UFC 241 Preview Show | ESPN MMA

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2nd Amendment
2nd Amendment - 25 dias atrás
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel - 27 dias atrás
Cejudo has become annoying as fuck.
elc - 27 dias atrás
Lol Stipe was still bigger (taller & longer) just not heavier ;o)
Roland Morrison
Roland Morrison - 28 dias atrás
Cheal is eating his words... saying Pettis is the better fighter??? Yeah rite,,,he didn't look beer to me...Nate beat him in every aspect
Roland Morrison
Roland Morrison - 28 dias atrás
Better*,,, lol
CZee - 28 dias atrás
DC V MIOCIC: So many thought DC would win. Stipe did a great job at adjusting on the fly and started attacking the body in round 4 and untimately chopped DC down. Great fight, we will never know what would have happend if DC listen to his corner and wrestled with him, DC was ahead on points easily going into round 4. Great fight. DIAZ V PETIS: DIAZ looked too big for Pettis but the fight was won when Diaz checked a Pettis kick, damn that changed the game, Pettis could hardly move after that. After all the shit Dana has put the Diaz brothers through Nate has a huge following still (although i don't understand why have they heard him talk ? ) and looks like getting some big pay days in the near future. ROMERO V COSTA: Damn what a fight. Costa controlled the fight early and pushed the pace but look at whay Romero did to him. Costa was fucked up and couldn't walk. Could have gone both ways but Romero should get another shot at him if Costa ends up champion. (I'm Ozzy so hope Whittaker can beat both Izzy and Costa).
Toke Shmoke
Toke Shmoke - 28 dias atrás
Brett okamoto sucks balls for change
ebrahim mohamadi
ebrahim mohamadi - 28 dias atrás
Amir Ali Akbari comes next month to search his forces
The Super Cool Adventure Show
It's the "Stipe Show" now! Someone should of told you guys!
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff - 28 dias atrás
Fuck chael. Chael talks to much he can't keep track of his takes. He has another segment where's he's screaming bout DC only losing one round. If u start slow ur gonna lose more than 1 round. So which is it. Chael is the Steven A Smith of UFC. Dudes a dueche n he's always wrong anymore
Bill Bout
Bill Bout - 28 dias atrás
Henry cejudo...Hoboken is NOT IN NY.....Its in JERSEY.And your actually pushing fighting a Female???I guess it's in your heritage hitting women.....Hope she KICKS YOUR ASS
Jose Delarosa
Jose Delarosa - 28 dias atrás
Real mf shit nate, speak the real catch the ol mighty thrill
Daniel Christmann
Daniel Christmann - 28 dias atrás
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell - 28 dias atrás
HUGE congratulations to Stipe!!! Respect
JohnnyC Major
JohnnyC Major - 28 dias atrás
Chad put down the crack pipe, you're too excited.
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 - 27 dias atrás
JohnnyC Major - - Live a Consequential life
Hello There
Hello There - 28 dias atrás
Here's an idea, don't buy Colby's next fight. Fuck that guy, fake ass Patriot. Sorry whoever is on the same card, find a different card to fight on.
JohnnyC Major
JohnnyC Major - 28 dias atrás
Joe has passed.RIP Joe.
Jeroen NL
Jeroen NL - 27 dias atrás
JohnnyC Major seriously? What happened??
Raymond Diaz
Raymond Diaz - 28 dias atrás
Nate won and shut the wheaties guy the fuck up and stipe got what was his and Daniel gave him exactly what he asked for
Izzy - 28 dias atrás
Stipe fucking did ittt!!!!
Tolusen Sumi
Tolusen Sumi - 28 dias atrás
Thank God :) I'm so happy Miocic defeated DC funally
RaLLyKaTz OoO - 28 dias atrás
Patrick Blue
Patrick Blue - 28 dias atrás
two natives americans
Patrick Blue
Patrick Blue - 28 dias atrás
its on espn
Азат Нурмухамедов
Вот это Хуйня только умеет говорить
William & Audrey Menjivar
William & Audrey Menjivar - 28 dias atrás
nick mitrevski
nick mitrevski - 28 dias atrás
nick mitrevski
nick mitrevski - 28 dias atrás
Alexander Lomtadze
Alexander Lomtadze - 28 dias atrás
Я Чё то непонял где бои??
matthew clark
matthew clark - 28 dias atrás
Ariel and chael are awful at commentary.
dohnnycash - 28 dias atrás
So we get less bang for our bucks, a real Dana White special. The best fight on the card is a 3 rounder that Nate won’t get a fair decision in if it goes to the judges.
Pesare Irani
Pesare Irani - 27 dias atrás
dohnnycash lol the card was sick and nate won a dec 😂👍
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 - 28 dias atrás
Yoel will knock out Paul late rd 1 ....Pettis will stop Diaz rd 2.......Stipe will stop DC rd 2
dohnnycash - 28 dias atrás
Who is the fool editing this video ? You show two clips of Pettis and Tony Ferguson where Pettis put some good shots on Tony. Then you show a different fight where Pettis won and his hand is raised by the ref. Tony submitted Pettis and you had to throw a clip from a different fight in this BS to lie to your viewers. Obviously you are trying to cover up the scam of the loser of a fight getting preferential treatment over the winner that is on a 11 or 12 fight winning streak and we never hear his name.
