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levian - 44 minutos atrás
or you could cook or boil the potatoes with coconut milk....i should try that
James Veek-Wilson
James Veek-Wilson - Hora atrás
Or you could. Not use the paddle attachment and get decent mashed potatoes.
bucca2 - Hora atrás
Oh my god they did electrocution on a potato
AC9123 - 2 horas atrás
I need to do this because potatoes are awesome!!
Matthew T.
Matthew T. - 2 horas atrás
you guys should do toast.
moondogkiller90/ /Cayden Furkin
What u gonna do w/ all those potatoes?
Guineapigtyler - 4 horas atrás
This should be called “every way I’m gonna cook a potato when I’m hungry”
Munchkim D
Munchkim D - 4 horas atrás
Hey man, raw potatoes are good
💚Peridot The Beardie💙
💚Peridot The Beardie💙 - 4 horas atrás
Every way to cook a steak! Or salmon
Arcius C
Arcius C - 4 horas atrás
this is just Irish porn
RaaaZee_ - 5 horas atrás
My girlfriend is lahna rhode jr
ABSOLUTE BOT - 5 horas atrás
Who cooks a baked potato like that
Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross - 7 horas atrás
Best thing is I don’t even like potatoes!
Trenxee - 7 horas atrás
What happens if you don't use kosher salt but normal salt instead?
Holly Osborn
Holly Osborn - 8 horas atrás
Idaho has entered the chat
Alex Angello
Alex Angello - 9 horas atrás
5:42 face reveal
n1ghtmare - 10 horas atrás
U dont need rice mashed potatoes, if u added more milk to normal mashed potatoes it would also be smooth
Twiztxd xD
Twiztxd xD - 11 horas atrás
Don’t cook a pocket potato for more than 4 minutes!
*proceeds with 4 minutes and 1 second*
Everyone with ocd : *triggered*
twatfaceno1 - 11 horas atrás
Why do they pretend that he's talking live?
Frost Bite
Frost Bite - 12 horas atrás
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin - 13 horas atrás
Electrified Iron Maiden potato (standard oven is something like 240V)
Jacob Turcic
Jacob Turcic - 14 horas atrás
MythicalTide - 14 horas atrás
Raw waxy potatoes are actually very tasty
I drink Bleach
I drink Bleach - 14 horas atrás
*Ireland is shaking*
Withney Joseph
Withney Joseph - 16 horas atrás
Lmaooo I fell asleep watching this and had a whole potato dream!
Nicolas Jardine
Nicolas Jardine - 17 horas atrás
You forgot the one where you put coal in a furnace and put a potato in it
AnneMaaikie - 17 horas atrás
potato mash that has been ‘mashed’ with machines is what we call ‘wallpaper glue’ in the Netherlands. so gross 😖
Tom's Video Skills
Tom's Video Skills - 17 horas atrás
Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew
Nate Day
Nate Day - 17 horas atrás
i wouldn't say it is ways to cook potatoes i would say ways to prepare potatoes
Oh hi Mark
Oh hi Mark - 18 horas atrás
I dishwash my potatoes
John Nguyne
John Nguyne - 18 horas atrás
Only thing I learned from this show is that anything that is sous-vide correctly will be a good dish/canvas
savaanisme itsmyname
savaanisme itsmyname - 19 horas atrás
i'm really annoyed by the fact that they talked over the video.
The hand movements and the voice were not at all at sink.
the rest of the video is really nice of course! that just bothered me a lot.
Aditya Rahardian
Aditya Rahardian - 19 horas atrás
Tiltle: Every Way To Cook A Potato
1st method: Not cook a potato
HellfireXChaotica - 20 horas atrás
Slow cookers are for when you have a long day ahead of you, you KNOW you have a long day ahead of you, and when you get home you just want to grab dinner and fall asleep halfway through eating it, not spend forty minutes prepping and twenty minutes cooking it... So you set it to cook overtime all day and be piping hot when you get in the door. It was a godsend for my mom before she became unable to work for medical reasons.
Ajay LiPira
Ajay LiPira - 21 hora atrás
Did...did he put a link in the description to sub to him right under the sub button? seriously, read his description.
Ratcum _
Ratcum _ - 22 horas atrás
11:48, captions, Chris penis.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 22 horas atrás
I could've baked a potato in the time it took to watch this
Product - 23 horas atrás
Why does he have a knife for mashed potatoes?
A Person
A Person - 23 horas atrás
Title: Every way to *_cook_* a potato

Number 1: Uncooked potato
Number 2: a potato thrown into a juicing machine

Are all of these potatoes shown in the video cooked (excluding the ones and the very beginning)
Bone appletea: Well yes, but actually no.

Edit: fixed misspelled word
Pinecone45 - 23 horas atrás
Dishwashed potato
Adam Lemrini
Adam Lemrini - Dia atrás
Y'all dumb just use 8 cobblestone
Drake McGowan
Drake McGowan - Dia atrás
I need that background music
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - Dia atrás
5:39 his face is on the pan
Da SwaggerFish
Da SwaggerFish - Dia atrás
Wait- are you the person who buys ALL the potatoes in my math notes?
Simon the Why
Simon the Why - Dia atrás
*Soviet union and Ireland wants to know your location*
The Chill Potato
The Chill Potato - Dia atrás
Is it ok to watch potato being cooked?
Rafael Monjardim
Rafael Monjardim - Dia atrás
I'm feeling so cursed after this
easysqweasy - Dia atrás
dishwasher? yes
_ Trxst_Ixsuxs _
_ Trxst_Ixsuxs _ - Dia atrás
Why are you eating my friends?😔
Random stuff with Gianna
Let’s just take a moment to remember all of the potatoes that he wasted in this video rip
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