Mariah Carey - With You

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Andre Valerio
Andre Valerio - 2 horas atrás
Puta que pariu, que hino meus amores.
So excited for Caution Tour. I can't wait to hear Mariah singing With You and 8th Grade 🥰
We love you, Mariah #L4L #caution
Prince Kuane
Prince Kuane - 6 horas atrás
One of the Queens Of RNB🔥💯❤❤❤
Charly Bangz PrettyGang
Charly Bangz PrettyGang - 7 horas atrás
Remix ella mai
Alaiya Coates
Alaiya Coates - 15 horas atrás
This song got me hooked to Mariah, hands down my favorite song ever👏👐🙌
dinasaur01 - 20 horas atrás
Best song of 2019.. Ya know, Ya can slow or speed up anything on Youtube Red? #Childhoodreams#TheRealMC
J J - 23 horas atrás
Debemos llevarla al n 1 Billboard
Joener Bangero
Joener Bangero - Dia atrás
If you watch closely, you'd appreciate that the scenes are a conglomeration of her many videos which pours in some lavish nostalgia to this song. Only fans who are thoroughly knowledgeable of her prolific body of work would recognize the nuances of the shots, the fleeting references, the haunting chords, the intelligent melodic line... and I wager they cannot help but have a serene smile at the fading close.
Daniel Tsosie
Daniel Tsosie - Dia atrás
I know Mariah doesn't know age but dang 49 in the game no one else will can do that in their 40s
Destani C
Destani C - Dia atrás
Who’s watching Feb 2019
Franco  Schcovich
Franco Schcovich - Dia atrás
Febrero 2019
carolyn brown
carolyn brown - Dia atrás
I bought the album because of this song
ArtsExpress - Dia atrás
Wow great new song from MC! still making hits I see
Aj2018 - 2 dias atrás
I love this lady! An original diva, no matter what. An icon.
Lonnie White
Lonnie White - 2 dias atrás
She's still bad
irman hifni
irman hifni - 2 dias atrás
Mendiola Adonis
Mendiola Adonis - 2 dias atrás
YNC Daquan
YNC Daquan - 2 dias atrás
Not me my mama is 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Morgan Faulkner
Morgan Faulkner - 2 dias atrás
Who here February 201999?
Jack잭 - 2 dias atrás
2018?!?!?!?!?! I didn’t know that!!!!!
Elwad Rabi
Elwad Rabi - 2 dias atrás
Queen 👑
Chauka Williams
Chauka Williams - 2 dias atrás
I love song
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton - 3 dias atrás
With You is climbing at #7 on BB AC Charts almost to reach top five next Congratulations Mariah #ProccedwithCaution ⚠️🔥👏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🎉
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 2 dias atrás
She is close to reach the Hot 100?
Naimah Trawick
Naimah Trawick - 3 dias atrás
Go head..... #MeMe💃💃💃 I Love you😘😘😘 be Bless Always✌✌✌✌
Hurit Nitika
Hurit Nitika - 3 dias atrás I'm going a date with this guy I've built up sexual tension with for damn near a year. Guess who asked who?
itscarlo_notcarlos - 3 dias atrás
So 90s
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 3 dias atrás
Caution sold 200,000 copies WW without promotion! Keep streaming and buying the album! 🔥
Jas Khoo
Jas Khoo - 3 dias atrás
Who stop requesting and voting With You ??? U need a spank 👾
irman hifni
irman hifni - 2 dias atrás
Mevin Hart
Mevin Hart - 3 dias atrás
Heard this yday I was like sounds old but cant be cause I kno I ain't miss it but I just found it sounds just li kik e the rainbow cd
Bethania Grullon
Bethania Grullon - 3 dias atrás
ABUNG Meitei
ABUNG Meitei - 3 dias atrás
Feb 2019..?
Robert Louie Lozano Sr.
Robert Louie Lozano Sr. - 3 dias atrás
Baby i sit here in the mist of the world in the darkness but i aint tripping cause who the with the voices is who thou .... Crested Girl
Giuliana CR
Giuliana CR - 3 dias atrás
Let's keep streaming #WithYou lambs come on guys!!! 😘😘😘😘
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 2 dias atrás
+ced riseup What? She dropped the audience? Last week she had 16.7 millions :(
ced riseup
ced riseup - 3 dias atrás
No the audience is now 15 millions so thats why lets streaming With You!
