I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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brazil - 3 meses atrás
haha grape
Minbey - 11 dias atrás
I like waffles
I like waffles - 15 dias atrás
Taichi Kamiya
Taichi Kamiya - 23 dias atrás
brazil look at the top right when the doctor says “hmmmm 6 weeks” slow to .25, and constantly pause til you see a demon saying “butt lolz” XD
Mack - 23 dias atrás
I hate you xD
Mystic - 25 dias atrás
Last reply.
Nicholas Eaton
Nicholas Eaton - Hora atrás
Cookies Cookies
Cookies Cookies - Hora atrás
my Jaw is Crooked too! (it still is)
Kai Thomas
Kai Thomas - 7 horas atrás
I feel this pain
*flash backs ensue”
Yo Boi
Yo Boi - 9 horas atrás
You uh good
Moon the Foxy girl
Moon the Foxy girl - 10 horas atrás
This is the first video I saw of yours and when I saw you I thought you were Harry Potter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ẞrúttá Æ
ẞrúttá Æ - 11 horas atrás
I'm just now getting the money joke
Dirk Rasmussen
Dirk Rasmussen - 11 horas atrás
3:56 every single one of my brain cells coming together to spell
Busy Baby Book
Busy Baby Book - 12 horas atrás
Awww common sense :no just nooo
IRubby - 13 horas atrás
Yum yum not 4 u tho XD Killed meh
Politikal - 13 horas atrás
2.69 million subs, nice
Jennifer Cekovich
Jennifer Cekovich - 13 horas atrás
I got a crown on my tooth with the one I chew with and I had to drink only and when I ate I couldn't eat cause it hurt I got this thing on augest 16 and it still hurts
lolmix19100 :D
lolmix19100 :D - 13 horas atrás
If your not a grape... Then are you a orange?
yep it's leo
yep it's leo - 14 horas atrás
1:26 epicly spits cereal out nose
Bun-bun Studio
Bun-bun Studio - 14 horas atrás
Brother:-walks in with a
Bag -
Somethingelseyt:-focused mode activated-
Michael Doonan
Michael Doonan - 15 horas atrás
Like that smash button XD
mr pug
mr pug - 15 horas atrás
#buttlolz anyone who sees this will no get it
x - 15 horas atrás
a whole mood
x - 15 horas atrás
aaaAaA why are you adorable wtf
Jackeline Navarrete
Jackeline Navarrete - 15 horas atrás
I have lock jaw a lot😅😅
MattmanXD - 16 horas atrás
I feel your pain, I have braces and for the first 2 weeks I couldn’t chew at all
Susan Cravens
Susan Cravens - 18 horas atrás
We have the same glasses
Adaria Butcher
Adaria Butcher - 20 horas atrás
🤒 I am sorry
kris killer
kris killer - 20 horas atrás
Yo f**k
LittleArt ._.Person
LittleArt ._.Person - Dia atrás
I luv this vid so much 😂 I already watched it like 1000000 times
Alexis K
Alexis K - Dia atrás
I had my tonsils removed and for about a month, I could not eat any of my favorite food. It was torturous
mineklaft gamer
mineklaft gamer - Dia atrás
Tamakos Animootions UwU
I know exactly how you feel. My jaw wasn’t messed up, but my appendix got fucked up and I didn’t eat for a week and a half because for some reason it took 5 days to decide if I should get surgery or not. After the surgery it took like 4 days for me to recover and learn to do simple things like, walk, animate, and eat.
Pastel Kitty
Pastel Kitty - Dia atrás
I think Adam was drunk at the end cause he seemed kinda loopy😑😑😑
Sue Mom
Sue Mom - Dia atrás
Maryann Peterson
Maryann Peterson - Dia atrás
are you aware that you said "like that smash button"??
Roman Dark
Roman Dark - Dia atrás
I might need to do this at some point, I can literally feel my jaw crooked. And even sitting here without talking hurts more then anything. I've felt this pain for maybe over a year now? I just don't have the money for that type of thing ;-;
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller - Dia atrás
Adam ur hot
Shighguard - Dia atrás
I had a similar experience, though for different reasons. My surgery was actually on the roof of my mouth, I didn't have a bone in the roof of my mouth and had to have one implanted. After the surgery I wasn't suppose to chew anything. I didn't have to be on a full liquid diet but all my food had to be very soft. So I ate a lot of mash potatoes and jello. When the rest of you family is happily eating warm cheesy pizza and you can only stare like a starving kid on the street watching people sitting down to a fancy meal... you kind of begin to hate them for it as you numbly eat your second helping of mash potatoes. I spent two months without being able to eat food like a normal person. I don't miss those days.
All of that was to say I feel you dude, mouth surgery SUCKS!
Lyla Storch
Lyla Storch - Dia atrás
Was that toco from moe’s cuz it looks freaking delicious
weird time
weird time - Dia atrás
I just liked that smash button
LSSJG Broly42
LSSJG Broly42 - Dia atrás
Doctor 1:what happened?
Doctor 2:he killed 20 people
Doctor 2:I could go for some chocolate milk.
BreezTheDutchie !
BreezTheDutchie ! - Dia atrás
Dude.... how did you brush your teeth...
Roxy The Killer
Roxy The Killer - Dia atrás
You so cute
Kirbz & Friends
Kirbz & Friends - Dia atrás
I like that Adam is a Devil in animated
no it's too extroverted for life
Adam: *A N G E R Y*
Rochelle Toys
Rochelle Toys - Dia atrás
1 like= you watch Gordon ramasay
DreamsRcolors - Dia atrás
Eats ramen
Lüna_cåke 4Life
Lüna_cåke 4Life - Dia atrás
OMG!! Right after this video, an ad of Tik Tok came and showed a grape giving birth AKA having surgery 😂
Powerboy Idonnu
Powerboy Idonnu - Dia atrás
R u an grape?

Rocco PSG Vlogs
Rocco PSG Vlogs - Dia atrás
You need to make your volume higher, because I can’t hear anything
Tessa Sanchez
Tessa Sanchez - Dia atrás
I remember when I couldn't eat solid food for a month because of getting my tonsils and adenoids removed, and I tried even eating jello, and it hurt so bad. I decided since I couldn't eat normal food that I just wouldnt eat, so all I did was drink water or juice. Lost 35 lbs in less than 2 weeks. No joke. It was insane.
FluxCptnDavey - 2 dias atrás
Me when theres no national DeX in sword and shield.

5:38 Me: Finally something different.
KC Infinity
KC Infinity - 2 dias atrás
hey the same thing is happening to me!

Johnathan Knoll
Johnathan Knoll - 2 dias atrás
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill - 2 dias atrás
Something else YT: Tomato soup...Is gross * eats tomato soup and goes to heaven*

Me: you sure about that * eats 100 cans of tomato soup * :>
The Mlg Pyro
The Mlg Pyro - 2 dias atrás
How do make holy water?
You boil the hell out of it.
TheArifKid87 - 2 dias atrás
Butt lolz
lunarts - 2 dias atrás
I am Adam and this is jackass
Tiddly Five
Tiddly Five - 2 dias atrás
butt lolz
Nabeel Gidey
Nabeel Gidey - 2 dias atrás
haha grape NOW GIVE LIKES
Kenny B
Kenny B - 2 dias atrás
What would you do for a million $
I would suck di-
Kayla Playz
Kayla Playz - 2 dias atrás
And put them together and what do you got BIBBITY BOBBITY OH NO I HAVE MERCY I HAVE MERCY
lol 😂
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith - 2 dias atrás
hi lol
rabidballoon 66
rabidballoon 66 - 2 dias atrás
46 months???
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