Jeroen NL
Jeroen NL - 27 dias atrás
dohnnycash lmao dude
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins - 28 dias atrás
Glad to see Nate back in the cage. The Diaz brothers are the real deal.
Profesorius Lithuania
Profesorius Lithuania - 28 dias atrás
Problem with then you can't finish them they like zombie's coming to you. For Diaz brothers need more then 3 or 5 rounds
lucky strike
lucky strike - 28 dias atrás
Nate haaaaas to win this one if he wanna stay relevant tbh
Муъмин Дадобоев
Это только у меня не показывает?
Ricky VanDusen
Ricky VanDusen - 28 dias atrás
Skipping all that cejudo crap. Video starts 20:50
TheQuietOne75 - 28 dias atrás
Doing god's work. Thank you.
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez - 28 dias atrás
rdchannels - 28 dias atrás
34:22 Chael 🤣
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez - 28 dias atrás
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez - 28 dias atrás
Hmm Ariels suit doesn't look Reebok 🧐
7even Sorrows
7even Sorrows - 28 dias atrás
How does ariel find work at like every MMA outlet ever but NO fighters like him. Promoters don't even like him😂
nick mitrevski
nick mitrevski - 28 dias atrás
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez - 28 dias atrás
Conor come over and punch all three these guys.
Ziva Maria
Ziva Maria - 28 dias atrás
Best card since khabib mcnugget
No Name
No Name - 28 dias atrás
Бля.че за херня.
line •`_•
line •`_• - 28 dias atrás
+ зкб
James Mcdonnell
James Mcdonnell - 28 dias atrás
80 dollers that's two 40s
Marquim Moraes
Marquim Moraes - 28 dias atrás
not your papi
not your papi - 28 dias atrás
King of cringe is dope he can go far fr I fw it
S4V4gE SOUTH - 28 dias atrás
I'm so amped for this main card!
A Bad Guy
A Bad Guy - 28 dias atrás
The greatest card of 2019, taking place in what was once the greatest state.
TUFF GUY RIO - 28 dias atrás
Video starts at 1:47 pay me in likes here
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 - 27 dias atrás
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 - 27 dias atrás
@Schwarz Conroy stop being so sensitive and PAY UP
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 - 27 dias atrás
@TUFF GUY RIO get a sense of humor .. lighten up stop being so tuff
TUFF GUY RIO - 28 dias atrás
ORION 72/R.S.M. 144,000 get a life!
Schwarz Conroy
Schwarz Conroy - 28 dias atrás
Your Money Is Not Welcome...MAN UP
jason lee
jason lee - 28 dias atrás
Stipe and Pettis because Diaz and DC are🍕💩's
Ziva Maria
Ziva Maria - 28 dias atrás
angels pieces of shit
No Name
No Name - 28 dias atrás
Завали хлебало
miguel angel
miguel angel - 28 dias atrás
Slice poops?
Marvin Bennett
Marvin Bennett - 28 dias atrás
Pulling for pettis but i think this may be a replay of pettis vs tferg.
I see pettis clipping him multiple times but i think nate might take it and keep coming forward; i see a lot of blood.
dohnnycash - 28 dias atrás
I agree with you on the way this fight will go. I am a fan of both of them. Who is this t Ferguson guy I never hear anyone talk about him. Kidding of coarse ‘el cucay’ is probably the best fighter in the UFC and we never hear his name
Steven O'Connell
Steven O'Connell - 28 dias atrás
I hate the fact that I have to subscribe to a network I really don’t like to watch UFC fights and I haven’t until now. I just wanted to say the only reason I’m doing it is to watch Nate Diaz fight.
Steven O'Connell
Steven O'Connell - 28 dias atrás
magx01 Tell me more
magx01 - 28 dias atrás
Oh you definitely don't have to......
dohnnycash - 28 dias atrás
That’s a good reason.
Wang Chung
Wang Chung - 28 dias atrás
Diaz is the Don of this $hit !!!!
Todd Alexander
Todd Alexander - 28 dias atrás
you joking Nate Diaz is going to take it all day and DC's going to take the heavyweight I got 20 thousand on Nate
Chris Neil
Chris Neil - 28 dias atrás
DC by decision Pettis by tko
TK fam5
TK fam5 - 28 dias atrás
Ariel and Henry lol
Chael your a G bro dont worry we dont put u in the same category as them 3L
David Cheese
David Cheese - 28 dias atrás
I used to appreciate cejudo but the more I see and hear from him, the more I want someone to break his jaw so it can be wired shut🤷🏻‍♂️
It is what it is
It is what it is - 28 dias atrás
Seems a bit excessive.
JWarrenH Heatvisionburns
JWarrenH Heatvisionburns - 28 dias atrás
$80 to watch... No. Duh...wa..na.
Monu Sony
Monu Sony - 28 dias atrás
Gbox Mohamed
Gbox Mohamed - 28 dias atrás
Romero,Diaz,Dc for the win
Mental Divergence
Mental Divergence - 28 dias atrás
Gbox Mohamed You got everything wrong
KINGTIGER4LIFE 77 - 28 dias atrás
😂 stooges...stipe&pettis winner's tonight..if Nate wins fine by me hard pick tho.
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