See You Later, Builder Base! (Builder Hall 9 | Clash of Clans Official)

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Aubrey Lindsey
Aubrey Lindsey - 3 dias atrás
Woah, Hold Up! Is The Voice Actor Of The Builder Lotso's Voice Actor From Toy Story 3?! It Sounds Like Him
Luigi Misdorp
Luigi Misdorp - 4 dias atrás
Me: i am the only one who can survive more than 30 minutes under water
Barbarían: are you sure? Hold my elixir
Roadkill's Nightcore
Roadkill's Nightcore - 4 dias atrás
*The New Species*
*Barbarian Turtle*
Egg - 4 dias atrás
Otto kinda cute
fun entertainment
fun entertainment - 5 dias atrás
Builder:let's go
Boat:**whispers** I'm disappointed
fun entertainment
fun entertainment - 5 dias atrás
The Roses are red
The violence is violent
And a barbarian can hold his breath for 2 years
Sivaperumal Sivalingam
Sivaperumal Sivalingam - 6 dias atrás
Guys anyone want to join us
Sivaperumal Sivalingam
Sivaperumal Sivalingam - 6 dias atrás
Join and enjoy
OSŁAWIONE MASŁO - 7 dias atrás
The way barbarian ran in the water made my day, even if I saw this already
Amteloletom - 10 dias atrás
Those barbarian and builder defies the law of Biology
UppishChaff - 10 dias atrás
Cant wait to see the major update in 2 years
Just a Channel
Just a Channel - 11 dias atrás
barbarian rider
ok no
ok no - 12 dias atrás
Why is no one talking about the goblin too
Vinay Badlani
Vinay Badlani - 12 dias atrás
Night side wonderful
AZD_ Blaster
AZD_ Blaster - 14 dias atrás
I’m new to clash of clans,can anyone pls tell me how to get league medals
ايهم احمد
ايهم احمد - 15 dias atrás
cheater feet
cheater feet - 16 dias atrás
Dayam they really knew back then
vijay chavda
vijay chavda - 17 dias atrás
Barbarian 👑
Killer Knight
Killer Knight - 17 dias atrás
WHY PUT IT ON BUILDER HALL 9 I was so close then my tablet broke and I lost all of my work
I S A A C T H E S N I P E R :D
Poor barbarian :v
xXdark___ killerXx
xXdark___ killerXx - 18 dias atrás
See you master builder in 2021 cause it took the Barbrian two years to get to the builder base
Manash UNIVERSE - 18 dias atrás
🤗🤗😧😧😂😂bye bye builder
Galaxy Xxlover
Galaxy Xxlover - 18 dias atrás
Wait so he can hold his breath for 2 years
Индира Сарбалина
so no 2 year ago see you soon
قيس سعيد
قيس سعيد - 19 dias atrás
كلاش سرق تم حضري الله يلعنكم😢😢
Agumon Greimon Wargreimon
Agumon Greimon Wargreimon - 20 dias atrás
otros 2 años despues 😂
bob ThE SqURRIL - 20 dias atrás
i hate the builder base
RAND - 20 dias atrás
Any one now at August?
Gabriel Sestini
Gabriel Sestini - 21 dia atrás
PRIME GAMING - 23 dias atrás
We love coc never forget 🔥
PRIME GAMING - 23 dias atrás
Hey I love coc best game in world
Jestin 3707
Jestin 3707 - 23 dias atrás
Orlando dd
Orlando dd - 24 dias atrás
El bárbaro todo dundo :v
Video F.Y
Video F.Y - 25 dias atrás
*So you are telling me all this time under water and he never Drowned*
Diego Olazo
Diego Olazo - 25 dias atrás
Estas imágenes de clas royale en la vida real me ases sentir cómodo
FARZAD SMAKA - 25 dias atrás
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra - 26 dias atrás
Create a new hero please! Dragon ancestral
Arun Dhas
Arun Dhas - 26 dias atrás
Give new updates
Hưng Nguyễn
Hưng Nguyễn - 26 dias atrás
Tội nghiệp anh mandi
shanglow Konyak
shanglow Konyak - 28 dias atrás
If the robot could actually build so fast in coc than it would be very easy to upgrade in coc
The Cyber Bros
The Cyber Bros - 28 dias atrás
Fanmade troops i think they should add:
Fanmade troops:
Inferno Wizard
Special ability: Super Fire (First 3 fireballs cause major damage and burning to GP troops and buildings for 5 seconds)
Stealthy Goblin
Special ability: Stealth (Invisible to defenses for 4 seconds)
Ice Dragon
Special ability: Absolute Zero (Whatever the first 5 iceballs hit, the Guard Post troop or building will freeze)
Fanmade Heroes:
Goblin Beast
Special ability: Beast Rage (Rages for 6 seconds and spawn 5 Stealthy Goblins)
(The Goblin Beast can be set to Attack mode [Attacks bases and appears on your deployment bar] or Defense mode (Defends your base in Versus battles, but you can’t deploy it].)
You have any fanmade troops or heroes? Reply to me!
ocio game
ocio game - Mês atrás
Barbarian all this time run under the water i think he died but he is not
احمد الاحمد
احمد الاحمد - Mês atrás
فقدت قريه
Daniel WILD
Daniel WILD - Mês atrás
I’m still builder hall 5
CJRS229:3 - Mês atrás
El me acaba de arreglar mi cañón doble :'v
CJRS229:3 - Mês atrás
Boy a extrañar al gordito :'c
CJRS229:3 - Mês atrás
Nooooooo :"c
Jeanny Delos Reyes
Jeanny Delos Reyes - Mês atrás
Diver: *We can hold our breath in 60mins*
Barbarian:*Hold my Sword*
Enkhbileg Batnorov
Enkhbileg Batnorov - Mês atrás
wait did i see the lumberjack theres one barbarain holding a axe and has rage spell in his hands
Foxy X00
Foxy X00 - Mês atrás
Si se tomó dos años el bárbaro llegar ala base del constructor se tomo dos años más
Thompson Ryan
Thompson Ryan - Mês atrás
Why'd the master builder take the barbarian when he has his own boat???
Thompson Ryan
Thompson Ryan - Mês atrás
When is builder base gonna come in clash a rama
Sweplays The ultimate gamer
حدوري لامالكي
Little Animations
Little Animations - Mês atrás
Wait so you’re telling me that that barbarian knew that he was supposed to pick up the master builder?

*I have a thousand questions*
Y H - Mês atrás
No one:
Barbarian: *Potion of Water breathing*
Tassia Beier
Tassia Beier - Mês atrás
barbaro correndo até hoje kkkkkk não sei como ta vivo sem respirar
sally face
sally face - Mês atrás
Guys it's easy he has waterbreathing potion
And nightvision in case he met a drowned that's why he has his iron sword
Addien One piece ;v
Addien One piece ;v - Mês atrás
The builder hall is really isn't useful it's make borring, I think the clock tower should be able to be used in the town hall
Golden _Gummy
Golden _Gummy - Mês atrás
How long can you hold your breathe?
RAK YUTH - Mês atrás
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