Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

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TaZe Zapp
TaZe Zapp - 21 hora atrás
Greyson wins round 1
Erica Holt
Erica Holt - 2 dias atrás
I think Grayson won because I liked Ethans final outfit but hated Graysons
xXcutie _gachaXx
xXcutie _gachaXx - 2 dias atrás
Me : MOM!! Theres a maniac running with no clothes on in the HALLWAY!!!😂😂😂
Mom : 😐😐😐
Lizzy Robbins
Lizzy Robbins - 2 dias atrás
when ethan is down for a wife lmk
Jarrod White
Jarrod White - 3 dias atrás
Round1 Grayson
Jarrod White
Jarrod White - 3 dias atrás
Well I mean eathan picked out graysons outfit
livelovely livelovely
livelovely livelovely - 3 dias atrás
Me when I start mario kart 6:38
summer marie
summer marie - 4 dias atrás
no one:
the dolan twins: *THeSe ShOEs go HARD!*
Mariana Fabian
Mariana Fabian - 4 dias atrás
17:23 - 17:25 do you guys see the way gray fixes e’s hair🥺
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza - 5 dias atrás
33:15 lmfao
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza - 5 dias atrás
16:09 lmfao Ethans face
hailey rainey
hailey rainey - 5 dias atrás
1- grayson picked the best
Jade Dudley
Jade Dudley - 5 dias atrás
0:37 Ethan-“Pretty F***** cool !“ Grayson -“Pretty f***** cool !” Ethan-“Pretty sick!”
Rose Amore
Rose Amore - 6 dias atrás
PrincessLeader Msp
PrincessLeader Msp - 6 dias atrás
17:49 You kinda looked like
PrincessLeader Msp
PrincessLeader Msp - 6 dias atrás
Louis Vuitton Ethan: Runs slower than a turtle at the airport
Marie Rose Hilaire
Marie Rose Hilaire - 7 dias atrás
Bonjour les gars yea i talk french
Stacy Xiong
Stacy Xiong - 7 dias atrás
I’m dead he plugged graysons nose haha I’m dead
Kate C
Kate C - 7 dias atrás
Why did 17:49 take my breath away
Isa - 8 dias atrás
I love how Grayson is mad at Ethan for being late, and then just stop being mad for a sec to check his hair. 8:13
Anastasia Avell
Anastasia Avell - 8 dias atrás
I like gray's outfit for the fashion show, idk, that just give me Gdragon's vibe
Claudia Villarreal
Claudia Villarreal - 10 dias atrás
I’ve been trying to figure out what pimple cream Ethan is using for weeks now!😂 does anyone know the name?
harry cooke
harry cooke - 10 dias atrás
grayson or ethan should box jake and logan
Richijoy Reyes
Richijoy Reyes - 10 dias atrás
Kristin B
Kristin B - 11 dias atrás
Louis Vuitton is the best! 🤙🏾 you both killed the fits!
Baileyxgrant Avocado toast
Baileyxgrant Avocado toast - 13 dias atrás
This video makes me feel so poor
Its Anna
Its Anna - 14 dias atrás
We ate snalles last night 11:43
Holly Gerig
Holly Gerig - 14 dias atrás
They're so extra about the breakfast I love it haha
MCN STUDIOS - 15 dias atrás
Me and most likely everyone when they saw all the fans getting pictures and hugs from them: UNFAIR THAT SHOULD BE MEEEEE!!!! LIKE IF YOU WANNA MEET THEM anyone else notice Graysons bathrobe was inside out lol
Tan Yanita
Tan Yanita - 16 dias atrás
He really walked like a runway model tho
Aaliyah Khan
Aaliyah Khan - 16 dias atrás
33:34 lmao ethan😂
J. M.
J. M. - 16 dias atrás
For round 1 I think Ethan won!
MeganOMG Gaming
MeganOMG Gaming - 17 dias atrás
Grayson won overall
S Robson
S Robson - 18 dias atrás
Grayson 100% won the last round. I didn't like gray's outfit that Ethan picked tbh
The Amazing Pitbull
The Amazing Pitbull - 18 dias atrás
Am I the only one who wheezed when Ethan was about to say it will be blow'n your pants too.lmao
ShushOrIWillKissYou - 18 dias atrás
Wow this is one epic experience guys. Clothes were spot on for each your personalities. And I’d say Grayson won round 1&3 but Ethan really killed it in round 2. My fav outfits were Grayson’s #2 and Ethan’s #3
One in Amelian
One in Amelian - 19 dias atrás
Ethan’s third outfit is so friggin SNATCHED holy f*. #GraysonTheStylist 💁🏻‍♂️
Mia Field
Mia Field - 20 dias atrás
Ethan- “I’m like a bag typa...”
Grayson- “He’s like a douche bag”
(34:26) ☝🏼😂
elizabeth4ng - 21 dia atrás
But what magic pimple cream erases pimples in one night?! Need to know
Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer - 22 dias atrás
I am obsessed with ethan's red pants
Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer - 22 dias atrás
I am obsessed with ethan's red pants
Zephania Carlos
Zephania Carlos - 22 dias atrás
till this day, i'm still confused on grayson's word choices in this video..
WaRy Or
WaRy Or - 23 dias atrás
Ethan choice sucks😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - 23 dias atrás
My beautiful babies do not need makeup😤
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - 23 dias atrás
Y is Louis Vittoin like their sugar daddy 😂💀
Akron Nefarious
Akron Nefarious - 24 dias atrás
Eathen did better
Ellie R
Ellie R - 25 dias atrás
ethan won round one no questions asked
lulu eva
lulu eva - 25 dias atrás
The seater looks like a person from medeor
garden Dylan wang
heather Ettleman
heather Ettleman - 25 dias atrás
The hallway runway 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Bellais nooby
Bellais nooby - 25 dias atrás
Iam a colorista
-Ethan 2019
Lily James
Lily James - 25 dias atrás
Grayson won
Lilliana Rvra
Lilliana Rvra - 25 dias atrás
16:09 did he just wanted to say cabrón?
Unit4 1Billyard
Unit4 1Billyard - 26 dias atrás
Norelie Philips
Norelie Philips - 26 dias atrás
“It’s all dairy.” 💀💀💀💀😂😂
Cameron Lupton
Cameron Lupton - 26 dias atrás
I saw them at the airport lounge at LAX on the way to Paris
Marley Page
Marley Page - 27 dias atrás
i'm currently binging the dolan twins after their video with shane dawson. DOLAN TWIN TUESDAY IS NO MORE
maria joseph
maria joseph - 27 dias atrás
33:33 "i don't support it but i'll get one for him" wtf ethan you're being like this food is shit but have it anyway, no one asked if you support it or not
maria joseph
maria joseph - 27 dias atrás
i like how they're saying "i don't know why they thought it was for four people, it's just us two" but they have two cameramen with them the whole trip
Lisa Preciado
Lisa Preciado - 27 dias atrás
17:46 🥵🥰 favorite part
Hyuna Lee
Hyuna Lee - 28 dias atrás
ethan pick so good outfit for grayson
CutelyNicole - 28 dias atrás
In the last outfit Grayson looks like a Cuban dad
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