George Lopez "Mexican Relatives" Latin Kings of Comedy Tour

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Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson - 13 horas atrás
You're doing a good job keep it up I really love what's going on very inspirational keep me laughing all night long peace out
Lance LaRose
Lance LaRose - 15 horas atrás
George Lopez for president.
cedillo107 - 16 horas atrás
Don’t pick him up !
Duh tube
Duh tube - 16 horas atrás
Worst comedian ever
Helicopter Dad
Helicopter Dad - 17 horas atrás
Build the wall!
Dnaking R8mg
Dnaking R8mg - 20 horas atrás
3rd world life fr 🇯🇲
Iris E
Iris E - 21 hora atrás
Beck Stein
Beck Stein - 23 horas atrás
Lucky Jews mostly look out for each other. There are exceptions of course but for the most part. It’s sad to hear other minorities don’t look out the same way. Negativity affects all.
J W - Dia atrás
@3:51 it ain't that funny
pos yo
pos yo - Dia atrás
Panadería = Bakery
Pan = Bread
Larry's Fountain Pens
Larry's Fountain Pens - Dia atrás
Carol Benson
Carol Benson - Dia atrás
He's so hilarious...wish we could see more of him!!!
Yes Martines
Yes Martines - Dia atrás
Lol he speaks the truth
Mike Nica
Mike Nica - Dia atrás
"It's good for his lungs" - totally a Romanian thing as well :))
Danielle Schwartz
Danielle Schwartz - Dia atrás
God, he a huge ass!
Anthony Momo
Anthony Momo - Dia atrás
I thought this dude was moving to Mexico after Trump won.
Billy Times
Billy Times - Dia atrás
love this dude funny as Hell and us Blacks and Latinos have to much in common.
bigprieto36 - Dia atrás
you're funny
you're funny - 2 dias atrás
Hahaha Mexicans and native Americans are the same. New Mexico native Americans anyway
LookAtMe - 2 dias atrás
Mexican parties be always having a lot of food because they know people going to take a plate home 😂
charles kellam
charles kellam - 2 dias atrás
MsBirdsong 77
MsBirdsong 77 - 2 dias atrás
😂😂😂 I could relate to 98% of what he said, the water hose HAAAAAAAA!!!
Brandon Truly
Brandon Truly - 2 dias atrás
Can’t imagine being not funny for 4 decades!
blu E
blu E - 2 dias atrás
Victoria’s Angel
Victoria’s Angel - 2 dias atrás
True story!!! When I went into foster care here in Florida I meet a half Cuban and Jamaican foster care mom we called her Grandma 👵🏾 Isla lol her name means Island. We loved grandma’s Isla’s Jamaican Curry Chicken 🍗
Keep in mind She knows Spanish, English and Patois 🇯🇲
But she exploded my brains up when I saw her doing what I watched my Mexican grandma do for many years 2 braids one on each side of her shoulders, hold each braids toward the front intertwine both of them in her forehead like a hair band and tied up with the ends left over of her own hair without any robber band or hair ponytail.....
I thought 💭 heeyy when did this came about and how!!!?? now think of how shocked I was to see this happening and hadn’t seen my grandma for like almost 9 years lol😂😂 my grandma is Mexican as fuck she is a mean grandma though🤣 Grandma Juanita👵🏽
Anyway my eyes could not believe it!!🤣
Am 21yrs old now what a memory right??
Martin Rios
Martin Rios - 2 dias atrás
He said he was going to move to México if Donald Trump became the president, but it was just bullshit.
Alfred Cowans
Alfred Cowans - 2 dias atrás
George Lopez Is A Fool😆😆😆😂😂😭😂😭🤣🤣🤣😆😂😆🤣🤣😆🤣
Andres CARRIZALES - 2 dias atrás
I'm glad I was raised by my grandma those were the good old days . Greeting card what had happened was LMAO. Drinking from the water hose I use to drink rain water when it rain . How about 5 gallon bucket use it as a basketball goal LMAO.
Kyliere Pack-Collins
Kyliere Pack-Collins - 2 dias atrás
His eyes😂😂😂
George Rivera
George Rivera - 2 dias atrás
George Lopez took a political stand and lost many fans. Goodbye George.
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez - 2 dias atrás
George Lopez is the muthafkn Man. 😎👍👍😂😂😂😂😂
Lina Lina
Lina Lina - 2 dias atrás
He Prob. Took Two grams of cocain before the show look at the eyes orelle
jose diaz
jose diaz - 2 dias atrás
This Foo ain't Mexican this Foo is fucking Chicano Mexicans don't even act like that
Mr Ball
Mr Ball - 2 dias atrás
Latin kings of comedy mfs stay stealing shit
Joe Yo
Joe Yo - 2 dias atrás
So proud to be Tejano
Kayla Mcbryde
Kayla Mcbryde - 3 dias atrás
I thought don't keep picking the baby up or you'll spoil it and being late was black thing lol
William Anderton
William Anderton - 3 dias atrás
I thought this piece of shit wet back was leaving the country When Donald Trump become president
L G - 3 dias atrás
Everything he said is true af😂
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez - 3 dias atrás
When he was funny. Now hes just angry and racist.
