Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez - 59 minutos atrás
I like how grown ass niggas are hatin on this trailer like this shit was made for them
Me Gamer
Me Gamer - 59 minutos atrás
Who’s idea is this I love it
Jaxy Rod
Jaxy Rod - 59 minutos atrás
Youre actually fucking kidding me? Are you tryna ruin my nostalgia
Illuminati Confirmed
Illuminati Confirmed - Hora atrás
I do not like this. Wtaf.
Connor1139 - Hora atrás
Is see you, Temuera Morrison. Always showing up in the most random of movies.
Adan Monroy
Adan Monroy - Hora atrás
Wait wait where is my boi swiper
KM Davis
KM Davis - Hora atrás
I feel like they made this movie for the 12-17 year olds that grew up watching Dora (like myself)
Predshredder26 - Hora atrás
I’m noticing a severe lack of swiper, the most important character of the deep and well built universe of dora.
TheGrayLink - Hora atrás
Better be rated R
Dyga 27
Dyga 27 - Hora atrás
Who else's waiting for The Teletubbies and the Gay Marriage Court Case?
Kirsten Lyn
Kirsten Lyn - Hora atrás
This is like Kim possible all over again
Reuben McCann
Reuben McCann - Hora atrás
I havent been this exited in a long tome
daniel sinchi
daniel sinchi - Hora atrás
Not gonna lie I wasn’t that axcited that this was coming out but now watching this I’m actually HYPED FOR THIS
iCantStopPlaying - Hora atrás
whats dora without boots or swiper
tatan martinez
tatan martinez - Hora atrás
Viva Mexico Eugenio AHUEVO
Marco Muñoz
Marco Muñoz - Hora atrás
I don’t think this movie will be that bad🙂
Teresa Becker
Teresa Becker - Hora atrás
And exactly why
Philip Zamora
Philip Zamora - Hora atrás
I'm still waiting for an Animaniacs movie. Come on, you know it'd be good.
Cecilia Villanueva
Cecilia Villanueva - Hora atrás
where tf is swiper
Joshua Weldon
Joshua Weldon - Hora atrás
Well at least Isabella Moner is in the movie. That is the only reason I would watch it.
never_saw_me - Hora atrás
The most ambitious anime crossover in history
MayaPaya AJ
MayaPaya AJ - Hora atrás
Jazzmin Maspero
Jazzmin Maspero - Hora atrás
Am I the only one who thought Dora was vannesa hudgens?
verzerk 122
verzerk 122 - Hora atrás
the fact that this is happening make me think , when is hey Arnold coming out
Yeet Sandwich
Yeet Sandwich - Hora atrás
Bert and Ernie battle a severe drug addiction
KIDD - Hora atrás
what did they do
ANTRAX BOY - Hora atrás
I hate Dora when I was a kid but I still hate Dora and I dislike xD
Mr DiamondRanch
Mr DiamondRanch - Hora atrás
codytyran - Hora atrás
she’s cute and all the the film looks pretty bad
Tyler Vick
Tyler Vick - Hora atrás
Dora Croft
I can’t take credit for it, it was my brother’s idea.
Yung Bean
Yung Bean - Hora atrás
Can Disney and paramount stop making shitty versions of once good movies and shows
Urban Free Spirit
Urban Free Spirit - Hora atrás
Is this a joke?
J A - Hora atrás
I thought Dora was like 8 years old? Not 20...
Yummymanx - Hora atrás
New meme ?
Charlotte Cluff
Charlotte Cluff - Hora atrás
Charlotte Cluff
Charlotte Cluff - Hora atrás
That’s a no-no word
Blue Electro
Blue Electro - Hora atrás
At the start of the trailer I thought this was a joke
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh - Hora atrás
Where's swiper?
Predshredder26 - Hora atrás
could be worse. It could be directed by michael bay
Athena Sanchez
Athena Sanchez - Hora atrás
What kind of Dora gets kidnapped and brings a knife to defend herself
Potato Dog
Potato Dog - Hora atrás
Yeet Sandwich
Yeet Sandwich - Hora atrás
Oh you are not dead ass
Fireboy - Hora atrás
Pro Craft
Pro Craft - Hora atrás
Dora nya semokk cuyy
yukineswan - Hora atrás
Tristian Rawlins
Tristian Rawlins - Hora atrás
Y’all definitely owe CollegeHumor some money.
Wolf and Husky
Wolf and Husky - Hora atrás
Idk know if I wasted time of my life or not
Rippie Ted
Rippie Ted - Hora atrás
Dora looking kinda thicc no cap
Kamekowly - Hora atrás
Why are movie companies creating movies based off nostalgia?
atom lego
atom lego - Hora atrás
I was expecting national treasure 3 or Indiana Jones 5 but we get Dora the darn explorer adventuring with some angsty teens to find her parents
Jasy B1
Jasy B1 - Hora atrás
Ok more excited for this than Aladdin :)
Lord Devil fish
Lord Devil fish - Hora atrás
Christopher Nolan and Zach Synder are going to make a dark and gritty Spongebob reboot.
“Why So Serious Squidward?!”
Alex Maina
Alex Maina - Hora atrás
Where's the Spanish?
Stewymanx378 1
Stewymanx378 1 - Hora atrás
Why am I excited to watch a Dora movie
CrossBrine1375 - Hora atrás
Wait....this is real?
iCantStopPlaying - Hora atrás
whats next fortnite the movie?
Luzia The potato
Luzia The potato - Hora atrás
I’m excited for Clifford gets exported to a korean slaughter house
SeaTea - Hora atrás
Aw boots is so cute
Dylan Martin
Dylan Martin - Hora atrás
That’s not Dora. That’s an adventure movie with a character named Dora.
Dahnald Duck
Dahnald Duck - Hora atrás
Fuck me seems like the graphics to temple run have changed drastically
TheCrazedPotato Man
TheCrazedPotato Man - Hora atrás
Boots is so horribly animated and it makes me want to vomit.
Kamilah Dhatnubia
Kamilah Dhatnubia - Hora atrás
-_- no comment like Wtf I grew up on Dora like she's supposed to be 7 years old forever not going to high school
Useless Reptile Megan
Useless Reptile Megan - Hora atrás
It's not April fools
Tiffany Flowers
Tiffany Flowers - Hora atrás
They shouldn’t have done this.
Prdarkfire Caro
Prdarkfire Caro - Hora atrás
Hmmm...Kinda like Uncharted. Still waiting for that one. I need more movies like this. Adventure, exploration with a mythical element. Just like Indiana Jones, National Treasure...
Madmations YT
Madmations YT - Hora atrás
2019:Dora and rhe lost city of gold

