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Bangelols :3
Bangelols :3 - 41 segundo atrás
Wow what a fucking dope dude!😹🙌🏼
Jonas Vanden Broecke
Jonas Vanden Broecke - Minuto atrás
I love this video! cool people ;) have a nice day
Bob Tamsma
Bob Tamsma - Minuto atrás
Afonso Lamy
Afonso Lamy - 2 minutos atrás
WHAT happened to the MAZDA????!!!
NovaSerenity121 - 2 minutos atrás
This video has a great vibe :)
WittenCityChilla - 3 minutos atrás
GT Dave is the man for doing this and not being butthurt at all
Phanda Panda
Phanda Panda - 4 minutos atrás
#2 on trending in aussie awesome dudes
Jermaine Tagpuno
Jermaine Tagpuno - 6 minutos atrás
GT Dave is a Fukin cool dude
Flynn Martin
Flynn Martin - 7 minutos atrás
#2 on trending!
Deathborr - 8 minutos atrás
#1 on trending bois
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith - 8 minutos atrás
Okay but really, what does he eat?!
Stefi Fantabulous
Stefi Fantabulous - 9 minutos atrás
sidenote / random thought: why doesn‘t any brand make ur code codykode 😂😂😂
ellie.011 - 10 minutos atrás
its good chance for GT to set some things straight. that forbes vid was creepy as fuck lolll
not redbankmask
not redbankmask - 10 minutos atrás
Things got good the other way huh
Test Test
Test Test - 10 minutos atrás
#1 trending chodesters you did it boys
Dewgy Houser M.D.
Dewgy Houser M.D. - 10 minutos atrás
"i bought an owl"
"cause fuck you that's why."
El Gee
El Gee - 10 minutos atrás
not redbankmask
not redbankmask - 10 minutos atrás
Things got good the other way huh
she said
she said - 10 minutos atrás
And I'm over here thinking drinking fermented vinegar beverages originated in India.
Draugr Deathlord
Draugr Deathlord - 12 minutos atrás
Gt seems like such a wholesome person
Milk !
Milk ! - 12 minutos atrás
I love this video so much omg
MoistMan - 12 minutos atrás
Holy shit 1 on trending nice
ZombixMix - 12 minutos atrás
He's so fucking funny _oh my god_
Rephraseit - 13 minutos atrás
Aside of a wholesome video, the lower pitched ending gives me chills.
Tim Jordan
Tim Jordan - 13 minutos atrás
Yess 4K quality... Now I can see even more of your rimples
yrsa - 13 minutos atrás
Dewgy Houser M.D.
Dewgy Houser M.D. - 15 minutos atrás
LPT camera man, you are there to capture, not to grunt commentate. :)
Tamara Travani
Tamara Travani - 16 minutos atrás
Mad respect to the reptilian kombucha king for having a rad sense of humour
Indee go
Indee go - 16 minutos atrás
Vioren Stars
Vioren Stars - 16 minutos atrás
GT's teeth are so white, they can reflect my poor ass life
Martin Mikula
Martin Mikula - 16 minutos atrás
Fuck man. Now I want to drink Kombucha
Josefine Asmr
Josefine Asmr - 17 minutos atrás
GT Dave is actually really cool
ZoMbi5lAy3r - 17 minutos atrás
Mac Alton
Mac Alton - 17 minutos atrás
Who was the female voice at the end
Meme in person
Meme in person - 17 minutos atrás
Number ONE on TRENDING 😎😎😎😎😎 KEEP IT 50 NIC
_trdl - 18 minutos atrás
my man is #1 on trending WOOO
me Gustav
me Gustav - 18 minutos atrás
13:08 😂😂😂 I died
Delikaadann - 18 minutos atrás
Vega Bilbo
Vega Bilbo - 18 minutos atrás
This video is literally number one on trending in Denmark wtf 😂🤯
Dean White
Dean White - 18 minutos atrás
I wish him well!
amber lynn
amber lynn - 18 minutos atrás
GT is such a likeable person lol he's amazing. THanku to u guys
eddgge boiii
eddgge boiii - 19 minutos atrás
This is surreal.
Sohail 257
Sohail 257 - 19 minutos atrás
Omg it’s so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they should collab more
iiTimmy - 20 minutos atrás
No way this is #1 on trending
Play Time Is Ogre
Play Time Is Ogre - 20 minutos atrás
literally drinking kombucha while watching this...
Just another army goat
Just another army goat - 21 minuto atrás
The kombucha king is also a short king
Veljpoeka - 21 minuto atrás
GT is like Elon Musk level chill
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs - 22 minutos atrás
#1 on trending. Ya did it boys
Val D
Val D - 22 minutos atrás
He looks more human w a beard ok
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith - 22 minutos atrás
Much respect to GT....what a great man
Le Maître
Le Maître - 23 minutos atrás
Hi guys follow me pleaaase
Maya Theresa
Maya Theresa - 25 minutos atrás
the whole beginning I was getting so uncomfy just expecting him to walk out as they're fucking around like when they opened the fridge I was like oh fuck that's gonna be so awkward.
