Madonna To The LGBTQ Community: Never Give Up Hope | TODAY

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steven brooks
steven brooks - 2 dias atrás
DAMM liar with money brainwash us all...if your, not brainwashed why awkward on this then take the mickey out of actors singers 30 yrs later her age ....
graham norton show x
rawrbro69 - 2 dias atrás
The fact a lot of people become famous and forget who helped them become famous and Madonna did not! She basically saying the lgbtq helped me become me and in return I’m forever in there “debt.” (In a good way) and I will never forget that and will All ways help out. It’s not just saying okay I support the lgbtq it’s acutely doing something on a daily and not just during pride and Madonna shows that and she helped us as we helped her and that’s amazing!!!
rawrbro69 - 2 dias atrás
The lgbtq helped launched Madonna and the fact she basically knowdlgeses it every time in her song and in her daily life is iconic
Bobby Barbie Boy
Bobby Barbie Boy - 8 dias atrás
Thank you Madonna
Dennis DerChrist
Dennis DerChrist - 8 dias atrás
Hope is for the ones who love God. Good is evil. Madonna will turn to Christ before she dies and get saved and for this blessing i ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ! Amen.
mildred highcock
mildred highcock - 9 dias atrás
07:49 his smile!!!
Cateraoke Photography Weddings and Events
Fell in love with Madonna once again. #love
Corey Duane Marshall
Corey Duane Marshall - 10 dias atrás
Talia Kay
Talia Kay - 11 dias atrás
What a fake. "I think a lot about blowing up the White House" She is an anti American POS.
R. Exp.
R. Exp. - 6 dias atrás
You know what a metaphor, right?
Herb Arnold
Herb Arnold - 11 dias atrás
What a great interview.  Madonna, we appreciate your support and continue to support you and your amazing entertainment career.
Joe Campagna
Joe Campagna - 11 dias atrás
Thank you 🙏✨
Sandy Van Stedum
Sandy Van Stedum - 11 dias atrás
She's not a hero!! Standing up for sin is wrong!! God loves us, but hates our sin!! She is lost, and needs to ask Jesus in her heart. I pray she does!
minx liberal
minx liberal - 11 dias atrás
I love this interview Madonna it's the realest one ive seen good for her
Rich Dom
Rich Dom - 12 dias atrás
beautiful woman ❤
Grape Fruh
Grape Fruh - 13 dias atrás
How do I tell my dad
Noonas. H
Ivan Lalovic
Ivan Lalovic - 13 dias atrás
for change ment a lot for me emotional , a lot of memories in last 30 years , with they were with you ☺☺☺ 2 person you got reward beside Clinton , oh DNA ❤❤❤
Free Quence
Free Quence - 13 dias atrás
Humble baller look...more hope still...
Steve Laupert
Steve Laupert - 13 dias atrás
Give me a break this freak and freaks like this perverted woman can take a one way ticket to the furnace where she belongs everlasting torment! All the youth this woman has twisted! She is a Kabbalist a witch for HaSatan
Flower POWER
Flower POWER - 13 dias atrás
forhad ahmed
forhad ahmed - 14 dias atrás
Such a woman
Daniella Rose
Daniella Rose - 14 dias atrás
Roy Key
Roy Key - 14 dias atrás
Love you Madonna
Timelessmusic Familymusic
Timelessmusic Familymusic - 14 dias atrás
She so brave!! Their are those who judge the less fortunate, while Madonna empowers them to stay strong & be yourself with pride.💖
MrRD1984 - 15 dias atrás
Thank you, Madonna.
Thank you for being there when no one else were.
