Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures

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Karungthar Marem
Karungthar Marem - 12 minutos atrás
i guess this movie is an "old people" thing
Tak Jakby Ja
Tak Jakby Ja - 12 minutos atrás
That trailer took my breath away
Mohammed Fairooz
Mohammed Fairooz - 12 minutos atrás
Sounds like malayalam movie 'sainyam'.
spartan veer
spartan veer - 12 minutos atrás
After how many days we can make sequels?
Tina Booth
Tina Booth - 12 minutos atrás
This looks so amazing. I cannot wait
R Schrijver
R Schrijver - 13 minutos atrás
Looks good sofar, keep for once the woke and politics out of a movie in 2019 and i will watch it!
Gabriel Rakes
Gabriel Rakes - 13 minutos atrás
Best thing to happen in 30 years
ChestyMD - 13 minutos atrás
Surprise they didn’t replace him with a black transgender Muslim handicap refugee.
Misterlaxx d
Misterlaxx d - 13 minutos atrás
He shot those enemy aircraft down with the power and foresight of Scientology
justmadeit2 - 14 minutos atrás
This Thomas Cruisey guy, he make lot of film. Also he same as the Keanu Reevie man, both Neva get olds. Add third ingredient Keith Richards, we haves Trinity of youth, yes?
griffinwik - 14 minutos atrás
What kind of Top Gun movie is this?! Where is my beach volleyball?!
ethan hatcher
ethan hatcher - 14 minutos atrás
HunTer TvGT
HunTer TvGT - 14 minutos atrás
Rose are red
Violet are blue
There maverick
So where Logan Paul?
Ragnar Lothbrock
Ragnar Lothbrock - 14 minutos atrás
This took my breath away.
Goddess Romsae/Love Bomb
Goddess Romsae/Love Bomb - 14 minutos atrás
Now this is one sequel Ill let slide, Tom Cruise is a legend!
Orvar Njord
Orvar Njord - 14 minutos atrás
You can be my wingman anytime!
Girvan - 15 minutos atrás
I am a pilot today because of this movie. Here’s another one to inspire a whole new generation of pilots.
Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul - 15 minutos atrás
Feels odd to have a major West World actor in this, speaking in the same way as he does in that TV series!
marlymarz - 15 minutos atrás
About time
demonwares - 15 minutos atrás
I'm amazed that they didn't make the pilot a female like James bond
Anders Spencer
Anders Spencer - 15 minutos atrás
*Who thought its Logan Paul in the thumbnail?*
imsnjuu - 15 minutos atrás
I love you Tom Cruise.... The best actor of 90s
Khulani Tshona
Khulani Tshona - 15 minutos atrás
Yes finally!
brad the earthling
brad the earthling - 15 minutos atrás
Shit yes.
Maxputil - 16 minutos atrás
Only watching this one for Jennifer Connelly
Von Splatterblast
Von Splatterblast - 16 minutos atrás
Wasnt excited for this film but after watching the trailer.... I might give it a shot
SkyGaruda - 16 minutos atrás
This gives me a hardon xD
Lmnd Ljb
Lmnd Ljb - 16 minutos atrás
They are really preparing us for a war.
TPDAPROD - 17 minutos atrás
I feel the need...
Mago Tlax
Mago Tlax - 17 minutos atrás
Woow........una película que tanto esperaba, que felicidad 😀😀😀
Ric Janssen
Ric Janssen - 17 minutos atrás
sure that arent the 80s anymore
Coleo - 17 minutos atrás
So it's just a 2 hour montage of him living the modern life of a fighter pilot which is literally just flying around?
Ahmad Haruman
Ahmad Haruman - 17 minutos atrás
My Mom got my haircut like Tom Cruise when Top Gun first came out. I'm excited to see this movie.
belleisleguy - 17 minutos atrás
I must confess... it looks pretty good.
poodle sauce
poodle sauce - 17 minutos atrás
h2 mothafuka........kawasaki for the win......sick......
Thomas Knuppe
Thomas Knuppe - 17 minutos atrás
Could work.
Joe Collucci
Joe Collucci - 17 minutos atrás
Hell yeah this sequel actually looks good! Hopefully it's worth the wait
Nick Pokorny
Nick Pokorny - 17 minutos atrás
Still playing with the boys
sarikatimmi - 17 minutos atrás
but did he ever score four touchdowns in ai single football game?
onebeforetwo - 17 minutos atrás
fly-bys for everyone! 🔥
Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen - 17 minutos atrás
Seems appropriate here....
"Well let me tell you something. Don't. Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there... you can make a difference." -James T Kirk
Shayn Davis
Shayn Davis - 17 minutos atrás
Loving these practical effects, they'll have to spend the CGI budget editing Val Kilmer's face.

Jk Val, you're seriously brave for beating throat cancer and coming back. It wouldn't be Top Gun without you.
Zidane Mohsini
Zidane Mohsini - 18 minutos atrás
Anyone remember nogla predicting Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
CGagnon5 - 18 minutos atrás
this movie is going to be a disaster. People need to stop putting Tom Cruise in movies. I go out of my way to avoid anything he is in. Especially when the movie is buttshit military propaganda
Digging with RodCo
Digging with RodCo - 18 minutos atrás
My channel has a better intro
Lee Jordan
Lee Jordan - 18 minutos atrás
Back to the Danger Zone! Hell Yeah!
Marc Gorospe
Marc Gorospe - 18 minutos atrás
Gives me goosebumps!!!
MARRO1190 - 18 minutos atrás
Ehhh.... Where's van kilmar?? Or the ugly chick that was the love intrest ...whats the point of this then? Anyone ask for a sequel to this... SMFH.
Theforcer 1
Theforcer 1 - 18 minutos atrás
Well it's time to watch the first one i guys...
Strawberry - 18 minutos atrás
James Charles just asked u out

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