês atrás
Normally love RI videos, but this one misses the mark. The pace is far too slow, Mr. Baggott lacks any enthusiasm, and the sound effects are too loud and long.
giacomo franzot
giacomo franzot - Mês atrás
space has no property.... N.Tesla
America Lost
America Lost - Mês atrás
Why are camera people such idiots. Always. When there's slides being shown then stay on the slides. Don't show them for just 3 second and then go back to lingering on the guy speaking for the rest of the time.
wayne davies
wayne davies - Mês atrás
Those sound effects are a pain when you're trying to watch whilst people sleep.
Eldooodarino - Mês atrás
Philosophy not physics. Compare and contrast the early history of quantum theory to quantum gravity: first Planck in 1900 and then Einstein in 1905, then Bohr in 1913, then a flood of explanations of hitherto unexplained phenomena. Then, some 60-70 years after Planck the first observations of quanta.  
Quantum gravity research is driven solely by the mathematical desire to unite two disparate theories with no empirical evidence. There are no phenomena that quantum gravity research is trying to explain save the structure of the universe. With multiverse theory they've bailed on even that. It is unknown even if the universe contains enough energy to observe a solitary graviton. It might be reasonable for a few people [Witten, Polchinski (RIP), Susskind, Smolin, a few others] , to be working in this area, but IMHO the thousands working in quantum gravity are wasting their intellect.
I read a quotation from University of Texas @ Austin physicist Len Klein the other day that seems appropriate to close with: "when theoretical physicists have no data they hallucinate."
Atanas Bachvaroff
Atanas Bachvaroff - Mês atrás
What if c and G are actually tensor fields and change a lot? It'll give a completely new theory, but it won't be covariant...
Savage Hornpoke
Savage Hornpoke - Mês atrás
Because we live in a gravity well, our time is slower than time outside of a gravity well, deep in space, nearly devoid of gravity. So it is tricky to understand how old the universe is.
Charlie Mopps
Charlie Mopps - Mês atrás
The dime dilation experience in 1g (earths gravity) compared to interstellar space (effectively 0g) is about 0.02 seconds per year. This is not an effect that has much of an impact at human scales.
Sean Nitte
Sean Nitte - Mês atrás
He has a tendency to mumble...
Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher - Mês atrás
No Q&A on this one.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide - Mês atrás
Biology and physics are coming closer to god with each new finding.
1963 Stratocaster
1963 Stratocaster - Mês atrás
Rolph Harris is looking really good for his age.
Jessica Sudoviski
Jessica Sudoviski - Mês atrás
I love these videos are extremely exciting and with enlightening content.
Eli Schrock
Eli Schrock - Mês atrás
He says "there are no infinities in nature." Then he says "maybe the universe began with a bounce rather than a bang."
Pardon me if I am missing something, but the bouncing universe cosmology implies an infinity of Time... right?
sinephase - 14 dias atrás
if time is a consequence of inflation, then the start of the "bounce" is without time, and time starts again in the next cycle. It could be an infinite cycle but I don't think that's the kind of infinity he's talking about.
Wise Guy
Wise Guy - Mês atrás
It implies that time isnt even in the equation. "Frozen time issues" basically space with out mass outside of quantum would be so small in distance time is irrelevant. And its sort of an oxymoron like the quotes at the end implies.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide - Mês atrás
Now cant be if it is infinty before now.lol
goose - 2 meses atrás
I haven't watched the video yet, but the the title leaves me aghast and laughing! I mean really! Who could possibly imagine space NOT being quantum in nature? It is what all in existence has in common. Of course I will watch the video and enjoy it . . . but still laughing.
Bakshy Chibber
Bakshy Chibber - 2 meses atrás
Gee whizz, we Hindus worked this out many millennia ago. Of course, we being heathens (and im soooooo glad for this) the super intelligent part of homo sapien sapiens loosely termed "western civilization", find it best to treat us with derision & contempt. Unless they are forced to assign any of our accomplishments to their fellow barbarians, the arabs. Go forth, however, but it is unlikely that you will discover a charming little fable I learnt at my grand mother's knee as a 7-8 year old that tells of what you speak.
sidwave - 2 meses atrás
you have almost nothing. there isnt any big bang, its an illusion
Abel Arredondo
Abel Arredondo - 2 meses atrás
I I thought it was David Ike
Lloyd Wilhelm
Lloyd Wilhelm - 2 meses atrás
Duh, its only obvious everything is quantum in it's existence.
DigitalDan - 2 meses atrás
I love these lectures.....but this one was just painful.
Jon Name Change
Jon Name Change - 2 meses atrás
It was pain for small reward. How is a big bounce different from the already postulated big crunch resulting in a big bang ( then another big crunch followed by another big bang, again and again etc.)?
MrLlamasKid - 2 meses atrás
I was just trying to go to sleep listening to a nice British man speak about physics... And then I get to 20:44... I have work tomorrow man, it's 3am. This is my own fault 😔
stroncal - 2 meses atrás
MrLlamasKid wait until you forget it’s this video and it happens to you again.
contemplatico - 2 meses atrás
More time for more people that makes sense... And maybe we will go out there ?
Who knows
Thunder Bag
Thunder Bag - 2 meses atrás
20:40 tough crowd
Kaellum Eridani
Kaellum Eridani - 2 meses atrás
Concept 19 and concept 20 explain this. -Perception of reality and cosmological expansion rate conversion by biologically limited units. #3767

His book is interesting as is his lecture.
Shinigami Lee
Shinigami Lee - 2 meses atrás
Quantum- a word used by scientists to describe non-scientific guesswork.
There is such a thing as absolute time, it's calculations solve for movement. Just because you perceived it different doesn't mean it's correct.
Bongo Frenzy
Bongo Frenzy - 2 meses atrás
The time particle is infinitely smaller than a planck length. But then again the singularity would be. It is naked. It is in effect and affect everywhere at once. And is faster than anything else including the speed of light as it has no mass. There is only one. Time is not linear. Linear time is a learned concept extremely important for increasing our survival optimum.
Scan - 2 meses atrás
Gravity is energy.
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