Rudy Mora
Rudy Mora - 15 dias atrás
Madonna is very inspiring, a very important advocate for change because we all are very vulnerable. to be treated unfair and hated for just wanting to be who we are. Madonna is a leader she doesn't lead everyone how ever, everyone needs change, ...who doesn't. Change is good. There are nay sayers. Haters , that disagree with your what you disagree in and who you are, they hasten on you too as we speak. Well lMadonna and manny more people who want change are here for you. Who better than someone with power can lead us to change, like Madonna. We all need respect and love and we not gonna get that if we don't have the Madinna, the Dr Martin Luther king's, the Bill Clinton's etc.. in to lead us into change so we all can grow to love ourselves then where is the love and respect we all need going to come from. It will still come but the hate and disrespect will come more.i urge anyone who disagrees and disrespect Madonna for fighting for something we all struggle for and desperately need to study this remarkable woman. Study her from the begging of her career, because this is not some thing new , she's fighter for. She has been fighting for you, for me, for us, for change. We must support her, not fight her, not hate on her. But. Respect her. We should honor her. If we don't do it now we will eventually.. why not be a part of the movement for change
If we don't need it now and we all do. That is the problem. We need to support each other, especially. If we have someone powerful to lead us. Let's be a part of history. Because it's only going to get better if we all stop the hate and start to love honor and respect each other as human beings
You don't have to follow madonna just be apart of the movement for change. This world will be a better place. Stop the hate people. Stop the fear as well. We can be honest of who we are well that is what Madonna is after, change. Be a part of history or miss the boat. I would have loved to follow another legend that is Martin Luther king while he was alive. I am after his passing, but not in history.. why wait for a leader to die before you appreciate, honor and respect while that leader is alive. We know one of thesee leaders they have worked so very hard for us let's not hate but love each other . respect each other, it's a whole lot essier.
Señorito Gaga
Señorito Gaga - 15 dias atrás
Queen Of Pop 😍
ShadesofP!nk - 7 dias atrás
True ❤
Fernando Patricio Navarro Contreras
She looks great!!! Greets from Chile!!!
Jarred Knox
Jarred Knox - 15 dias atrás
She’s such a cold phony. It’s great that she shows supports for gays, but that doesn’t change her superficiality.
George Washington
George Washington - 15 dias atrás
The police
MM R - 16 dias atrás
What happened to her GRILLz?? 😁
Nadine Summa
Nadine Summa - 17 dias atrás
What a great Interview!
Capricorneo - 17 dias atrás
She's definitely trying her best to get some people to buy tickets for her upcoming tour cuz she knows it's gonna flunk. Her Billboard Award performance was such a mess that everyone now wants to watch Paula Abdul's concert instead.
Ed Eddy
Ed Eddy - 18 dias atrás
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤GO FANPOWER!!!!!
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ MADAME X ...." DARK BALLET" video is OUT!!!! FASTEN YOUR BELTS ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤celebrate ur life with majestic music
Angel Messtanoffski
Angel Messtanoffski - 18 dias atrás
She's more of advocate for plastic surgery!
Nina Barzova-Karadusheva
Nina Barzova-Karadusheva - 18 dias atrás
She is still the best,since M.J. is not here.
Alan Renfroe
Alan Renfroe - 18 dias atrás
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo - 18 dias atrás
Richard Fazliu
Richard Fazliu - 18 dias atrás
And we are happy you are not giving up on us !
Ness - 18 dias atrás
best she’s looked lately wow
Peter D
Peter D - 18 dias atrás
Why is she dressed like Michael Jackson?
Zohra Boelhouwers
Zohra Boelhouwers - 19 dias atrás
Madonna will forever be The Godess, love her to pieces!!!!
Samira Sanhadja
Samira Sanhadja - 19 dias atrás
Madonna looks like she has extra sensory abilities
Constantin Guerri
Constantin Guerri - 19 dias atrás
Thank you Madonna
ryan barton
ryan barton - 19 dias atrás
Nancy pelosi she wants trump in prison
ryan barton
ryan barton - 19 dias atrás
ryan barton
ryan barton - 19 dias atrás
MNC - 19 dias atrás
I agree with the old lady
Gentleman Fox
Gentleman Fox - 20 dias atrás
I love everything about you, Madonna.
Thank you for all you've done for us!
Lucy Meltsmyheart
Lucy Meltsmyheart - 20 dias atrás
The things that she has done are magnificent.She has personally flewn to Mexico to buy her friend some medicine for AIDS.This is not your everyday type of woman.Shes so intelligent too.I don’t think she’s appreciated enough.
Happy Wanderer
Happy Wanderer - 20 dias atrás
Her face 😏
martini - 19 dias atrás
what about it? be more specific scared one.
robert2594 - 20 dias atrás
I've never seen her this touchingly and soo humblingly beautiful!!... I'm really touched by seeing her this emotional, humbleand so so real ... Makes me want to slowly and softly kiss her😌
elia pi
elia pi - 20 dias atrás
her jacket looks like a MJ jacket :(
elia pi
elia pi - 19 dias atrás
martini just reminded me of him 🤷🏽‍♀️
martini - 19 dias atrás
why the sad face?