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 3 dias atrás
And the audience on radio? Finally she reached 17 millions?
Tikia McCray
Tikia McCray - 3 dias atrás
Nobody can hit them high notes like Mariah Carey she really can sing
Melvin Bokingkito
Melvin Bokingkito - 4 dias atrás
Charlotte Petrina
Charlotte Petrina - 4 dias atrás
She's still has it! She's the bomb!
suneric88 - 4 dias atrás
Merci j espère que vous allez bien ? Mariah Carey
Wiehann Matthysen
Wiehann Matthysen - 4 dias atrás
Cannot get this fucking song out of my head. Thanks Mariah.
earl baisac
earl baisac - 4 dias atrás
This is such a very good song! I love the simplicity of it! Such a lovely voice btw!
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye - 4 dias atrás
тнιѕ ιѕ тнє иєω νєяѕισи σf нιρ нσρ ι ℓσνє тнιѕ ѕσиg!
Tymeria Jackson
Tymeria Jackson - 4 dias atrás
2019 anyone???
Moon Back
Moon Back - 5 dias atrás
Mariah is once in a lifetime ! enjoy every moment while she's around.
Daniel García
Daniel García - 5 dias atrás
They always play this song at my job and I love it
Sharky Red
Sharky Red - 5 dias atrás
The stories I could tell you how your songs have intertwined in my lifetime and relationships... Girl you just dont know.... I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I been loving you since i was a little girl... I wanted to be you as child!!!! Lol but til.this day I all of your music omg!!!!
direfranchement - 5 dias atrás
Woefully underpromoted.
Tierra Nixon
Tierra Nixon - 5 dias atrás
She’s baccccccccck!! Yasssssss!!!
Osvaldo Izquierdo
Osvaldo Izquierdo - 5 dias atrás
Some people are born with music within she is one of us
King K
King K - 5 dias atrás
Love this song
Macmittens411 - 5 dias atrás
After Whitney left Maria continues with the torch!! She's one of the Greatest Living.
Cecilia Smith
Cecilia Smith - 6 dias atrás
Yessss ❤
Eccentricka1 - 6 dias atrás
She looks no where near 50. She still looks in her 30s.
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose - 6 dias atrás
She's so gorgeous! I love it!
Issa lil miss Perfection
Issa lil miss Perfection - 6 dias atrás
What a great song
butterflylily94 - 6 dias atrás
I grew up listening to Mariah. When I heard this on the radio for the first time I thought it was one of her old songs cause of the 90s vibe from it, I was hooked instantly she's forever one of my favorite female artist❤️
Farizal Gaffar
Farizal Gaffar - 6 dias atrás
There are 2 singers that are the real icons: mariah carey and britney spears
Both struggle with meltdown and make a brilliant comeback.
We must protect them at all costs!!!
Ramon Padilha
Ramon Padilha - 3 dias atrás
Mariah's l.a.m.b It's so weird that they both get so many hate these days.
Letícia Brito
Letícia Brito - 6 dias atrás
Maravilhosa ❤️
Derrick Stewart
Derrick Stewart - 6 dias atrás
She still hotttt
Tiffany Thomas
Tiffany Thomas - 6 dias atrás
This song is impossibly beautiful. I love the part when she sings, “He said, ‘Yo, I been loving you so long.” It’s just perfect.
Daniel Willian
Daniel Willian - 6 dias atrás
iamdrury - 7 dias atrás
MIAM era is long & gone, but please check out my spoken word over a piano instrumental of “Camouflage”! Especially if you feel a way after Valentine’s Day. 😂
It would be greatly appreciated. ❤️...
Raai Ferminoo
Raai Ferminoo - 7 dias atrás
Micha Henriquez
Micha Henriquez - 7 dias atrás
Love this
Me Myself
Me Myself - 7 dias atrás
Just a fan since 2005. ❤
ArtsExpress - 7 dias atrás
I keep hearing this on the radio. Keep requesting !