2029:little bill the sex offender
Mystaee - Hora atrás
This is...real?
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh - Hora atrás
Major fail
WHITNEY LU - Hora atrás
Toobaha Tsinnijinnie
Toobaha Tsinnijinnie - Hora atrás
No.......... Good things are never meant to be remade....
Cris - Hora atrás
I wish this is a joke
The Equalist
The Equalist - Hora atrás
Fun fact:

Dora uses a map and therefore isn't a Explorer
normal name
normal name - Hora atrás
Even worse than the detective pickachu and sonic movie
Alivia Leary
Alivia Leary - Hora atrás
Why this look better than the Kim possible movie
IMerkScrubs - Hora atrás
I never thought I’d see the day...
lisa piotrowski
lisa piotrowski - Hora atrás
And when does she fall down cliffs in the show???
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader - Hora atrás
CollegeHumor did it first.
lexcee lashes
lexcee lashes - Hora atrás
jade wr
jade wr - Hora atrás
What next? Little einstein travel in the lost world?peppa pig into the woods? Winx club against the dark arts? Bob the builder building the lost city?
NCTingles 127
NCTingles 127 - Hora atrás
0:50 why is baby don’t stop playing
Josué Vicioso
Josué Vicioso - Hora atrás
Isabela Moner sounds just like Dora would. Very clever.
SpaceCadet - I like space academy
We’ve done it
We’ve made a Dora film with her experiencing logic
We are the peak of child entertainment
MajorEngineRedubs - Hora atrás
*WhAt WaS yOuR fAvOuRiTe PaRt Of ThE tRiP?!?*
Magical Unicorn
Magical Unicorn - Hora atrás
This is way better than a cartoon learning about stuff
willE 1819
willE 1819 - Hora atrás
Cyber saint
Cyber saint - Hora atrás
What the fuck
Jacob Keyes
Jacob Keyes - Hora atrás
She looks 20
Isn’t Dora like, a toddler?
Cloutless_ Mouse
Cloutless_ Mouse - Hora atrás
Thanks for reminding me that I look like Dora
Bronze - Hora atrás
Garrett Merrill
Garrett Merrill - Hora atrás
What the actual fuck dude. What have you idiots done to Dora the explorer
Thatfathipo - Hora atrás
Really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one
Alexis Hermes
Alexis Hermes - Hora atrás
What the fuck
Forkchop - Hora atrás
2019 Dora and the lost city of gold

2024- Ben 10-inch
Why Not?
Why Not? - Hora atrás
I’m so excited for The Boyboy west coast biopic
Shiney Broccoli
Shiney Broccoli - Hora atrás
First Sonic now Dora? Damn I see Paramount you be getting into childhood franchises.
Acid Fire
Acid Fire - Hora atrás
When I saw this ad I was fully convinced that it was a parody ad for some cable company but this shit actually fucking exists
Jevil - Hora atrás
Am I the only one whose hyped for it?
Brett Blakemore
Brett Blakemore - Hora atrás
Where’s Swiper, and why isn’t he swiping?
abby_lena _
abby_lena _ - Hora atrás
De-De-De-De-De.....what the heck I don’t remember this episode of Dora
IKONIC ARMY - Hora atrás
*DoRa DoRa DoRa tHe eXpLoReR!!*
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon - Hora atrás
Dora is the worst cartoon in the 2000s it doesn’t s deserve a movie
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