Nintendo Switch Lite Reveal Trailer

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Anna Borkowska
Anna Borkowska - 9 horas atrás
can you download fortnite
Blueberry 585
Blueberry 585 - 3 dias atrás
ngl yellow is cool i wish Nintendo switch have the yellow tablet so i can switch my yellow jpycons
Shania Fife
Shania Fife - 4 dias atrás
Hes confusing me now
Shania Fife
Shania Fife - 4 dias atrás
Ok so you can play mario tennis on swich lite
시아 - siah
시아 - siah - 5 dias atrás
... psp?
Anyway I need it for the new Pokemon since apparently we are not getting more games for 3DS? 😂
david channel kamikaze santoyo
Nintendo pooh
david channel kamikaze santoyo
I love nintendo g
david channel kamikaze santoyo
Nintendo needs headphones bluetooth
Twospoopy4Yee - 6 dias atrás
Saying “joy con controllers” is like saying “joy controller controllers”
Regin Henriksen
Regin Henriksen - 6 dias atrás
Cant decide
Cheesey 2048
Cheesey 2048 - 6 dias atrás
The new name for the Nitendo Switch Lite is going to be called the Nintendo Lite
Esoteric Videos
Esoteric Videos - 7 dias atrás
So it’s for kids mainly, 🌝
kim jong un
kim jong un - 7 dias atrás
The switch lite is like wii u
Cutty Abhishek
Cutty Abhishek - 12 dias atrás
Nintendo switch lite support fortnite deep freeze game or no
niwid lau
niwid lau - 13 dias atrás
Wow creo que soy el unico comentario en español :D
travis the maxus
travis the maxus - 15 dias atrás
This is cool why can’t people just be grateful instead of complaining
Nokkve m
Nokkve m - 15 dias atrás
Im so gonna by that
Markel Mitchell
Markel Mitchell - 17 dias atrás
grandma bertha
grandma bertha - 17 dias atrás
This is useless
ocean puppy 11
ocean puppy 11 - 18 dias atrás
So this is good to atleast carry in pocket and play in car as well it dosent have the wired line that so annoying
Rayaan Ali
Rayaan Ali - 19 dias atrás
Im sorry i cant under stand 20/9/2019 so could you tell me month day and year pls?
Dodo Tip
Dodo Tip - 19 dias atrás
Does nintendo switch lite have built in games or you still need to purchase?
We Are Free
We Are Free - 20 dias atrás
Andres Fuenmayor
Andres Fuenmayor - 21 dia atrás
The Nintendo switchn’t
Brandon Nite
Brandon Nite - 21 dia atrás
It just looks like a will u but you can take it anywhere
Ocean Man
Ocean Man - 23 dias atrás
hey you know that portable console we made?

*what if we made it even more portable!?*
Guang Li
Guang Li - 26 dias atrás
Not really that excited… I wish they could make the screen bigger, more vibrant and higher resolution :( I don't mind the cost
Hey Boss
Hey Boss - 26 dias atrás
What’s next a switch made for tabletop mode only
Hey Boss
Hey Boss - 26 dias atrás
It’s so small in the hands but at least it’s better than. The 2ds xl by the way the yellow one is to bright
イチゴミルク - 27 dias atrás
Wait so can you play with other people?
Addy Ann
Addy Ann - 28 dias atrás
the lite have more battery then the noremole switch up to 24hours and 4hours the other switch dont
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones - 10 dias atrás
True but not true... The launch day 2017 switch has worse battery life then the switch lite true! but the new switch lite v2 that came out 5 months ago is better then the switch lite with up to 6-12 hours of battery life so yeah
Addy Ann
Addy Ann - 28 dias atrás
I have the blue one all ready is cool
Nene Rawrs
Nene Rawrs - Mês atrás
Classic! Reveal.
King Estrella
King Estrella - Mês atrás
Turn off the music
The Yee_Gamer
The Yee_Gamer - Mês atrás
It’s the same you just can’t take off the current joy cons I know this cause I won one
Joe Papa
Joe Papa - Mês atrás
Wow black dude got black switch
Name_NotImportantxD PRO
Name_NotImportantxD PRO - Mês atrás
Wii You 2.0
Emanuel Velasquez
Emanuel Velasquez - Mês atrás
You have no privilege to call it a switch, it doesnt switch
kapil busawah
kapil busawah - 2 meses atrás
1:23 *Tacos Yes*
sweet dot
sweet dot - 2 meses atrás
Reminds me of PSP
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