Rin Morgan
Rin Morgan - 25 minutos atrás
this is wholesome
Pelagia Wauchek
Pelagia Wauchek - 25 minutos atrás
What a sweet man
Snonk - 26 minutos atrás
#1 on trending congrats
Moofy - 27 minutos atrás
This is funny as shit 😂
Tilda Spridd
Tilda Spridd - 27 minutos atrás
this video is so dope lmao
Milo Ratcliffe
Milo Ratcliffe - 27 minutos atrás
Gt is so cute 💞
v - 28 minutos atrás
connor k.
connor k. - 28 minutos atrás
#1 on trending you deserve it
Bryan Martínez
Bryan Martínez - 28 minutos atrás
We made it bois
Cody is #1 on trending
William Blatchford
William Blatchford - 29 minutos atrás
What a cool guy!
Nora Allen
Nora Allen - 29 minutos atrás
Gregorius - 29 minutos atrás
Now this is a nice man.
Brandon Libecap
Brandon Libecap - 29 minutos atrás
Glad to see the dudes are trending
Jochen Tutkochen
Jochen Tutkochen - 30 minutos atrás
oh my fuckin gosh
Future Rainn
Future Rainn - 31 minuto atrás
Wow #1 trending...
wait I'm up late don't tell my mom.
finesse GOD
finesse GOD - 31 minuto atrás
#1 on trending .. nice 👍
piccledice - 31 minuto atrás
Kombucha sales increase by 100%
KagAyamas Ass
KagAyamas Ass - 31 minuto atrás
Imagine coming into your house and then there are just two dudes in front of a sculpture like "can you fuck that?"
Nora Allen
Nora Allen - 31 minuto atrás
That shit by Danielle Brigolle or Broccoli or whatever the fuck that’s #3 on trending rn better not take #1 on trending from this
Waqar Baig
Waqar Baig - 32 minutos atrás
This was pure GOLD
kasra zahery
kasra zahery - 32 minutos atrás
Apeiron TO
Apeiron TO - 32 minutos atrás
this blurry thing hurts my eyes
Nathan Ohanian
Nathan Ohanian - 32 minutos atrás
#1 on trending fukkkkk yeeaaaa
kasra zahery
kasra zahery - 32 minutos atrás
kasra zahery
kasra zahery - 33 minutos atrás
nanuka kiknadze
nanuka kiknadze - 33 minutos atrás
Mary Shenouda
Mary Shenouda - 33 minutos atrás
Cody, this video #1 on trending!!
The Coleman Films
The Coleman Films - 33 minutos atrás
He actually seems cool lmao, the original video made him seem like a rich asshole but he has a sense of humor lol. Really cool guy as far as I can tell
Nora Allen
Nora Allen - 33 minutos atrás
#1 on trending.
Kombucha is taking over.
Tessa Goodman
Tessa Goodman - 33 minutos atrás
#1 on trending!!!❤️
m0raka_ - 34 minutos atrás
Fuck yea bro #1 on trending that’s what I’m talking about
Heavyn Leigh
Heavyn Leigh - 34 minutos atrás
GT Dave is cool As shit.
Avi LeQueen
Avi LeQueen - 34 minutos atrás
Yo GT is a great guy 😂 he was born for success and now he’s here.
ThatBleak - 35 minutos atrás
The mushroom people
ovidiu iulian dumitrescu
ovidiu iulian dumitrescu - 36 minutos atrás
KRYMZN - 37 minutos atrás
Someone put these men and Elon musk in a room together. Watch us end all global problems 😤😤
Jay Cuke
Jay Cuke - 38 minutos atrás
That’s cool as shit, getting owled up for Cody & Noel.
I0CK - 38 minutos atrás
J G - 38 minutos atrás
whoa cody's driving an audi now?!! the glow up!!!
비sinnio - 39 minutos atrás
Pff now I love that guy
Austin Drumhe
Austin Drumhe - 39 minutos atrás
Now you just gotta blow some sick nic clouds with mattysmokes
Archer Candy
Archer Candy - 39 minutos atrás
This is awesome. I love it.
SpookySushi - 40 minutos atrás
ok but he’s kinda cute
Mac Alton
Mac Alton - 41 minuto atrás
Howbfar you have come :)
Euricho Tamayo
Euricho Tamayo - 41 minuto atrás
GT has now 10k ig followers wow literally refreshed it from 9k
N. N.
N. N. - 41 minuto atrás
This is the fucking funniest shit ever
“Counting billion 1, billion 2” sent me😂😂 he is the goat
kdads - 41 minuto atrás
in-fucking-sane!! GO off TMG
Emese Ender
Emese Ender - 42 minutos atrás
I'm so happy this was the outcome because the kombucha video is one of my favourite ones :D and it's awesome to see some humanity to Dave
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