Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

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Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen - Hora atrás
Trending Page: I am inevidible
Pewdiepie: *And I have James Charles*
SanAndreas2628 - Hora atrás
That's cool but I still hate James Charles
Chōwa — Music Channel
Chōwa — Music Channel - Hora atrás
😂😂😂 I thought it was a joke 😂😂😂 omg this is great
PenguinPotion - Hora atrás
Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History

Pewdiepie and James: Hold our Beers
eva jenny
eva jenny - Hora atrás
i have a chance to get likes but i don’t know what to comment:/
Boop bip boop
Boop bip boop - Hora atrás
PewDiePie sounds : 😑
James sounds : 😳
Madison Miller
Madison Miller - Hora atrás
The bros and the sisters have been joined together to form a family .
Me, A Violist
Me, A Violist - Hora atrás
Pewds: plays minecraft with James Charles
*Gets number one on trending*
chais vroom
chais vroom - Hora atrás
When james said bye sister Tati most be so happy😩😩
Thehousehold57 Valla
Thehousehold57 Valla - Hora atrás
wait james is still a thing? No hate just have not heard of him for a while
Dendoi - Hora atrás
I thought that this was a joke...
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn - Hora atrás
Minecraft has ruined this channel.
Ellen Aronsson
Ellen Aronsson - Hora atrás
I just did´nt like this vid bc of James
jenna alexa
jenna alexa - Hora atrás
I came directly to the comments 👀👀
Ray Glory
Ray Glory - Hora atrás
Ewwwwwwww a fag
Abbey Ursery
Abbey Ursery - Hora atrás
james is roasting him
DLG - Hora atrás
What am I watching?
Yonsi 4
Yonsi 4 - Hora atrás
Stack daddy
Stack daddy - Hora atrás
Really Felix????
Kalu Khan
Kalu Khan - Hora atrás
They could also play PUBG.. why Minecraft 🤣
Sarah No
Sarah No - Hora atrás
The fact that he's in full makeup for the gaming videos too just cracks me up for some reason 😂
aehr lynn
aehr lynn - Hora atrás
Why do I feel like this might show up on beauty teaspill channels? 🤣
stinnn - Hora atrás
Basically a gaymer
Death Is For Normies
Death Is For Normies - Hora atrás
YouTube *Puts PewDiePie on 1# Trending
Everybody: *WHHAAATTT*
WRAPSTER - Hora atrás
Number 1 trending, *yt headquarters: gd he did it again ffs*
Hobi hates snakeu
Hobi hates snakeu - Hora atrás
Roberto Jordan
Roberto Jordan - Hora atrás
Pewds ur camera quality is like sven
Aprilah Amira Sefenizka
Aprilah Amira Sefenizka - Hora atrás
Why he's truly gay?
meggypeggy - Hora atrás
why do you truly have a problem w that?
Randeep Singh
Randeep Singh - Hora atrás
The collab nobody wanted
meggypeggy - Hora atrás
are you serious? how did you not find this entertaining? i get that humour is subjective and all that but aside from that, c’mon, this was so wholesome. (ps no ones gonna take you seriously with that outdated af meme of a pfp.)
Swastik Swarup Das
Swastik Swarup Das - Hora atrás
Did he just say " Frick for james " 5:06 .... what the
10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Minecraft: *getting revived*
Fortnite: *Dying*
Fortnite Kids: Wait That’s Illegal
Miguel U
Miguel U - Hora atrás
1)You are reading this
2)You are human
3)You can't say the letter "P"without separating your lips
4)You just attempted to do it
6)You are laughing at yourself
7)You heave a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5
8)You just checked to see if there is a No. 5.
I am sure you are shocked.
BogyPotet - Hora atrás
stolen but still made me laugh lmao
Cristina Oprea
Cristina Oprea - Hora atrás
Im not a gamer, never played minecraft, completely dislike James Charles from the start, not after the Tati thing.
Never watched any of the other Pewds minecraft videos.
Me: watches the entire video and bursts out laughing every other 2 minutes. 😂😂😂
Sami Blair
Sami Blair - Hora atrás
I can’t play on the server anymore it won’t let me
Basquiat_The_Creator - Hora atrás
James Charles got them DSL, no homo of course
Tini - Hora atrás
7:42 PewDiePie literally just put the leather pants back into the chest thinking it was his inventory. Anyone else notice that?
Chance Batin
Chance Batin - Hora atrás
Yesssss quit yo fortnite and play Minecraft periodt.
PianoMadness - Hora atrás
what happened to the other thumbnail?
Мария Ромм
Мария Ромм - Hora atrás
Heeey , where are the Russian subtitles ? :(((
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - Hora atrás
I lost respect for you
andry flipsky
andry flipsky - Hora atrás
Как такое дерьмо попадает в тренды...
Prince Cooper
Prince Cooper - Hora atrás
Wow pewdiepie really suck at Minecraft lol james are more pro lol
Struck Strike
Struck Strike - Hora atrás
never saw this coming
Marvelman 05
Marvelman 05 - Hora atrás
Y'all missed Lazarbeam😭😭
UnLimitedGame - Hora atrás
I put my assistive touch at james charles facecam so i dont see his face.life hack
Taddo - Hora atrás
this is #1 on trending... not #1 trending for gaming, #1 on trending.
Kate Summers
Kate Summers - Hora atrás
fupalord x
fupalord x - Hora atrás
Brianah Allen
Brianah Allen - Hora atrás
This is why I was team to series
Ivo Franjičević
Ivo Franjičević - Hora atrás
stop playing with the gay ones pewds!!
samantha - Hora atrás
Don’t even have the words for how much I love this.
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