Lucas Slr
Lucas Slr - 5 dias atrás
ArtsExpress soooo cool 😍😭
Vaks Laurente
Vaks Laurente - 7 dias atrás
I love you my idol @mariah Carey
Tracey Johnson
Tracey Johnson - 7 dias atrás
WOW the FCC let her use the F*&K word on live radio and no fine! Sad! Nice song but wow!
Yvung Queen
Yvung Queen - 8 dias atrás
Mass Gb
Mass Gb - 8 dias atrás
Love it! Love her 🌷happy Valentine's day🌷
Gina White
Gina White - 8 dias atrás
Very nice
Tracie Parker
Tracie Parker - 8 dias atrás
She is such a beautiful person and sooooooooooooo very very gifted, it just saddens me how these stars and people in general are leaving us so soon 😔😪
jrdnwalton - 8 dias atrás
damn only 6 million views? #nomorerespect4qualitymusic!
Janaina Bispo
Janaina Bispo - 8 dias atrás
My God 😍😍🎤💓👑
Stephanie Derecho
Stephanie Derecho - 8 dias atrás
Since i came here everyday listening to Mariah..😅
With You Lyrics
Uh huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh
With you
With you, you, you
With you, you, you
With you, you, you
Mustard on that beat, ho
It was all so overwhelming
She was like "I don't know, don't tell me"
He had eyes that said "girl, I'll save you"
She had doubts, like they might not make it
So they both held tight to face it
They wrote vows, she was bound to take 'em
She was full of such trepidation
There in front of the whole damn nation
It was war, can't predict the comin' storm
Promise that you'll keep me warm
I don't wanna play this role
He said "yo, I've been lovin' you so long
Ever since that Bone Thugs song
You ain't gotta break down, you're too strong"
Ooh, shots of Remy
Playing Confessions, and our bodies blendin'
Ooh, I'm in love, it's true
Yeah, damn I fucks with you
And we all make mistakes sometimes
But we muddle through
I don't know what I'm supposed to do (boy)
Oh baby, I'm in love, it's true
With you, you, you
With you, you, you
With you, you, you
Baby, I'm in love, it's true
Waves were breakin' on the shore
As we were sneakin' through that door
Had to leave by half past 4
Still I yearned to touch you more and more
It was war, can't predict the comin' storm
Promise that you'll keep me warm
I don't wanna play this role
He said "yo, I've been lovin' you so long
Ever since that Bone Thugs song
You ain't gotta break down, you're too strong"
Ooh, shots of Remy
Playing Confessions, and our bodies blendin'
Ooh, I'm in love, it's true
Yeah, damn I fucks with you
And we all make mistakes sometimes
But we muddle through
I don't know what I'm supposed to do 
Oh baby, I'm in love, it's true
And ooh, shots of Remy
Playing Confessions, and our bodies blendin'
Ooh, I'm in love, it's true
Yeah, damn I fucks with you
And we all make mistakes sometimes
But we muddle through
I don't know what I'm supposed to do boy
Oh baby, I'm in love, it's true
With you, you, you (with you, with you, with you)
With you, you, you (oh yeah)
With you, you, you (oh yeah)
Oh baby, I'm in love, it's true (with you, with you) oh babe
NurseJacky Filipina
NurseJacky Filipina - 8 dias atrás
February 14 ,2019 #Happy Valentines Day #GivesThe90’s-2000’s Vibe ❤️
Angela Spinner
Angela Spinner - 8 dias atrás
I'm so in love with this song!!! Love you mc!!!
Loren Mcmullan
Loren Mcmullan - 9 dias atrás
💞Happy Valentines Day 2019 💞
Tracie Parker
Tracie Parker - 9 dias atrás
I just concern with one scene like she is laying in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs 😔I just hope nothing is about happen to her like the other stars 😔😑
Tracie Parker
Tracie Parker - 8 dias atrás
+Hore Store sometimes they create what's about to happen to these stars right before they take them out 😔
Hore Store
Hore Store - 8 dias atrás
its not blood its just her dress
Dale Cruz
Dale Cruz - 9 dias atrás
Everyone Let's all buy with you on iTunes this Valentine's day !! Can help with charting on billboard hot 100
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis - 9 dias atrás
I love her vocal ranges. She is nice with her tones
Brazilian Lamb
Brazilian Lamb - 9 dias atrás
#WithYou reached 16.7 million audience on radio lambs! Keep requesting and streaming:)
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 8 dias atrás
Today it's Valentine's Day, so the song would gain a lot
Mike Justin
Mike Justin - 9 dias atrás
Perfect Valentine’s song ❤️❤️🌹🌹
Happy Valentines Day everyone !