Angelo Gomez
Angelo Gomez - 20 dias atrás
Anyone who supports homosexuals gays or lesbians is insane
Angelo Gomez
Angelo Gomez - 19 dias atrás
@martini is beyond sad to say your just another case of Beyond backwards intelligence and ignorance at its highest take care mr. Demon
martini - 19 dias atrás
anyone who supports a NATURAL feeling is compassionate. anyone who fights against it is insane
Gambler - 20 dias atrás
George Washington
George Washington - 20 dias atrás
Dan Greenberg’s dad is a loser
Chips dad is an architect
reggie garcia
reggie garcia - 20 dias atrás
Hola baby
Wayne Uk
Wayne Uk - 20 dias atrás
Thank you so much from the UK 🏳️‍🌈
Andrea Pencz
Andrea Pencz - 20 dias atrás
She speak like someone make her a robot! DANGEROUS MODERN LIFE!!!!!
Andrea Pencz
Andrea Pencz - 19 dias atrás
@martini sad world! Top BRvideo video's must have a triangle signal which is on dollar's to! Triangle = Your life is belongs to the TRIANGLE"S!
martini - 19 dias atrás
listen to the song american life by madonna
Nebitno Nebitno
Nebitno Nebitno - 20 dias atrás
Only LGBT community can stand you, you are poor creature
me me
me me - 20 dias atrás
I feel sorry for this poor lost soul! What good is it to inherit the world if you loose your soul!
Dani Halling
Dani Halling - 21 dia atrás
Ed Eddy
Ed Eddy - 21 dia atrás
Dont swear by 100 billboard no more ,or some radios if madonna's new innovative songs are not played enough!
sometimes novelty is approached timidly,it is for us ,we the fans andTHE ONES WHO LOVE THIS SOUND TO REQUEST THEM ,follow your taste ,make her the one in your playlist, anythime you want,no permission needed
FirstAnd Last
FirstAnd Last - 22 dias atrás
Haha, translated ...”now that I’m irrelevant and people realize that the only so called singer with a worse voice than mine is Beyoncé ; I better use the gays again “.
ShadesofP!nk - 7 dias atrás
Beyonce is the greatest vocalist in the industry right now.
Inca1980 - 22 dias atrás
American royalty! Thanks Madge for always looking out for us!
falsal mustafa
falsal mustafa - 23 dias atrás
I love you Madonna!
lau mrnc
lau mrnc - 23 dias atrás
This woman 🥺
Наташа Лагода
Наташа Лагода - 24 dias atrás
Сделайте русские титры пожалуйста умоляю!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!
Michael Ernest Rinvil 666
Michael Ernest Rinvil 666 - 24 dias atrás
But Why Does She Have On Michaels Jacksons Jacket???
Ismahan Obenali
Ismahan Obenali - 24 dias atrás
❤️you my dear Madonna 🙌🏽💋
Anna Mc Govern
Anna Mc Govern - 25 dias atrás
Very raw.. Never seen Madonna so vulnerable 💜
sankee - 26 dias atrás
Her lipstick is becoming mushy, she is a golden girl now!
Mice Vasilevski III
Mice Vasilevski III - 26 dias atrás
Are you lesbian or
Moonage Daydream
Moonage Daydream - 26 dias atrás
This is a Michael Jackson costume.
KyriakosGR - 26 dias atrás
!!! R E S P E C T !!!
Melisa Wilson
Melisa Wilson - 26 dias atrás
Shes still very beautiful, and SEEMS just lovely.....but looks CAN BE DECIEVING....does anyone really know Madonna? the bible it says that satan can come as a vision of light, and beauty....that pretty much describes what I think, I'm looking at here....idk..God bless anyone reading this in JESUS HOLY NAME 🌈🕊
Melisa Wilson
Melisa Wilson - 17 dias atrás
@martini yup, men who were inspired by the most high God of the universe. Seek truth.
martini - 19 dias atrás
the bible is a book written by men
Love And Truth Truth And Love
Love And Truth Truth And Love
@martini ok whatever you say
martini - 19 dias atrás
the bible is a book written by men
LG - 27 dias atrás
everyone's going on about how "at peace" she was during this interview. she was freaking out fyo. VERY unrelaxed.