SOL 805
SOL 805 - 3 dias atrás
LISA DIAZ - 3 dias atrás
rusty shakelferg
rusty shakelferg - 3 dias atrás
Sucks he got cancelled .. and cons. O'Brien pretty much nudged him out ... Yikes drama
Troll'n USA
Troll'n USA - 3 dias atrás
ALOT of stuff he said reminded me of growing up and even right now and I'm black! Blacks and Mexicans have wayyy more in common than most people would ever think
Victoria’s Angel
Victoria’s Angel - 2 dias atrás
Troll'n USA hey am Mexican brown as George Lopez many “Latinos,” don’t know they are Natives. Lol if all of us knew the truth it would set us free right?? I was fucked up psychologically I was far away from home on my head fucking watching movies and shows that subliminally get us to hate ourselves for who we are. A lot of Guatemalans and Mexicans still speak Mayan. I will give you a hint those short people riding their bike, playing soccer at the parks in big groups and they are brown skin you will know they are Natives but they don’t know that they think they are “Latinos” if they know they are Natives and know the language here in the US they feel like and outsider like they don’t belong, and how can an outsider fight for their land? When will they fight when their on thinking are in chains and have been abused for so long. Is ignorance. In Mexico along there is 68 languages and 350 dialects. I really do think that black people and brown people when we were young didn’t want to go to church because we felt like it was the biggest Divil there was and the energy of psychology sleepiness but I was forced physically to attend church anyways.... was I’m the only one that asked as a little girl why Jesus was white?? And now that am 21 years old I know that Cristian believes was stolen from Egypt and the original cross is the Ankh and the original Jesus is Black what more prove do we need when we also got Pyramids!!! 😂 my name is Victoria Hernandez. I was a walking zombie too but I learned that there is no savior but self power and saved myself. Is all about the thinking patterns in the head. When I began to love myself I began to love black family. How did I overcome this?? Meditation is the only thing that has saved me by keeping the brain silent and it generates the brain better. It helped me to be in peace with in, self love, life appreciation and have learned faster after 3 years of meditation once a week. I hope more brown people try it out it will wake you up and once you are awake there is no more going back... cause then they will wish not to know the truth cause it takes a person to be mentally strong to know this hidden truth from us.
Troll'n USA
Troll'n USA - 2 dias atrás
@Victoria’s Angel where are you from? Is your name really Victoria?
Troll'n USA
Troll'n USA - 2 dias atrás
@Victoria’s Angel whoever you are..we have the exact same thought process I knew we were from the same DNA but I didn't want to say anything because of these sensitive ass folks on here
Victoria’s Angel
Victoria’s Angel - 2 dias atrás
bro we been lied in schools lol gov. Control for real!! We don’t have different history!! 😟We got pyramids, ancestors that unites in our DNA, culture, colors like (green, Red, yellow, purple, blue very tropical colors). Buildings colors, bandanas on our heads, soul foods, braids on our hair at the mother land, the sun we have in common too, we also love sports that are physically challenging. Lol I love God but God did not made us brown people we are the children of the black tribes that was put in captivity and sexually abused in the 18,000’s we brown people was also looked down upon for been children’s of family and were slaved along with our black ancestors (Mayans, Aztecs, Mexicas) if it wasn’t for the language barrier we would be closer to one another. Also honestly brown people are sooooooooo humble and have different beliefs, brain washed and they tend to be very preservative because of their hardships they go through in life. Also, they don’t get much of a normal childhood.... showing love is almost a sense of weakness cause they don’t experienced this much. Is more of a tough love. Brown people needs to learn to be extroverted and interpersonal and that will show the change bringing us closer.🌞🌱💛
Victoria’s Angel
Victoria’s Angel - 2 dias atrás
Troll'n USA I keep telling them about it!!
Ryan Gonzalez
Ryan Gonzalez - 3 dias atrás
I know now by a fact that George Lopez sniff a bag or two before walking out stage you see his eyeball and the way he talks that is no marijuano shit. That some real shit!
Cranjis McBasketball
Cranjis McBasketball - 3 dias atrás
George is such a pro. I'd love to see the Latin Kings of Comedy roast Donald Trump to his face!😂
dopestdope ueversmokd
dopestdope ueversmokd - 3 dias atrás
That part about the calendars from the bakeries lmao my grandma had so many lmao
cyberknife82 - 3 dias atrás
I’m Mexican and I never let my kids cry fuck that especially when they were small babies.
Romero - 3 dias atrás
My favorite part that is true “ Nooooooooooonooooooooooo don’t pick him don’t pick him oh my god you docked him up” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
redcandy 45
redcandy 45 - 3 dias atrás
Always found him funny as hell🤣😂
Sandra L
Sandra L - 3 dias atrás
esta loca "white dress!"
HCB AirSoft
HCB AirSoft - 3 dias atrás
The Aztec dude and the lady🤣🤣🤣 it’s so tru
Ed Musick
Ed Musick - 3 dias atrás
Fuck George Lopez 🖕
flyback 2me
flyback 2me - 3 dias atrás
Shitstain Lopez.
Bloodline - 3 dias atrás
“You Rock” 🎸👍🏽😂😂
emass2222 - 3 dias atrás
Didn’t this scumbag move to Mexico?
cary waltonjr.
cary waltonjr. - 3 dias atrás
I'm a poor white guy a d that just described my family and life lol 😂 he's a genius
yeezus - 3 dias atrás
Haha the part with the TV being the clock haha
Dominique D
Dominique D - 3 dias atrás
"You ain't sh*t balloon," 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elizabeth Figueroa
Elizabeth Figueroa - 3 dias atrás
Helps the lungs and they don't cry blood.
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Checkerzzz gaming Hi - 4 dias atrás
Why real Jews like me we won't talk to Puerto Rico in NewYork
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