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 8 dias atrás
Make this song peak at V-Day, just like AIWFCIY at Christmas Day
Mimilamb4life The hot guy
Mimilamb4life The hot guy - 9 dias atrás
Mariah is the Queen Legend!!! I love you MIMI.❤ BEST VOCALIST OF ALL TIMES
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 9 dias atrás
Great Legend thanks for coming back and giving us real music!
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins - 9 dias atrás
Perfect pitch
Pamela Lay
Pamela Lay - 9 dias atrás
I am loving this song👍
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton - 10 dias atrás
With You is at #21 on R&B and Hip Hop Airplay Charts almost headed for top 20 next and it’s 16,5m audiences almost to reach at #117 almost to reach top 100 this week that means she will be at BB Hot 100 next week 🔥😁
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 9 dias atrás
Justly BargainsXpress
Justly BargainsXpress - 10 dias atrás
I am a big fan of you I can’t believe you have a movie you’re so awesome where do you live I want to visit you sometime what’s your favorite color what do you like singing
liam - 10 dias atrás
I like this song but not surprised it wasn't a hit. Mariah ruined her own career (e.g. lip syncing all the time) and can't sing very well anymore. I understand why a lot of people lost respect and interest in her.
Lucas Slr
Lucas Slr - 5 dias atrás
liam Check my all Singapore 2018 ...
Caio Vinicius
Caio Vinicius - 10 dias atrás
Akilah Lowe
Akilah Lowe - 10 dias atrás
DanteLovesMusic - 10 dias atrás
This song should have easily Hit #1 on the R&b charts!
Jeremy Gossett
Jeremy Gossett - 10 dias atrás
Pull it on the beat ho✌✌✌
Jas Khoo
Jas Khoo - 10 dias atrás
I am voting and requesting everyday without fail... Hopefully everyone is doing the same... Go #withyou 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
sydni davis
sydni davis - 10 dias atrás
I can see me at my wedding dancing with my in love.
CHERRY NGATAI maori girl kiwi NZL
2019 Must be Everyone listing to music How Sweet As I am Listing to MARIAH Carey!!
Yannick Ducharme de R-M d'A
Yannick Ducharme de R-M d'A - 10 dias atrás
And this is the least wonderful song on Caution...
Whimsical Marshmellow
Whimsical Marshmellow - 10 dias atrás
The best song of 2018
QD kittenB
QD kittenB - 10 dias atrás
I'm so excited for the 9th! My bbf got us tickets! Day after my birthday too!!!!
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton - 10 dias atrás
With You is finally climbing at #8 on BB AC Charts we gotta make her #1 on AC congratulations Mariah #ProccedwithCaution 😁🔥🙌🏿🙌🏿👏🏿👏🏿⚠️👑
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton - 10 dias atrás
YAYYY With You is climbing at #2 on Urban AC almost to hit #1 tomorrow and #6 on AC almost to hit top five Mediabase Building Charts on Hits Daily Double WE ALMOST THERE LAMBS #ProccedwithCaution 😁👑🔥🙏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿⚠️
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 6 dias atrás
+Amie Hampton And now? Finally she reached 17 millions?
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton - 9 dias atrás
Luis Salgado yes its at 16,7m audience almost to reach 17m😁🔥
Luis Salgado
Luis Salgado - 10 dias atrás
And the audience? 16 millons again?
Tanguy Sirot
Tanguy Sirot - 11 dias atrás
THE Queen of univers ! My love for eternity ! Thanks for all those wonderful 25 years lintening at you Mariah you are the best for all times ! Love you ! Kiss from France
Madonna marco
Madonna marco - 11 dias atrás
This is so underrated. Mariah is the best singer-songwriter I know. She deserves more. This song deserves more.
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