Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!

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Joveme Mont.
Joveme Mont. - 28 segundos atrás
9:05 *howtobasic intensifies!!!* ....
Niko Munoz
Niko Munoz - 31 segundo atrás
We out here TRENDING and shit
Nick - 32 segundos atrás
"Marvel Comics Universe"
"Kevin Faygay"
Gotta love Jack Black😂
Feiyang Zheng
Feiyang Zheng - 33 segundos atrás
Is this his actual world?
Mvik eN
Mvik eN - 34 segundos atrás
I Really feel bad about pewds house is burning,specialy for the tree because it's really memoriable to me,WHY YOU LET THE FIRE IS BURN YOUR HOUSE FELIX?,YOU CAN PUT WATER AND THEN IT WILL NOT MAKE TOO MUCH BURNING....RIP BRICH TREE
Detectphantom 7
Detectphantom 7 - 37 segundos atrás
10:00 who is that guy there in the background?
Evritt Gardner
Evritt Gardner - 38 segundos atrás
Everyone(who watches PewDiePie): JackBlack Plays Minecraft!!!
Me: Fock that, Imma play Dark Souls 3 ‘cause I just got and I love. Play games you love, and games that you are good at too.
Probably every one who reads this: shut the hell up and your bullshit game.
Me:whatever, not my fault you probably played too but you SUCKED.(xept you Pewds, But I’m sure you edited out the Deaths in that video, but if you did it legitimately, then good for you.)
HeyTrueBlue - 38 segundos atrás
Ask him about pedowood
FMR - 39 segundos atrás
Jab Jabs Marci! :O
Jabroney - 43 segundos atrás
Jablinsky can I buy your bathwater for scientific reasons
Fake_twomad &
Fake_twomad & - 50 segundos atrás
I neeed keeanu  reeevs to play minecraft
brianna Lagunas
brianna Lagunas - Minuto atrás
This feels like a fever dreammm
Santiago Lizarazo
Santiago Lizarazo - Minuto atrás
FPScanada - Minuto atrás
anyone see his son watching them play over jacks shoulder?? lol
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez - Minuto atrás
1 on trending and all it took was two man child's playing Minecraft
M Erly
M Erly - Minuto atrás
Did you not is that you thruw away your diamond armor
grill team
grill team - Minuto atrás
Ninja gets Drake
PewDiePie see that 👀
it's okay I got jack black😎
Devin Smith
Devin Smith - Minuto atrás
“Hate to burn and run”-jack black
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez - Minuto atrás
Pwediepie looks so confused when jack was talking to him in the beginning
kbo mchenry
kbo mchenry - Minuto atrás
They thought Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover.
10k Subs With No Videos Challenge
Petition for pewdiepie to play with Elon Musk
v *read my name*
Munken - Minuto atrás
Anyone know the name of the tune playing when jack burns down pewds house? same one played when he was speaking about water sheep a few episodes ago.
oh man
oh man - Minuto atrás
Defeat the enderdragom with Jack Black
Severe Statements
Severe Statements - Minuto atrás
What’s the severe risk in your area. My channel has all the info. Can we get to 50 subs?
Sean Collins
Sean Collins - Minuto atrás
I never thought I would hear jack black scream as PewDiePie blew up his minecraft chicken
blobfish gaming
blobfish gaming - Minuto atrás
Yo you should play on 2b2t
Hemlock Music
Hemlock Music - Minuto atrás
Fuk area 51 we storming Jack blacks house lmao
Don Dan
Don Dan - Minuto atrás
Why there are so much thing about Pewds
ThaOGBucko - Minuto atrás
Jack Black has earned Marcia. Give her to him rn.
The Current Change
The Current Change - Minuto atrás
Two people i love the most❤️
LaurenForRealz Gaming
LaurenForRealz Gaming - Minuto atrás
Felix playing minecraft with James Charles and Jack Black
Me: This does put a smile on my face
NiteMare Plant
NiteMare Plant - Minuto atrás
Jacob Gonzales
Jacob Gonzales - Minuto atrás
leo luster
leo luster - 2 minutos atrás
The tree of life
CallMeWinz - 2 minutos atrás
#1 on trending and #1 trending for gaming
Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos
Petition for Felix to play Minecraft with Keanu Reaves
brutalistic -
brutalistic - - 2 minutos atrás
Jack black: Kevin Fiege is the best director and the mcu is the best movie series of all time

Felix: *thinking about the video he made on marvel*
다시말하자면이런거지 - 2 minutos atrás
Pewdiepie: im not playin minecraft anymore
Me: wait what hold up nononono u r not stopong minecraft felix who let u!!!!!
Mehrunes Vlahdia
Mehrunes Vlahdia - 2 minutos atrás
This is glorious
JezzaJtheKid - 2 minutos atrás
Feige using Sven as a body shield
guava adventure
guava adventure - 2 minutos atrás
Guys do you really love pwedepie?
Detectphantom 7
Detectphantom 7 - 2 minutos atrás
Dose he not know that stuff despawns???
Soviet Doge
Soviet Doge - 2 minutos atrás
*_Pewdiepie and Donald Trump Next?_*
Clyde Ehud Gamboa
Clyde Ehud Gamboa - 2 minutos atrás
Black jack what is the first word
Help Me Reach 10.000 Subscribers With No Videos
*Felix casually puts a water sheep on his grave*
Me: :(
offHappy. GaminG
offHappy. GaminG - 2 minutos atrás
Lol this guy acted in tenacious D lel time flies so fast...
ZEDreality - 2 minutos atrás
LOL even the tuber sim ad is the same quality!
Kingme 13
Kingme 13 - 2 minutos atrás
Did he say the play through was over I never thought of this day😭😭😭😭
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