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TooCuteNoir B.
TooCuteNoir B. - 49 minutos atrás
Clare made Breakfast worse lmao. Talking about you want cookies? im trying to help lol LIKE DUDE what the child said happy meal now he want it all. And CJ let Clare be drippy haha CJ got an EYE for clothes aight. But like they need to give him a part 2 so he can have a full 24hrs lol
tonnea hodges
tonnea hodges - Hora atrás
Hop out the window
Conequa Dollar
Conequa Dollar - 2 horas atrás
Lmao this was so cute!! 😂😂Cj is so sweet
Adam Hode
Adam Hode - 13 horas atrás
You should do a never have I ever video.And a catfish prank n Clarence to see if he cheats.
Ratchet Musicc
Ratchet Musicc - 22 horas atrás
Cj got style😂
Nigeria Simmons
Nigeria Simmons - Dia atrás
I love you guys 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lela Jones
Lela Jones - Dia atrás
Hey you guys
The Life Of Kyah
The Life Of Kyah - Dia atrás
queen shoulda just let him pick the black pants 😂😂
its MK
its MK - Dia atrás
When cj said jump out the window clarence and patty look at each other 😂😂
TheLifeOfJay - Dia atrás
Cj got that good hair 😭 I wanna see him with waves tho Clarence 👀👀👀
spazzoutliyah demry
spazzoutliyah demry - 2 dias atrás
He got good taste 😭😍
Lacelove - 2 dias atrás
Surprised yalls outfits actually matched lol
Dch Nation
Dch Nation - 2 dias atrás
H said want to hop out that window lmao p
Mrs Ada Adom32
Mrs Ada Adom32 - 2 dias atrás
I love the baby facial expression he be chilling lol
Gorgeous Dawson
Gorgeous Dawson - 2 dias atrás
Cj: I wanna hop out the window
Everyone Else: ???? NO
Tijayy - 2 dias atrás
Cj got swag🔥‼️
Aniyah Jones
Aniyah Jones - 2 dias atrás
DeAnna Mckinney
DeAnna Mckinney - 2 dias atrás
I LOVE me some CJ
Mone Maye
Mone Maye - 2 dias atrás
blue teal
blue teal - 2 dias atrás
I know he had a good time 🥳🥳🤨😂🤣
monchell friday
monchell friday - 2 dias atrás
Cj gone be dripped out when he get older
Queen Kai
Queen Kai - 3 dias atrás
AWWW !! The way Cj kept saying what he was gonna eat is so cute ❣
SWiSH NYC - 3 dias atrás
CJ is his mother’s child lmao He has Queens sense of humor for sure
LivingWithTamiaaa - 3 dias atrás
Life With Ailah’s
Life With Ailah’s - 3 dias atrás
11:43 "i wanna hop out the window"😭 did y'all see patty and Clarence face when they looked at each other lmfaooo!
Kandace Ephord
Kandace Ephord - 3 dias atrás
CeeCee BossTV
CeeCee BossTV - 3 dias atrás
Alot of pressure for a kid😂😂😂 so going to do this with my son
Miri Nation
Miri Nation - 3 dias atrás
Cj got some taste when it comes to outfits 🔥
Laylay Black
Laylay Black - 3 dias atrás
Cj drip too hard 🔥
Kandace Ephord
Kandace Ephord - 3 dias atrás
kellisa burrell
kellisa burrell - 3 dias atrás
This had me dead bruh🤣🤣.. 18:27
Unknown MinecraftGod
Unknown MinecraftGod - 3 dias atrás
Baby cj is so cute!! Queen makes the most beautiful kids
yourriderdie - 3 dias atrás
Cj so swaggy
Kingizi00 - 4 dias atrás
BRUUHHH WHEN I HAVE A FAMLIY I WANNA be just like you guys
Ravyn Symone
Ravyn Symone - 4 dias atrás
yall keep making him change his mind.... yall controlled everything. kept asking him questions after everything he wanted to do
Kendrianna Milford
Kendrianna Milford - 4 dias atrás
You so cute I want to see you love
AJ Gang
AJ Gang - 4 dias atrás
I been there before
Bre'shae J
Bre'shae J - 4 dias atrás
Awwwwww CJ 😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jakeirra Crumble
Jakeirra Crumble - 4 dias atrás
Queen u look ratchet
nadiyyah fain
nadiyyah fain - 4 dias atrás
I love y’all videos so much
Jory sunkiss
Jory sunkiss - 4 dias atrás
They was pushing it
Candice Cruickshank
Candice Cruickshank - 5 dias atrás
This was actually pretty lit 🔥 enjoyed it a lot ,,,def gotta do this one again..with Legend
Rico Stacks
Rico Stacks - 5 dias atrás
Goals man
Dollie’s World
Dollie’s World - 5 dias atrás
So Cj’s gonna be a fashion stylist when he’s older .. cool 😂😍
Hkittyishh456 - 5 dias atrás
1:59 he looks just like queen 🥺😍 omg
Naira Hall
Naira Hall - 5 dias atrás
Love watching ya but def shouldn’t take the baby out the car seat to burp him that can wait a car accident don’t have no one name on it and they happen quick! Just parent to parent advice ! Don’t shoot me for it
Brooklynandava playz
Brooklynandava playz - 5 dias atrás
18:29 my clothes in the washer 😂 like
Nanny Petrus
Nanny Petrus - 5 dias atrás
CJ looks like tweezy 😂
Rugiatu Kamara
Rugiatu Kamara - 5 dias atrás
Why does he call him Claire bear
Syeda Fatima
Syeda Fatima - 5 dias atrás
U suck
Syeda Fatima
Syeda Fatima - 5 dias atrás
G . I . A
G . I . A - 6 dias atrás
yall should take cj to the trampoline one .. its mad fun
__Ecstasy__ - 6 dias atrás
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be posting a video soon and would love to gain followers. Thank you 💕
Penina Fonua
Penina Fonua - 6 dias atrás
Love you guys! X
Penina Fonua
Penina Fonua - 6 dias atrás
Naww miss you my lil CJ X
Sullivan Chick
Sullivan Chick - 6 dias atrás
Clare was so HAPPY when Cj picked out his outfit. 🤣😍😍
Bffnh Bvdgnj
Bffnh Bvdgnj - 6 dias atrás
Cj can dress he pick y'all out some cute stuff
Kieanna Mack
Kieanna Mack - 6 dias atrás
Queen outfit is actually cute
In Sanaa’s VISION
In Sanaa’s VISION - 6 dias atrás
12:44 Cj all up in legends face 😂 aww Mann I love the two brudders
In Sanaa’s VISION
In Sanaa’s VISION - 6 dias atrás
1:52 who see patty peeking lol 😝
The Weird Notebook
The Weird Notebook - 6 dias atrás
The Weird Notebook
The Weird Notebook - 6 dias atrás
Queen: What you wanna do
Cj: I wanna hop out the window
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