Nico Stone
Nico Stone - 25 dias atrás
HAMED KHAN I agreed. Like she said, she lost many of her friends and has seen so much. Madonna is a lot of things, but at the end of the day we don’t know what she experienced.
HAMED KHAN - 25 dias atrás
LG she seems very sad in an emotional way .
Nicolas William
Nicolas William - 27 dias atrás
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones - 27 dias atrás
Wtf happened to her lips?
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly - 28 dias atrás
Connection! Valued!
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly - 19 dias atrás
You can see some of my artwork and fashion designs here...if you're interested. 😄
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly - 19 dias atrás
I really didn't want to intrude on her space knowing what had been in the media about the stalker, I didn't think it would have been appropriate. Plus my heart was pounding out of my chest like Rogger Rabbit!
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly - 19 dias atrás
martini It had to be between 2002 and 2003 my roomate worked for Arianne Phillips at the time she was styling Madonna an J.T. I didn't say anything to her except "lady's first" as her and her friend entered the elevator. She was pleasant while her and her friend carried on a conversation. I had one of my freelancers with me, we were planning displays we also had our own conversation. I'm not really star-struck working in a retail chain like Barneys it was common to see familiar faces. Of course no other celebrity drew as much attention as her in the store. I thought she was nice, there was no pretences asside from being accompanied by a friend and in conversation. I do believe that was around the time she was getting stalked by that creeper! The two got into a black porche and that's about all I remember!
martini - 19 dias atrás
@Sovereign Butterfly what was she like in the elevator? and what year was it?
Sovereign Butterfly
Sovereign Butterfly - 20 dias atrás
I also had the pleasure of riding in the elevator with her at Barneys in B.H. many, many years ago. Much love!
Big Buttons
Big Buttons - 28 dias atrás
Madonna looks sad deep down ,like she's been sold now has to keep going!!
LG - 27 dias atrás
you're on the money, dude.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 28 dias atrás
British Monarchy can fund all of Africa. For shame.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 28 dias atrás
...her nose is so far up the Queen's butt.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 28 dias atrás
Justice 4 Prince
Sea Star
Sea Star - 28 dias atrás
Madonna will be murdered. Probably, plane crash.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 26 dias atrás
@LG yes. She is a broken-winged bird, lately. We've never seen Madonna so downtrodden. It's coming...
LG - 27 dias atrás
she did say something about fearing for her life, adding "as you probably do", to the guy interviewing her. She seems momentarily disappointed at his dismissing her comment.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 28 dias atrás
Jesus loves everybody. Even filthy rich celebrities, like Madonna.
LG - 27 dias atrás
loves the person and hates the sin.
TheHuidos2006 - 29 dias atrás
All BLOODY lables are ment to DIVIDE!
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen - 29 dias atrás
I lived in the US for 11 years and her live show is the only show I've been to. I always feel a connection to her lyrics.
Sarbjit Kaur
Sarbjit Kaur - 29 dias atrás
She's the queen and looks it to love u
Ben Kleschinsky
Ben Kleschinsky - 29 dias atrás
Ask Monica if she thinks Bill Clinton is an advocate for change.
LG - 27 dias atrás
funny, I thought the same thing...
MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving
I Love You Madonna
Chrissy N.
Chrissy N. - 29 dias atrás
Awesome... Don't worry about what the silly Christians say girl. There Crown Chakras are infected with the Crown of thorns Crucifixion Virus. They fear change.
LG - 27 dias atrás
I've gotta say, Chrissy, as a Christian, I don't have many fears.
C Bradshaw
C Bradshaw - Mês atrás
Strong smart sassy and SO BEAUTIFUL. What is with that perfect face, those perfect eyes and lips.
Edith Gottschalk
Edith Gottschalk - Mês atrás
Alguien podría traducir la entrevista de Madonna al español?... Gracias
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor - Mês atrás
Ole shark eyes.
Ana Gaspar
Ana Gaspar - Mês atrás
madona 🖕🖕🖕
Chelsea Young
Chelsea Young - Mês atrás
Jacob Schnier
Jacob Schnier - Mês atrás
Uncle Randy
Uncle Randy - Mês atrás
ls2778 - Mês atrás
She made me live my life and also embrace it
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